Random Celebration: 1200+ Views in One Day

Although the Persona games had been garnering wide amount of attention from my viewpoint, I’m not sure whether or not the games are underrated.. or just unknown. I know the titles are niche, and anime-lookalike characters in a game is cliche, but there is just no way the games are degrading in any way.

Why am I talking about Persona all of a sudden you ask? When I tried to hop on my WP reader, I stumbled upon my blog statistics first and noticed that my Chie figma post had skyrocketed that day’s views to 1200+! It’s weird, the post itself isn’t really brimming with activity and yet, there’s so many views. I’m not a heavy figure collector like nopy, nor am I a professional photographer like wiselhead, so this makes it even the more so weirder, well, not that I’m complaining.

Every time my blog manages to overcome the maximum views per day, I get more confusing on just what kind of posts my readers like best. The previous one, it was the Top 3 Visual Novel Studio, and now, it is the Chie figma post. Nevertheless, I’m going to do the same thing I do best since day one, being a jack-of-all-trades blogger who just write about anything I want.

Before I forgot, a big thank you to all my lurkers readers. Not going to give you all a cookie, but that fanservice-y P4 pic on top should be a good enough reward for now.

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22 thoughts on “Random Celebration: 1200+ Views in One Day

  1. Congrats on the huge numbers. Having your best day when you post about the figma isn’t so bad. My highest views per day was the day I got hit by a car so compared to Chie that’s ultra depressing. ^^;

    Keep it up and you’ll have that many everyday.

    • Yea, but it’s still pretty mysterious, lol. There are not even a lot of discussions and yet, there’s 1200 views o.O

      Ahhh.. irony on a whole different level there Ace.. D: But I guess it’s probably because you are well-loved, so that explains the huge amount of views/comments?

      Yep, I’ll keep it up, but back to my usual 500-700 for now D;

      • Irony is fun.

        Maybe I am loved but not 500-700 views a day loved. Oh well, as long as we have fun blogging then we shouldn’t care too much about page views.

        Have you been getting a lot of hits from a certain word or a website. Maybe you are high on a search engine or got your post got featured on a bigger site somewhere.

      • Yep indeed. Not sure how many ironies I had faced already myself too.

        With your post frequency, I’m sure you pass me soon enough. I haven’t been posting as much recently, and that is indeed true. I only wrote this post to express my bewilderment :D

        Hmm not sure, no pingbacks…

  2. Well congrats, you managed to do something I never could and go several days without looking at your WordPress stats. Plus, you know, the 1200 hits. That’s awesome too.

    • I rarely look at my blog statistics actually. I just do my thing, write my posts and have fun :D I guess the only times I ever look at my stats is when I want to access my WP reader. Thanks, I’m sure you will reach that mount soon enough with your blog’s activity.

  3. Ah. I know how you feel. Because it’s happened on occasion for me. Though it’ll probably be a while before I get those numbers on the new site unless I lurk around :3 Hope you enjoyed the views!

  4. Congrats, 1200 views in one day is a lot. I get some of those huge spikes in traffic as well and I can never seem to figure out where it’s coming from, even with the help of analytics software.

    • Wow, I guess paid blogs(?) sure are in a different world on it’s own. You must had a lot of few different tools you can use in your blog. And, thanks^^

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