Little Busters! New PV Released

Months ago, we are being bestowed upon a wonderful gift, a PV of an anime adaption of Little Busters which was on the wishlist of thousand of Key fans. Just recently, the official website of Little Busters anime adaption opened up, and together, comes with a new PV.

I’m not sure what to think of it when I heard that J.C. Staff was going to animate it, and I’m sure most other viewers are going to be doubtful too. Truthfully, I’m still slightly doubtful after watching the PVs. While the visuals look good, the characters don’t look as good as their game counterparts, but I always has high regard of Na-Ga’s artworks so perhaps my expectations of Little Busters character designs tend to be a bit high.

It looks like there will be some minor changes to the seiyuu too, and one notable change is Riki, the main character himself, which is good, considering that I don’t think his voice really fits in the game. Yui Horie will be the one voicing him in the anime so it will be interesting how that plays out.

I would totally love to see all the heroines in the anime but of cause, I’m also very looking forward to seeing Kengo and Masato doing what they do best too. Also, not to forget, the charismatic leader, Kyousuke. Little Busters has a great cast full of fun and colorful characters so it would be nice to feel their rowdiness in the anime.

Muscle Revolution!

The release of this highly-anticipated anime is inching closer. Who else is also looking forward to this? For those uninformed, I made a review of the game some time ago, so please have a look if interested in how the game looks like.

Source: ANN

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14 thoughts on “Little Busters! New PV Released

  1. I don’t care which one will air first, either the Angel Beats remake or Little Busters. I have many boxes of handkerchiefs prepared for the inevitable waterworks.

  2. I am beyond excited for this anime! All I know about it is the premise and that it’s part of the Key series, and that’s all I need to know! I’m planning on going into this series with as little knowledge as possible, so I can just enjoy it for what it is without having expectations to hope it lives up to.

    • Oh you make a good point. While some people don’t mind spoilers, I’m the type who actually mind, and by knowing too much, it decreases my enjoyment of something. To be honest, even before playing the VN completely, I already know about some major spoilers (especially the ending) due to some googling. I only have myself to blame D:

    • J.C. Staff is indeed a decent studio, but the quality of most of their releases aren’t really consistent, some are good, some are average but at least there’s none of their releases I considered bad.

  3. After Kyoani did Kanon, AIR, and Clannad, I’m kinda disappointed that they went with JC Staff for Little Busters. They should’ve gone for Shaft or Gainax in order to keep the beautiful character designs and backgrounds.

    • Hmmm I’m not too sure about that. Shaft’s animations look too dynamic for Key, and Gainax’s a bit flashy. Ufotable may be a good choice though I’m not sure myself how would they adapt a slice-of-life show.

  4. An inevitable “fangasm” for all Key players here. Same sentiments with them choosing JC Staff – was sure as hell that KyoAni would do like the rest. Oh well, lets see how this turns out

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