Character of the Month – August

August’s Character of the Month – Yamano Remon
(Ano Natsu De Matteru)

Remon, a small, petite third-year high school student who is as mysterious as a certain alien.

Remon likes to tease, almost to sadistic levels. Her face is always plastered with a mischievous grin and purposely and ominously laughs with a “ufufu” sound like an evil witch. Despite having such a small stature, she gives off a vibe that could overwhelm other people and forces them to do she wants, no wonder she becomes the scriptwriter for the film she and her friends are making.

She only generally likes to tease though as she is actually quite kind and caring, especially for her friends. She offers words and advices to the complicated love problems of the group and even fought a group of advanced alien machines to buy time just to let Kaito and Ichika finds the location Ichika sees in her dream.

Spoilers ahead, but Remon seems like she’s even a high-ranking MIB member, how badass is that?

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13 thoughts on “Character of the Month – August

  1. Hu hu hu, it’s been a few months, but I still remember Remon very well. Not sure what it is about small girls who know how to take command, but they always manage to bring a smile to my face.

  2. She was always very mysterious and because she was such a polar opposite to the other characters she was always a pleasure to watch. I remember her being the only character not tied up in the lover triangle thing so I always pictured her being just a little bit lonely in that regard even if she never showed it.

    • To me, even though she’s small, she looks like an “older sister” to the rest of the cast. After all, she is hinted to be much more older then she seems. I’m sure she had experienced romance before and I’m sure to her, the love the rest of the characters experienced is just an innocent kid’s love to her. Love triangle eh? More like love pentagon.. :D

      • I was thinking love square when I typed it but it’s been a while since I saw it and I might have forgotten somebody.

        Older sister is definitely the best way to put it. She was so much more mature then them in her immature kind of way.

        • Well it had certainly been a long time, but there are indeed 5 of them. Perhaps you forgotten the nudist.. lol :D

          The balance between her maturity and immaturity is nice :D

  3. Remon was one of the coolest characters of the season. The revelation that she was actually an MIB member was expected, but still awesome.

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