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Recently, my friend saw my figures collection and it seems he wanted to start a collection of his own too. Within the boundary of my limited knowledge, I explained to him the difference of every kinds of figures I know, and how I bought mine (I usually just buy them online, since they don’t sell any of those here). Then, I was wondering, why not make a written guide? If anyone of you ever wanted to start a figure collection of your own, but don’t know where to start, check this post out. For easy references, I had made an estimated price range for each product lines, in yen. If needed, just get some converter to convert it to your country’s currency, I guess.

Complete Scaled Figures

  • Estimated Price Range: 4,000 yen ~ 20,000 yen
  • Company: Various companies

These are the most major and most expensive figures around. They are also big, vertical standing figures will be at around 20cm in height, with some towering above 30cm. Needless to say, they use a lot of space. However, these figures are definitely worth it, since if you’re looking for detailed sculptures and high-quality painting, these figures are for you, especially if you have the space and money to spare. Unlike most other figures, scaled PVC figures like these lack versatility; they are mostly static and doesn’t come with a lot of additional parts.


  • Estimated Price Range: 2,000 yen ~ 3,500 yen
  • Company: MAX Factory

MAX Factory’s product line, figma, are figures with super flexible joints, allowing you to bend your figures into any desired positions. Unlike scaled static figures, figmas comes with a lot more additional parts and accessories, improving the diversity of the poses even more. They however, lack the details sculpting and painting complete static scaled figures possess, which makes figmas look kinda dull in comparison. They are also considerably smaller, with an average of 15cm in height for most figmas. However, you may come across a steal like this from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled!


  • Estimated Price Range: 2,000 yen ~ 3,500 yen
  • Company: Good Smile Company

Nendoroids are basically chibis, in 3D. Like figmas, they also comes with various body parts and accessories. By especially changing facial expressions, you can have your nendoroids express different kinds of emotions, anger, sadness, calmness, happiness, etc.. If figma’s flexibility comes in the form of movements, nendoroid’s flexibility comes in the form of emotions. What’s more, they are cute, and that’s a reason enough for you to collect them.

Nendoroid Petites

  • Estimated Price Range: 600 yen ~ 1,000 yen
  • Company: Good Smiles Company

Nendoroid Petite, like it’s name suggest, are chibi figures which are even tinier then normal nendoroids. They can be bought in various ways. For example, when buying an artbook or magazine, sometimes, it also comes with a random nendoroid petite. There are also some nendoroid petites which comes together in a box; the box is full of different kinds of characters in a certain anime, and it is compulsory to buy the whole box. One other example is the “lucky draw” type of boxes, where each contain only one figure from a whole set of characters. It all comes down to luck whether or not the box you bought will have the figure you so desired (unless you’re planning to continually spend your money until you collect all the characters from the set). Sometimes, nendoroid petites may also pop up in gachapons too.

Beach Queens

  • Estimated Price Range: 3,000 yen ~ 4,000 yen
  • Company: Wave

The name is again, pretty straightforward; this product line basically features anime girls with swimsuits. In my opinion, beach queens figures are a bit pricy. Though I find most of the beach queen’s sculpture, especially the faces, are somewhat better then figma (though careful inspection is still recommended), which is certainly a plus since the “bad face” syndrome had been an ongoing problem for figures, even now.


  • Estimated Price Range: 100 yen ~ 600 yen
  • Company: Cospa

GraPhig is a series of products featuring “cubified” characters. After buying this, it will comes default with a blueprint of sort, printed on a large A3-sized sheet. You will have to construct the parts yourself, piecing together the head, body, arms and legs. I experienced making my fair share of paper crafts before so even though I had never bought any GraPhig products as of yet, I know constructing these GraPhig “figures” will no doubt be most entertaining.


  • Estimated Price Range: 10,000 yen ~ 80,000 yen
  • Company: AZONE

I’m not too knowledgeable with dolls but from what I know, you can buy “ready-made anime” dolls like the ones above, which are around 10,000 yen to 80,000 yen aforementioned. There are bodies on sale with different tan and bust sizes to suit your need (around 3,000 yen each), there are even different kinds of clothes and hairs for them so you can dress around your dolls, creating an original doll to your liking.


  • Estimated Price Range: ???
  • Company: ???

Makaizou are specifically modified figures. By manually making the clothes a cast-off, the creators then proceed to modify and add in “erotic parts.” In short, Makaizou means turning a normal figure into a naked and erotic figure. These figures usually appear in online auctions where the creators put up their “masterpieces” for sale. In my opinion though. it is not recommended to even deal with Makaizou, as selling these modified figures are pretty much illegal.

Right, that’s all folks. Hopefully you have an informative read throughout this post. Midway through, I suddenly thought this post fits the bill, so I’ll just submit this post in nopy’s Guide to Anime project. Also, as I’m pretty much a greenhorn with figurines myself, feel free to correct me if I wrote something not agreeable.

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14 thoughts on “Guide on Purchasing Figures

  1. Great guide, gives a basic overview of different figure lines there are. You may want to edit the price range for dolls, since stuff like Dollfie Dream usually mounts up to 50,000 – 80,000 yen. Makaizou seem familiar~ . . . . . lolol

    • Thanks. Ahh I edited it. I saw dolls as around 10,000 yen last time but now that I rechecked, I saw some as expensive as 80,000 yen+. I also saw a Steins;Gate doll around 50,000 yen.

    • I only started collecting figures around the time I started this blog, which is around half a year back, so I guess I’m pretty new too.

  2. Hey, do you reckon you can do a breakdown on company? (just the big ones) has a good purchasing guide (for where to buy)

    hey also what are some good sites to keep up on the latest figures news, i use nekomagic

    • Can you elaborate? Do you want me to give more details on the big companies? Like who’s their president or what figures they recently released and stuffs?

      I can’t access that site for some reason. Perhaps I can later on..

      I used nekomagic most of the time too. I sometimes also use mikatan’s blog.

      • hmmm maybe easier just to say which companies are your favourites and what are some big label names you always pay attention to. for example I always look forward to what Alter is doing next.

        • Ahh certainly.
          GSC is certainly my top favorite so far. Other then nendoroids, the company also make good full static figures. Some of my other favorite labels include Alter and Kotobukiya. I also check Megahouse for all my shounen figures needs.

  3. When I saw the title, I thought you were going to talk about AmiAmi, Hobby Search, etc., but a post about the different figure types is cool too.

    I had completely forgotten about the guide to anime project, so thanks for reminding me about it. I still have a few posts just sitting in my drafts folder that I should probably put up. I’ve added your post to the list of guides on the project page.

    • I’m too biased towards Amiami so I’m not sure if I wanna do that :p

      Ooh so you still have some relating to the project? Cool, good to see we are still somewhat progressing the project :p

      • The problem is that most of them are half-written and I need to find time to finish them. The only one that’s complete is my yandere post, but that was written before Mirai Nikki, and it wouldn’t seem right now to publish a yandere post without mentioning Yuno.

        • I got a lot of unfinished drafts too, and some barely even started, just a title and that’s it, lol. It’s like, if I suddenly have an idea, I need to put it in my draft quickly, even if it’s just a title, after that, it’s just finding time to actually do it.

          Well Mirai Nikki’s finished now, so I think it’s as good time as any^^

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