Kai’s Question #2 – Android Online Games

After I bought my Galaxy Note, I was actually surprised by the large amount of apps and games android has to offer, of cause, it doesn’t have as much as iOS does, but the collection is plenty.

I also found a few online games from the google market and a few immediately grasped my attention, Celes Arca and Little Empire. Celes Arca is a typical mmorpg and the game definitely uses a lot of resources to run. Like a PC mmorpg, it allows you to create your own character, build up your character stats with points when you level up, and initiate a job change at some point (fighter, mage, etc..) While these types of games are nice, and what’s more, it’s an Android mmorpg to boot, this is probably my most favorite online smartphone game at the moment. Sadly, mmorpg uses up a lot of time, and I just can’t spare that much time for games anymore.

Little Empire is also equally as fun and the gameplay for it is perfect for people like me. Little Empire plays a game of conquest, with heroes, armies and knights in super deformed versions. When you recruit soldiers or when you are mining for gold/crystals, it takes ti real-world time in a literal sense. While you are gathering your resources and men, you can just switch off the app, and do other things while waiting for your resources gathering to finish. And if you feel you’re ready, you can fight an NPC army, or maybe even real opponents, and hopefully capture and imprison them in battle. Doing the latter, you can hilariously forces them into forced labor at your own castle, mining for gold/crystals for you. If you have a lot of friends and comrades in the game, you can even team up with them to fight your arch-nemesis. Seriously fun as heck. Little Empire is addictive, yet it doesn’t need extreme grinding like most mmorpg, so it’s actually an ideal online game for me.

So my question for today is, for all the android smartphone users, have you all come across any other similarly fun online games like these? Phone online games are few and far between, so I would love to find out more about these. I haven’t even tried much android mmorpg games too with the only exception of Celes Arca due to the lack of availability in my country, so I would be glad to hear opinions for other games as well.

Also, my handle for both Celes Arca and Little Empire is “Kiryuu”. Feel free to add me if you’re playing the same games that I do!

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2 thoughts on “Kai’s Question #2 – Android Online Games

  1. Sadly, I don’t play a lot of games on my SII. I only play the games my friends are also playing so we can enjoy beating the hell of of each other. Point-wise anyway. So that means I only play Scramble with Friends, Draw Something and the likes. They’re addictive when your friends are also addicted to it. Know what I mean?

    • Aww that’s too bad, I have a few friends of mine playing Little Empire too and we do enjoy playing together when we get the time, more like I get my ass pwned, lol.

      I’m not a fan of heavy gaming on my phone either, as with the case with Celes Arca, so Little Empire is seriously perfect, it’s online, light and doesn’t need a long amount of time to play.

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