Medaka Box and The Two Sides of Humanity

Although the first season of Medaka Box only somewhat touched upon the manga’s introduction parts, during the final arc of the anime, it introduces an interesting thought, the good and the evil parts of humanity.

One needs no reason for rising above others. I want my eyes to be able to see over everything, that is all. You know? Like how I was able to see all of you men trying so hard.

The heroine of the anime, Kurokami Medaka, as one would expect, loves humans to the very core. She believes in the good of people and even for ones who are bad and vicious, she believes that they were strayed from the right path, and that they used to be good. Such thoughts would really require extreme trusts in humans, and since she is the student council president, whether or not this mindset of hers is good or not good is debatable. Her overwhelming altitude she compels on other people fortunately provides her with decent control and leadership on the students.

If you claim to love humans, that should include their lies and betrayals, their sins and ugliness, their jealousy and immaturity, their hatred and conflicts. It’s cheating to say that you love humans but ignore their flaws. Pride, envy, gluttony, wrath, greed, lust and sloth. All these qualities exist in everyone!

The last arc features the main antagonist of the series, Unzen Myouri, who is an exact opposite to Medaka, he hates humans literally. Unzen is an aggressive and merciless individual, and is even abnormally stubborn at times. Unlike Medaka, he believes that everyone is naturally bad and evil from the start, and mostly look at the ugly sides of humanity. Even at such a young age, he is already the Chairman of the Public Morals Committee. Unzen believes that “justice means nothing unless you go overboard”, and unlike Medaka’s persuasive tactics, he uses force and violence to ensue leaderships and righteousness.

Both Medaka and Unzen are like the different sides of Yin and Yang, one is passive, while the other one is aggressive. It is difficult to debate just who is more correct in their methods as Zenkichi put it, “both are just too right”. Medaka is right in the way that all humans aren’t evil, at least, technically aren’t. Humans are generally passive creatures and it’s only mostly due to bad childhoods, incidents or environments which led them astray. Unzen, again, is absolutely correct. Humans are also dark entities who are easily controlled by the sins they manifested within themselves. Jormungand for one, easily depicts the ugly nature of humanity.

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preferences. In my opinion, humans are indeed contradicting creatures, but if I were to make a choice, I think I can relate to Unzen’s choices and ways of doing things more instead of Medaka’s. While I don’t use force and violence on such drastic levels, I’m also the type who believe more in the darkness of humans rather then their “kind” nature. I’m very cynical, always looking things in the bigger picture and to make exceptionally sure not to trust one fully.

Medaka and Unzen, whose ideals do you believe in more?

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13 thoughts on “Medaka Box and The Two Sides of Humanity

  1. medaka’s ideals is too goody two shoes, imo. the only reason she can uphold her ideals is cause she is perfect. being human means being flawed so i don’t think medaka’s belief can be practiced despite it being resonably good.

    i grew up in a third world country so medaka’s belief don’t click to me. XD

    • And she’s abnormally strong, her ideals are almost impossible to be upheld but because of her strength, she was able to set everything in place. I’m not a believer of Medaka’s ideals either, I’m more on Unzen’s.

  2. Laws are made to protect the interests of the lawmakers.

    I fall somewhat on the cynical side of the view on human nature, but I like to think that just because people in general tend that way doesn’t mean we can’t try to do something about it. Though, I also assume there are just going to be some whom can’t be dealt with.

    Hmm. I lost interest in this show after 3 episodes – I couldn’t see the story for all the fanservice else got the impression that the fanservice was the story. Maybe I missed something?

    • True, but like what Unzen said, rules and laws are meant to keep humans on a leash, but they could never change who people are. In the end, laws are just there to protect the ego of the lawmakers.

      Yes and I am too. Hmmm.. if humans can understand just how “ugly” they are, then they could certainly improve, but I bet it’s not going to be easy, since even if you said do “something” about it.. but just what specifically?

