Rosario+Vampire – Morphing From Zero to Hero

One thing I always like about Rosario + Vampire manga, it’s how Tsukune had evolved. Tsukune is a human and if you would compare his existence to the other monsters in the academy which are regarded as “normal”, his existence is something human, something abnormal. An abomination.

I usually find that human characters in a supernatural series stood out a lot from the series. At most times, the “human” protagonist have lots of contradicting powers along the series as they get stronger, which makes something more of a human, and also something less of a human. Ichigo from Bleach is a good example, he is a human, but he is a Shinigami, however, he is also somewhat of a Hollow, and had then became a Vizard; a contradictory existence to no end.

However, I always find Tsukune to be remarkable. He kept on using these monstrous powers which puts a toll on his body continuously, to protect his friends in danger. These powers are the ones which make Tsukune forsake his humanhood little by little every day. He started off as human, then somehow turns into a semi-vampire. After some more blood infusions by Moka, he lose his self-control and became a ghoul, though he was able to somewhat keep his ghoul-form in check. Just recently, he had also been “human modified” to wield Youjutsu powers.

In the end, is it worth it? I would say yes. Undergoing huge body changes and through diligent training to reinforce those inhumane powers, he is now able to stand side by side by Moka, and is even able to fight Akua on even grounds. It was unlike before when he practically needed help, and even protection from Moka and the rest to fend off their foes.

Obviously, what he had achieved is not without sacrifice. Will he be able to return to the human world like this? Most people who noticed his abnormal powers will certainly see his existence as an abomination, a heresy, an unwanted creature not allowed to be existed in the first place. Due to this, he will most probably be stuck in the Youkai world for the rest of his life.

How much Tsukune had changed, both from the inside and outside is one of the reasons why I liked this manga so much, and these kinds of character growth, is something the anime was never able to achieve. At the end, will Tsukune finally disregard his humanhood and turns into a complete demon? Only time will tell.

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17 thoughts on “Rosario+Vampire – Morphing From Zero to Hero

  1. I should start/continue to read this manga ^^

    I didn’t know that Tsukune was human modified, but he can at least protect his harem like that :p

    Too bad the anime didn’t follow the manga and didn’t even continue any further.

    The last pic “I Ieave my back to you”
    What a nice back (>◡<)

    • Yea, that’s his most latest “transformation” he did to his body xD And he got even more stronger, he can now even fight when he is in human form.

      Even if the anime continues, it will just be a farce. The anime had ruined it since the very early beginning, and I don’t think it will do any good if there are further episodes.

      So you got back fetishes xD

        • I don’t really like the anime but thinks it’s somewhat average at first, reading the manga makes me think even more lower of the anime though, lol.

          Butts are the strongest weapon :D

  2. I’ll always remember Tsukune as a wussy and show little concern for his superior development in the manga. He’s better off as a hated wussy than a slowly evolving hero as far as I’m concerned.

    • Honestly I had seen worst wimps *coughoumashucough* and I think those types are the ones better off as hated wussy (more like loved wussy since girls still flock to them for no reason).

      I had similar mindset when I was just watching the anime but the manga’s version of Tsukune is better imo, and allows my opinion of Tsukune to change.

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  4. You’re awesome for writing this.

    Ros+Vamp was basically my first shounen/ecchi manga, whose fanservice was initially too weird for me (was just getting used to fanservice) but it was certainly the story and the characters who surprisingly had depth in them. To me, this manga is a special memory. Such disappointment from the anime which focused on the fan service.

    • Glad you like it as well. The manga definitely has more things going aside from the fanservices. You just reminded me btw, I think it’s about time I catch up with this manga again, lol.

      • Plus, I totally adore the art. Just like other long-running manga, the art style greatly improved! But I really like Ikeda’s realistic touches, for example, on the drapes of the skirts and on the folds and creases of the shirts and coats/suits worn by the characters, which are emphasized by the classy use of contrasting black ink on the white paper.

        I finished it long ago. I wanna read it all over again, tbh because I kinda forgot how it ended. lel

        • Yea, I like Rosario+Vampire’s artwork too, seems finely detailed and also like you said, it’s gradually improving along the chapters.

          It’s finished? I never even knew, lol. It’s hard for me to keep up with ongoing manga since reading them takes just a little while, and I seem to forget about it very quickly when I’m not actively keeping up each week/month, which for manga, I normally don’t. I kinda forgot what the heck happened last I read too.. :p

          • Yep. It ended last year.

            That’s my problem with reading manga, too. I ‘read’ a lot of titles but can only keep up with very few of them. x_x And when I pick up again the temporarily abandoned manga, I can’t remember what happened before (and re-reading is too tiresome for me) so I just blindly read along anyway.

              • Picking up manga where I left them off drops some hints for my weak memory to recall some of the past events. Getting invested on them again depends on the chapter where I stopped. Some are truly moving on to something bigger and more exciting, while others are just… meh. When I picked up Ros+Vamp II, it was pretty interesting because it was the final arc and there were many ‘revelations’ that kept me hooked.

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