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Almost a month ago, FoxyLadyAyame of the beautiful world proposed a carnival blog post project, entailing about one’s local anime community. I’m a bit late but I’m here to show everyone the wonders of my Bruneian anime community.. or a severe lack of one.

For those who haven’t check out my anime history, here’s a recap. When I was a kid, I watched cartoons like Tom and Jerry, The Mask and so on, and it is indeed fun talking to everyone about it. A while later, anime becomes a more widely known medium and I was left out of the discussion circle for a while, until midway through high school, I finally had internet at my home. During this time, I was downloading and streaming tons of anime, and was finally able to somewhat join in the discussions. What’s more, Animax started airing in our TV subscriptions so my anime community suddenly grown overnight.

Ever since then, I had been discussing various anime with my friends. Talks about Rasengan, Bankai, and even the weird powers from One Piece became the springboard of our chat. Aside from the usual shounen, we even talked about deep anime like Death Note and Fate/Stay Night, or for the latter, it’s more about the lameness of Shirou. At one point, Law of Ueki’s fame suddenly skyrocketed in my school and it was basically a hot topic among our friends. At that time, I myself really liked it, but now, I can only feel that it’s around average at best. Time does change a person’s tastes, as they say.

Me and my friends never did much “activities” like a community, aside from watching an anime show together or hijacking the school library to hunt for some manga. Brunei isn’t a really anime-orientated country; there are no anime conventions or any other anime-related events here, and worse, not even a figures stores had ever existed in my town, except for one and the only one I heard of in the city, which was a pretty new store if I’m not mistaken. Then, there’s the distance to consider, the city isn’t particularly close too; you are going to need more then an hour of car ride just to reach the city, so I rarely even go except for some exceptional weekends.

After high school, most of my friends had separated, some of them studied overseas and some chose to work, I’m one of the latter. I still keep in touch with most of them but we seldom talked about anime already. From my “old” community, I’m most probably the only one who still keep up with the latest anime.

From my working community, there forms another new anime community, well.. even though I said “community”, it’s just 4 or 5 people, which is kinda sad, and one of them is even my sister. We talked about anime or games from time to time, but sometimes, we also rant about our work too during our get-together.

If there’s something we can acheive more with this new community as compared to my old one, it’s the power of money. Including me, three people from this “new community” of mine collects figures, which is pretty cool since when I was student, it was close to impossible to afford them. One of my friend from the community collects mostly mecha figures; I went to his house before and saw that he had basically amassed a huge army of mecha, ranging from Gundam, Zone of the Enders, and even Evangelion. Another friend of mine within the same community, had collected two glass shelves full of figures, and more then 50% of them are Bleach figures; she is a long-time fan of Bleach, if you hadn’t already noticed.

Me and my “new community” also planned to visit Singapore this Novemeber for the Anime Festival Asia, though the plan is still unconfirmed as of now. Let’s see if you can spot a Kai if you’re there… xD

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26 thoughts on “Kai’s Local Anime Community

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  2. Even if its just another person, as long as you have someone to talk about your hobbies and rantings it makes it a whole better, just me and my group of otaku friends :D Community-wise, it has to be the different anime figure groups here in my place.

  3. It’s great that even there’s no anime scene in Brunei, you wrote about it. It’s very important to have a spherical view of things. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Kai.

  4. Oh, you’re from Brunei. Why did I think you’re from the States? >.<

    I'm pretty much have the same kind of community like you. I started watching anime in college and old friends from college are now moving on to other interests in life. I still have my little circle of friends who talk Naruto, One Piece and Fairy Tail with me. It's decreasing though. I guess as me and my friends get older, we are bombarded by other responsibilities in life that sometimes hobbies take sidelines.

    Anyway, I hope your AFA plans will be finalized soon! Attend it at least once in your life. You won't regret it. =)

    • Cause my Engrish is so good? :D

      College? Ahhh I see. I started watching anime more seriously since junior high school (excluding the classic anime I caught random bits and pieces off on TV when I was a kid). As we get older, life gets more troublesome. I always think like that :D Though not everything is bad, like I said in the post, now we got the power of monies :p I couldn’t even think about buying figures when I was a student.

      Certainly :D I plan to go there even if I need to swim to Singapore :p

  5. Cool, I didn’t know you were from Brunei… or I forgot if you mentioned it before. I have a lot of relatives in Seria and some in Miri so I visit Brunei every few years.

    Having a group of 4 to 5 friends who you can discuss anime with is a lot better than me. Most of my friends have moved on from anime. One of them keeps up with 1 or two series each season and another watches anime only when he has time. I guess that’s why I turned to blogging.

    • Words can’t express my amazement when you even mentioned town names of Brunei! I’m sure 90% of the worlds population don’t even know Brunei places like Seria or KB. You rocks man xD You should come visit me next time you’re here :p

      That description you gave sounded just like me lol. I also only watches 1 or 2 anime per season (but I immediately marathoned some as soon as they are completed) and I also only watch when I have time.

  6. I think it’s great that you at least have people to talk to about anime. Where I ”work” at now, there are only like 2 to 3 people I know who have watched a reasonable amount of anime besides the mainstream ones, and even then, they\’re not as deeply interested in Japanese subculture as I am. Also, it’s really cool how anime was popular in your school; even back when I was in school there were only several people I knew actually liked anime. *Sighs*

    If you do come to AFA in Singapore this year, do let me know. I’d love to meet up with you haha. :)

    • And “reasonable” is already pretty good. Actually, the people from my “community” didn’t even keep up with latest anime, they just watch whatever they like, be it old or new, which is like a reminiscence of my old self before I find out about anime charts, lol. Actually, about anime being popular in my school, I was only able to join in the “anime circle” really late since I missed out a huge chunk of my school life left out of conversations due to not playing Ragnarok/watching anime (yet). If I were to emphasize more, I think it’s going to take one whole page, so feel free to pop into my history with anime post for this :D

      Hmmm it’s unfortunate but I don’t think me and my community could make it this year, lots of issues, but I still hope we could all make it!

    • Oh my, typos everywhere.
      ** there were only several people I knew who actually liked anime.

      Anyway yeah, if you\’re coming, drop me an email! :D I do hope you guys can come too.

      • And I would say several is also pretty good, mine would also count as several too I guess :D

        Sure, but if not, expect the mail by next year D:

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