Cage of Eden And My Fascination With Wolves

Throughout all the rampaging animals and monsters seen in the manga Cage of Eden, I was quite captivated by the pack of wolves shown in one of the arcs.

Few other anime and games also depict wolves as brave and proud creatures, and they are also shown to care for their own kind like a family. They work together as a team, and there’s even a leader commanding the rest of the wolves in the pack. The leader gives instructions to the other wolves, allowing them to synchronize their attacks together. With careful organizations like these, the wolves could even hunt on preys ten times bigger or stronger then them. If I were to compare wolves to humans, they feel the most similar to how mafia works, mess with one wolf, and you will feel the wrath of the whole family.

The loyalty of wolves are also something worth applauding for. As shown in Cage of Eden, the wolves obey their own pack leader and once the leader tells them to hunt, they hunt and once he tells them to stop, they stop. By following the leader’s every instructions, the wolves’ hunting movements are so in sync with each other they are almost like a group of trained military soldiers.

On top of that, wolves are relentless, especially if one of their kind is injured. They will never run away, and won’t stop until they destroy all of their foes. Their beautiful strength and mentality, are almost too dazzling for us humans to look at.

Wolves are quick and agile, they are also very highly intelligent animals, having the ability to make sound plans. They are definitely a a force to be reckon with. Their carefully organized offense and their strong and swift attacks, are their strongest assets that makes them one of the strongest fighters in the battlefield of survival. Their prideful and confident nature, and their mentality to not give up, is also what us humans should aspire to be more.

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8 thoughts on “Cage of Eden And My Fascination With Wolves

  1. I always hate it when fiction depicts wolves as being savage or less than intelligent. Wolves are probably one of the most noble animals (or maybe just canine-like animals…) out there. Also, you’ve convinced me to read Cage of Eden! It looks pretty nifty.

    • I always thought wolves are pretty cool, they are strong but even intelligent. They are pretty noble indeed, and their loyalty and pride make them a pretty intriguing creatures. I was put off at Cage of Eden at first but it’s really good.

  2. Most of what I know about wolves comes from Spice & Wolf and the occasional Discovery Channel documentary, but they are fascinating in their group dynamic. It’s no wonder there are so many metaphors about alpha males and packs and stuff.

    On a related topic, guess what manga I finally started reading?

    • Spice and Wolf eh? Holo is pretty prideful as well, and she is smart, after all, she is The Great Wise Holo after all :D What I like about this arc of Cage of Eden is it’s depiction of wolves, it’s really close to what I imagine, and I would like to think it’s really realistic too. Yea, they are pretty interesting animals after all.

      Uhhh.. Eden no Ori?

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