Jormungand and The True Adversary of Mankind

There are those who invent weapons, those who manufacture them, those who use them, and those who sell them. I will hate them for all eternity.

If there’s one thing I learned from Jormungand’s premise, it’s how realistically it reflects the ugliness of human fights and wars in real life.

In combat, you need weapons, and scientists and researches are always amassing new creative weapons. Guns, bombs, missiles, nuclear.. each country compete with one another in the improvements of their own’s country military weapons, constantly manufacturing weapons and fighting vehicles of the latest models. They are also those who are neutral to the factions, and sell them to people or nations to garner them profits.

To that end, humans are like dark creatures who desire war and conquest. So who are at fault? Is the one creating all these weapon blueprints to be blamed? Or should we point our fingers at the arms dealer? Or is it the fault of the consumers who use these dangerous tools of trades without blinking an eye? Ironically, in my opinion, I think all humans themselves are at fault.

Humans are both curious and greedy and no matter how much they shove down their needs and wants, there is just no stopping a human’s greed, and I believe this is the core of the problem. A human’s curiosity had improved humanity’s standard of living to great heights. With their curiosity and greed, they are both curious at a possible evolution of mankind and are greedy at a comfortable life, and with so, famous scientists and researchers begun their inventions. Phones, automobiles, televisions and other devices started to emerge in human hands. This is good and all but even weapons were being developed constantly. From swords and spears, they begun using guns and pistols. And thus, wars are turned into more horrifying colors. More soldiers are injured, and more lives are lost, all because of their own “curiosity and greed”.

About 60% of all guns worldwide are in civilian hands. One in every ten is armed. 37% are the army’s and the rest belong to the police. Rebel militias are extraordinarily prominent in news reports, but.. well, they hold less than 0.1%.

Interestingly enough, in Jormungand, even citizens in the country are equipped with guns. It gives an impression that just about anyone would die, and it could happen at any moment. With so many guns in the hands of almost every single person in the country, keeping a gun at your side is as common as bringing along your wallet.

In such a chaotic world, there are no doubt that some “hero” would like to uphold justice in the country, they would want to save their country and return peace to it. Realistically speaking, that is impossible. It is thus, indeed intriguing just what Koko is trying to accomplish. She said she wanted “world peace”, however, she is just an arms dealer. By selling weapons of mass destruction to other nations, it would even spread the conflict and reinforce the chaos. Just what is Koko trying to gain? Just what is she fighting for? Just what did she mean by “world peace”?

Ultimately, humans, stopping their wars and fighting, and achieving “peace” at that end seems to be a fleeting dream. It will be ideal if humans can set aside their differences and work towards creating a better world instead of fighting. Will Koko be able to achieved what we couldn’t in real life?

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8 thoughts on “Jormungand and The True Adversary of Mankind

  1. Your write-up shows why Jormungand is such a good show. It also brings to the forefront child soldiers. Many countries especially those in Africa use child soldiers as a means to continue their wars. Without war, there would be no peace. There will always be humans who want more and will do anything necessary to satisfy their desires.

    • Yes true, children were especially treated really unfairly during wars. In their opinion, they would certainly think that having more soldiers, even if they are child soldiers, would make them a closer step to “peace”, but what’s ironic is that they are making things worse. Indeed, and they would do anything in order to attain their desires.

  2. Just to throw a couple more ideas out there:

    Most advancements in technology find their origins in war or with military research. We wouldn’t have jets or cellphones or the internet if it weren’t for war. That’s one of the good side-effects of conflict.

    A lot of people say that having weapons is bad. For the most part I agree with them, but I think history has proven that peace can be acheived if two groups are strong enough to destroy each other, but smart enough to know not to.

    • Interesting. Actually, I could totally see Jormungand going into the direction you visualized. By taking advantage of the “good side-effects” of conflict, perhaps Koko is trying to gain world peace by balancing out the military powers between the nations, by making all the nations “equally” strong with each other, literally, most of them would be strong, but will be smart enough not to execute the war. But thing is will they be able to avoid conflict permanently? The weapons, the tanks, the cannons; all weapons of mass destruction are just by their side, and they can strike anytime, and since if technology advancements are born from wars itself, even the more so.

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  4. Reality sucks. We just gotta live with that fact. You can sugarcoat it all you want but the fact is the harshness of reality can be cruel if you look at it. That’s one of the morals this show teaches us. Oh well, it’s like Jonah said, there’s still good in the world, no matter how hard it can be to find.

    • Right, and I guess human conflicts would be impossible to be completely resolved. And indeed, they won’t be able to handle it without some sort of good things or miracles happening. It’s all about the balance.

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