New Gintama Episodes and Film

Gintama strikes again. This October 4, Gintama will be back once again, with more epicness one could ever hoped for. I’m slightly worried that it will rerun some old episodes again, but being Gintama, I’m sure they will be able to pull them off with creativity and style. I also hope they will have enough material from the manga to play around with, since I think it haven’t even been that long since the previous Gintama season ended. But well, I think my worries should be unnecessary, since even Gintama’s fillers are just as awesome.

Aside, from the TV series, looks like a second film had also been confirmed.

The above video is from a short 10 mins OVA called Shiroyasha Koutan. The OVA was nothing special though. Remember last time when Gintoki and the other characters were constantly trolling with us viewers about remaking the Benizakura arc into a movie? This OVA was the same, only that it show trolled us with a possible new upcoming movie. Of cause, as I was used to Gintama’s trolling habits by then, I was prepared to get fooled, but the other part of me was slightly hopeful, since Benizakura-hen DID aired.

Now that a new Gintama movie had been green-lit, I wondered if it’s actually a genuine film of Shiroyasha Koutan. The past of Gintama will finally be laid bare if that’s the case, detailing the past of Gintoki, Katsura, Takasugi and Sakamoto. I had always been curious of their past so I’m really looking forward to this movie. Then again, I’m not sure if the movie would even touch upon this subject but I will still watch it either way as I’m sure whatever it is, it will be great.

Source: ANN

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8 thoughts on “New Gintama Episodes and Film

  1. I’ve been away for a month and this is an awesome news.
    Maybe it’s just a matter of time until we get Shiroyasha movie imo, the demands are high and they should explain to us about Gintoki’s past.

    • Not really sure if that’s the case, it could be something totally different, or it could really be the movie, or worst case, perhaps the Gintama characters can finally negotiate with the doods behind the scene and are able to make fake green-lit announcements. Ahh, the conspiracy…

  2. My absolute favorite thing in Gintama (other than its comedy) is the epic background Gin, Takasugi, Zura , and Sakamoto shared. Each went their different ways and just seeing their background really gives off some uexplainable badass aura from their already badass-state of character.

    I can only imagine how the fight with Takasugi and Kamaui will end up

    • That’s why I was so happy when I watched (the starting) the OVA, only to get trolled.. D: I should had expected it since it’s Gintama, but the other part of me was still being hopeful.

      Aren’t Takasugi and Kamui teaming up now? But they are certainly not the types to just “team up” with one another.

      • I think they’re following the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” style of “partnership”. Besides, Kamui got sold out by his colleagues and Takasugi saved him, they have the same goal, get to Earth and kill Gin/Kagura. If they find one, they’re bound to find the other

        • Now that you mention it, it’s nice that Gintoki and Kagura have their own definite counter antagonist. However, this again reminds me of how dull and “faded into the background” Shinpachi is.. since he doesn’t have one.. and I don’t think he ever will D:

          • When I first came to the series, I always thought Gin would duke it out with Hijikata, but then I learned that they just did their seperate thing. Shinpachi was a big suprise to me. Gin could fight, Kagura could fight, and I thought Shinpachi wouldn’t be able to hold his ground. I was extremely suprised when Shinpachi actually fought, usually the straight man in the comedy thing can’t usually fight (I’m thinking of bobobo when I’m saying this). Props to Shinpachi but I guess he can fight the other guys in Takasugi’s crew

          • Instead of counter protagonist/antagonist, Gin and Hijikata are more like a reflection to each other. They have similarities yet, a lot of difference with each other. Shinpachi can indeed fight, though not as capable as Gin or Kagura can. Besides, those countless retorts he did at the infinite jokes in Gintama must have trained his physical strength naturally :D Ohh that reminds me, there’s that perv strategist in the crew who Shinpachi “fought” in Benizakura arc.

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