Top 5 Most Badass Female Anime Characters

We had seen how badass Accelerator from To Aru Majutsu no Index is. We had also seen how badass Kirei and Kiritsugu is, as their last fight is just badass at it’s core. However, most of the time, female characters usually possess more difficulty in displaying their badassery demeanors, some seem to fall into the “trying too hard to be a badass” syndrome, while some literally aren’t even somewhat close. There are although, quite an exceptional few, and here are my top 5 of badass female anime characters that I had stumbled upon.

5. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza is one of the most strongest mages in Fairy Tail. She became an S-class mage at just a tender age of 15. Her strength in combat is literally unrivaled, instilling fears and awes to those who stand before her. If she were an ally, she is dependable and if she were an enemy, she is deadly.

4. Kusanagi Makoto (Ghost in the Shell)

Makoto is of Section 9, a group of cyborg cops. All of them are cybernetially reinforced and Makoto is no exception as she is certainly strong. She is good with guns and even melee combat, but her main strength comes in the form of leadership, commanding a group of talented and even dangerous individuals, ranging from a hackers, snipers and rangers.

3. Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Lucy is the alter ego of Nyu. When “Lucy” emerges, every situation will immediately turn into an absolute bloodbath. She is emotionless and violent; she doesn’t even mind slashing off a limb or two. Her badass and extreme violent disposition no doubt makes her deserves a spot in this list.

2. Revy (Black Lagoon)

When you speaks of badassery, it is literally a compulsary to include Revy into the equation. The female gunslinger likes to smoke, cuss and shoot; she is always seen having a cigarette in her mouth, even in the midst of gunfights. Inherently, she is one of the top list of “women you don’t wanna go messing around with.”

1. Ryougi Shiki (Kara no Kyoukai)

Shiki is a blasphemous entity. Her power, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, can even kill God if she so desires. Her powers can see the Origin of all living and non-living things, in the form of lines, and cutting along these lines spell instant death. She can even capture spirits using her artificial arm, which replaced her organic arm since long time ago. That’s why she’s so badass, she fights with dignity like Erza, she doesn’t mind losing one of her limbs like Lucy, and she can fight as stylishly as Revy. She is everything, an embodiment of female badassery.

Honourable Mentions:

Balsa (Seirei no Moribito)

Balsa uses a spear as her main weapon, even though being a woman, she can fend off four or five professional assassins and can easily defeat ordinary men with ease, making most “strong” men lose in shame.

Souryuu Asuka Langley (Evangelion)

Being teamed up with a very wimpy Shinji, it is no doubt that sometimes, Asuka will have to do things alone, and my mind was indeed blown off by that feat in End of Evangelion. Fresh out of the hospital, Asuka was forced into a fight with the rest of the EVA series alone, and with limited power reserves, she has to destroy all nine of them in just three and a half minutes, which is around 20 seconds for each. She accomplished all those bloodily and mercilessly while “Air” (Suite no3 in D Major) is playing in the background. How badass is that?

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25 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Badass Female Anime Characters

    • I always *try* to limit myself to one character per show, but both Roberta and Balalaika indeed come close to taking the cake too :D

  1. *salutes* Major Kusanagi had a huge part in forming the foundation for my otakufication *salutes* Have to agree, Shiki is just . . . . . Shiki XD (totally indescribable)

  2. Revy is pretty badass with her attitude, even though very bad experiences in her past put her in that state. She appears very cold and heartless, a little to much for me to make her one of my favorites.

    Asuka is also very badass, but overall a bit too messed up mentally. Her “last” action scene was pretty impressive, but it sucked that the enemy units had such crazy regeneration abilities afterwards :(

    Shiki is probably my favorite when it comes to female badass characters, next to being badass she’s not too crazy and not completely coldhearted.

    • Though her cold and merciless altitude is what make her so damn badass in my opinion.

      I only truly see how badass Asuka is during that scene but other then that, she doesn’t leave that much impact for me instead of that mentally messed up personality.. oh well, just whose personality is *not* messed up in Evangelion? D:

      Yes again, Shiki is too awesome for words :D

  3. As I was reading, I was hoping to find Valmet of Jormungand on the list, lol. Badass female characters are few and far between. I’ll definitely include Erza in my list if I’m making one someday.

    • Lol it’s funny, she never crosses my mind.. Revy, Lucy and Shiki are the first things I thought of when I’m thinking about badassery D:

  4. Ryougi Shiki :) love her personality… even when in battle. doesn’t talk too much and delivers so greatly. kinda wish more battles scenes like hers exist.

    • She is the epitome of badass indeed :D She’s so damn awesome. and it looks like she can use her visual powers better then Tsukihime’s Shiki, since KnK’s Shiki can use hers without exhaustion.

  5. she doesn’t even mind slashing off a limb or two

    Humph! You know how to tell when Lucy is in a bad mood? She is NOT smiling as she rips your arms out of their sockets.

  6. I wish there were more badass women in anime. I also with that authors would realize women have the power to be just as kick ass as men are. Women have potential too! *coughkishimotocough*

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