      Ahh i guess that’s the general issue of the show. The anime only managed to cover the introduction arcs of the manga, it’s only near towards the show where the anime finally shows just how Medaka Box is supposed to be. I heard a second season is already green-lit, I’m not sure how it would be like but I would guess that it would be subpar with first season’s last arc.

      • “something” – ah, yeah, what. FAR better people than I could ever hope to be have worked on that little problem with little to show for it, and not a few of them got crucified for their good deeds. Hell, now I’ve put myself in a funk. Need to go re-watch the K-On movie before I do something I’ll regret.

        • Well, the world isn’t perfect, so rules and laws doens’t help much in that regard, since they don’t really change humans themselves. It’s unfair and unjust but what can we do. And that is a good choice :D I just finished that few days ago and might consider rewatching it again some time soon.

  3. Oh so you’ve watched Medaka Box now. In the last few episodes they showed a bit more depth ^^

    I think Medaka’s Image of humans is way too positive, she can’t expect to find her strong ideals in every person. Medaka is strong, pretty, rich and popular, there aren’t many other people that have been blessed with these things in life.

    Unzen is just too much of a psycho, I can hardly put myself in his mindset. There are people you only can convince or make behave with harsh punishments but he put harsh punishments on everybody without discrimination. There are positive exceptions, only a small minority, but they exist. People who have good intentions, that care about their environment without caring too much about their own benefits,

    • Yes and it’s surprising not as bad as I thought. I had prepared myself beforehand since I thought I will be watching something horrid, lol.

      That’s why I can’t relate to her ideals. She reminds me of Shirou. While both of their ideals are slightly different, they are both very positive idealists. Difference is that Medaka’s abnormal strength allows her to continuously uphold her ideals while Shirou always just barely upheld his everytime.

      That’s actually a good point. But what I like about his way of doing thing is that by inflicting harsh punishments on even people unrelated, it instill fears on them, and it indirectly tells the victim that he shouldn’t do anything funny, and makes them forcefully follow the punisher’s own rules. It’s violent, but insanely effective. I had seen real life “gentle persuasion” at work but some people just don’t listen..

      Indeed, those types of people are certainly ones who resemble Shirou or Medaka.

  4. Finally, someone who took the time to judge this show on its message rather than bash Medaka for her “Mary-Sue”…ness like others did. To me this show was alright. I also heard it’ll become similar to X-Men if there’s a 2nd season coming. (Why do I always think about either Gakuen Alice or X-Men whenever a school anime with “gifted students” is aired?).

    As for me, similar to what I said in your Jormungand post, I accept the fact all humans have both good and evil in their hearts and that each of them have their own views on right and wrong. Do I side with either Medaka or Unzen? I dunno. I just try to associate with those I can talk to or actually help. People who don’t want to be helped or talked to I stay away from. I’m too busy working to be awesome to care about a bunch of mopey poopieheads.

    • Yes, surprsingly enough, the anime is more better then I expected, since I was watching it with very low expectations due to bad reception. Seriously, it would indeed be bland if it goes on like this. Having a polar opposite character to counter Medaka’s “Mary Sue-ness” is a good idea, in fact, it makes me like the anime much more. Gakuen Alice eh? Not sure about that but I could certainly see how much it resembles X-men, looking at the epic fight in S1. It’s cool that you side with no one and stay on the fence, and that is a good choice too. No use trying to talk to stuck-up people like that.

  5. I didn’t realize Medaka focused on issues like whether humans are good or bad, I thought it was just some comedy anime. Personally, I think most people are good, but you should be wary of the ones that are out for personal gain at the expense of others. So far it has worked for me in real life.

    • That is indeed true on the beginning of the series. But this theme is explored much more during the last arc. Medaka was doubtful whether or not her actions and feelings towards humans are right or not. She never thought herself to be right, but is trying her best to be right. And also, the fact that she loves humans, is actually a plead for the humans to take notice of her. Her love for humans are actually surprisingly deep. Hmm indeed, that’s why it’s best to be cynical of people, never trust anyone. You don’t trust them, and if they’re good, then good, but if they’re bad, you can avoid the worst scenario since you don’t trust them enough.

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