Character of the Month – September

September’s Character of the Month – Kaguya Riho (Deardrops)

Riho is the main vocalist of the band, Deardrops. She first stumbled upon the protagonist, Shoichi randomly on the streets, and while they were originally on bad terms, Riho eventually joined his band, becoming the fifth and final member of Deardrops.

What I like her best is her modesty and diligence. It’s no doubt she has talents, but to top it off, she works hard, as her voice emphasized years of struggles and hard work. As VNDB puts it, her clear vocals display her straightforward disposition, and is even able to punch it’s way into the listener’s soul. She never sees herself as a superior being within the music world, and sometimes, she did display her doubt and insecurity. This however, just makes her work even more harder, constantly improving her vocals without a limit. After all, she dreams big too, as her dream is for the whole world to be able to hear her songs.

Riho is also honest and straightforward. She always gives the most genuine of opinions, and would never mince words. She is also seen to be prideful, and would prefer competing with her musical rivals fair and square. Refusing any compromise, her extreme prideful and straight-laced altitude sometimes makes her the subject of bully. She does not has high regard of individuals who lack the motivations and passions for their goals, and will criticize or even insult and even smack at people she thinks deserve it, her audacity almost knows no bounds. As such, Riho is very easily misunderstood to be narcissistic and egotistical, and many other people are hostile towards her because of this. However, she is just being honest, brutally so, and she does gives praises without a facade of deception when one meets her expectations.

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4 thoughts on “Character of the Month – September

  1. Riho is the one I chose when I played DearDrops. She was just too awesome. Too bad we didn’t have too much romance going on between her and the protagonist.

    But anyway I perfectly agree with your description of her.

    • I played Riho, Kanade and Yayoi and Riho’s is indeed the best. I do think the amount of romance between them is satisfactory, though indeed they does prioritize on their music foremost instead of romance.

  2. I find myself often intrigued by not so bright characters when I’m just starting a new VN and getting a little disappointed, I’m glad it didn’t happen in the case when I set my mind for Riho. Just finished her path (took me a lot of time) and it was great.
    Really love your articles BTW, keep it up :)

    • Well, some VNs characters lack good characters like that but Deardrop’s Riho is actually quite the character. Her route’s definitely the most epic :D

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