Character of the Month – July

July’s Character of the Month – Akiyama Shinichi (Liar Game)

Akiyama Shinichi, a genius swindler and a fearsome manipulator. The ex-con is known to bring up layers and layers of plans or traps and is always thinking several steps ahead of his enemies. He is literally one tactical badass.

The man actually lived a simple and honest life before; he was a graduate student majoring in psychology. However, his mother was scammed by a multi-level marketing group called Shuuei, driving her and the already poor Akiyama family to further despair. However, as Shinichi is a student majoring in psychology, he is well-versed with the minds of the criminals, and using his skills, he revenged his mother. With the skills he learned in school which her mother worked day and night for, he crushed the major MLM corporation by tricking them into bankruptcy.

Although he may trick people, his actions are always ones who help his closest allies and friends to whom he trust. He may show Kanzaki a cold facade, but he cares for her and helps her because of her extreme honesty. During the team battles, he is also shown to have great leadership too. Unlike Yokoya, Shinichi doesn’t rely on domination with his leadership as he was always prioritizing his allies first and foremost although he doesn’t show it with his skeptical plans. What’s more, he was able to set his team on the right track even when internal quarrels and betrayals ensue.

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6 thoughts on “Character of the Month – July

  1. Akiyama is both an engaging character in his morals and a fun character in how he plays with other people. He’s one of my favourite lead characters for a good reason.

  2. Despite Akiyama is my favorite character in Liar Game, I don’t see him as the main character because actually, it depends on what part of the story it is when it comes to the question as to who the story revolves around. First it was poor Kanzaki who needed help; then it was Akiyama saving her and, at last, Yokoya and Harimoto arrived and started stirring shit up immediately.

    What I love this manga for is how dynamic it is and how the focus smoothly shifts from one character to another and then from one aspect of the game to another. It’s like in real life – it’s up to you to decide what should be in the center of your attention.

    • From your perspective, actually I’m not sure if there will be a major arc featuring Akiyama as the “main character”. Currently, it is more like showing Akiyama entering into a lion’s den of manipulators and saving himself and his team. It shows how capable he is countless times, but it doesn’t show Akiyama as a “character”. However, you can always read Roots of A, which I haven’t started yet, lol.

      And it just shows just how cynical humans can be. Even a single game of coin toss can ignite such psychological extremes.

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