Classifying Kai’s First Anime

A little while ago, Justin made an interesting post detailing about his “first” anime. There are indeed quite a few different variations of “first”, especially to veterans of anime viewers. I decided to post about this subject too and break down my different “firsts”.

First Anime I Watched Without Knowing It Was An Anime: Various
Likewise with Justin, I always thought that anime was something akin to Western cartoons. With this misunderstanding, I had watched countless anime on TV like Sailormoon, Pokemon and others which I couldn’t remember the title.

I remember I was very fascinated by the designs of these “cartoons”, though it wasn’t until a little later that I could finally distinguish them as “anime”.

First Anime I Watched Knowing It Was An Anime: Akazukin Cha Cha
Indeed, an obscure choice just like Justin’s first anime. In my childhood though, I remembered it was Akazukin Cha Cha, which delivers the most impact within the realms of my memory.

Cartoon Network, which I still watched frequently at the time, started airing this anime out of the blue, and it instantly became my top priority of shows I catch up on TV. Looking back, it’s been so long ago I had no idea why I liked it so much. I had fun watching it though, and that’s all I need.

First Anime I Watched Subbed: Shaman King
Before this, all the anime I had watched are in awkward dubbed languages of English, Mandarin, Cantonese and even Malay. Shaman King was the very first anime I watched in original Japanese languages with English subs. I was ignorant of this before but after watching Shaman King, it finally makes me realize just how unfit and awkward unoriginal dubs are. Since then, it’s completely unthinkable for me to watch anime in languages other then Japanese with subs.

On that note, Shaman King was also the first anime I watched on DVD. Before that, I watched anime via less inferior mediums; Pokemon on CDs and even Ranma 1/2 on tapes (yes, tapes). The anime is already outstanding on it’s own, with an intriguing premises, great actions and interesting characters. Together with the decent quality and subs, it increases my attachment to the already great series so much more. Shaman King is an anime which turns me into a hardcore anime fan, and from then onwards, it’s an infinite hunting of anime CDs, DVDs, streamed videos and last but not least, hunting anime episodes for downloads.

So which was the “first” anime I can no doubt say it was my first? To me, the first anime is something that you had watched quite majorly (not just bits and pieces), something which leaves you with a decent impression and of cause, something which you actually knew it was an “anime”. So in that regard, I’m proud to say that, Akazukin Cha Cha was my very first anime.

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22 thoughts on “Classifying Kai’s First Anime

  1. I am not sure if I should be happier that you used my idea for a post, or that you used me for a tag :3 Either way, I’m glad I interested you enough to do this :3

    But on that note, yeah some interesting choices I’ve seen. Well except for the what “we watched without knowing it was anime”, it naturally will just be the usual shows for the most part!

    • I didn’t copy you! I was just inspired xD Okay, maybe I copy, but just a teensy weensy bit :D I originally planned to twist it around and add more like “First Anime I watched Streamed” and “First Downloaded Anime” but when I was about to do it.. I can’t remember.. D: Well yeah, at least I credit you D:

      Indeed, though I’m glad my choice of Akazukin Cha Cha is pretty “unique” enough :D

  2. The first anime I can recall watching, though at the time I did not know it was anime, was “Kimba the White Lion” ( That was around 1968-1970.

    yeah, not even VCRs yet, never mind CDs

    Anyway, the first anime I watched knowing it was an “anime” was Vampire Hunter D, sometime around 1986 or 1987. It was dub’d. I didn’t much care for it – maybe it was the dub.

    I watched the occasional anime, all in dub (which was probably why I didn’t much care for anime), until late 2010 when I discovered Seirei no Moribito and watched it sub’d. I was hooked.

    • I just checked MAL and one of the review said it was the first color anime series ever made. You must have had the widest anime experience most could never imagined D:


      Vampire Hunter D looks interesting, but I might just try out the movies first instead. And I’m sure the dubs would downgrade the quality.

      Ahh, Seirei no Moribito is a great anime. The chracters are good and I especially like how capable Balsa is. I also like it’s settings.

      • Nah, not by a long shot. I’ve run into a couple on MAL about my age for one. Also, I’ve only seen about 200 (over half of those in the last 3 years) but there are a LOT of people on MAL with 500+ and even a few with over 1000 shows in their history.

      • I see. But the difference is that you still have the knowledge of some anime which we probably even heard of. Actually, I found some really exotic series which without you, I couldn’t have noticed.

        1000.. that’s crazy, lol. Most of my MAL friends are around the 200-300 range.

  3. My first anime was definitley Akazukin Cha Cha aswell (bless cartoon network)! but I must say that Gatekeepers (which showed on AXN) was the one which started my journey into otaku-hood. I have never watched DBZ or sailormoon which I know are responsible for some of the first animes ppl have watched..

    • I stalked your FB Ahhh, fellow Bruneian! I bet most Bruneian’s first anime would be Akazukin Cha Cha, especially to those who watched Cartoon Network regularly. I never did found out about Gatekeepers on AXN though, at that time, I watched Samurai X and Rave on AXN. Well I did watched DB/DBZ but likewise, it’s just bits and pieces, but I did managed to watch most of DB episodes in Animax a little later.

      • Indeed. I also recall watching samurai robots on cartoon network and robotech on star plus, way before we had astro haha. Can’t forget Doraemon on RTB, I only realised last year, after a friend told me, that Doraemon was actually a robot cat searching for its ears @-@ Samurai X and slam dunk all did serve to add fuel to the fire of otaku-ness.

      • I don’t remember watching those titles for some reason D: But it’s probably because of my dislike of mecha genres that made me so ignorant of those. Ahh I seem to recall watching a bit of Doraemon on TV, but I read it’s manga much more majorly :D I never knew about it too until a few years after that, lol. Indeed :D

  4. It’s funny when you realize that your childhood cartoons were made in japan :D

    Oh Shaman King, aired in a dubbed version, here. A quite interesting show, but it aired too early to watch it completely, does it have a decent end?

    My first anime that I watched as real anime was NGE, a very impressive anime I will always love ^^ Since then Im watching anime with passion.

    • Indeed :D

      Hmm never watch the dubs so I’m not sure, but I think it’s not going to be good anyway D: Well, the ending’s a bit flashy and still decent. Though I think the manga’s ending has more closures.

      What a fine choice :D How old were you when you watched it? I remembered I watched NGE slightly when I was a kid too, but I just can’t understand anything D:

    • I want to put out all the major “firsts” instead, the “firsts” which would question us which one is the ideal and genuine “first” anime (I swear, I’m not copying Justin, or you for that matter xD) That explains why you are such a hardcore fan of Pokemon xD Shaman King dubs eh, not sure how good it is, but CCS is a nice anime, so watching it in subs totally worth it.

  5. Ahhh…I never watched any of the shows mentioned -_-.

    As for me, my first anime watched without knowing it’s an anime would be Doraemon. It’s dubbed and well, I was still very young so everything 2D is automatically categorized as cartoon.

    My first anime watched knowing it’s an anime and subbed is Naruto. Like yourself, if anyone asks, I’ll say Naruto is my first anime. And maybe that’s why up till today I still watch the series. I want to see it till the end.

    • I’m sure most of us would be similar. Anything cartoon-ish or 2D, would be immediately regarded as “cartoon”. I read a lot of Doraemon manga, but again, it’s anime I watched only bits and pieces of D: Likewise with Shin-chan.

      Naruto eh, it was also one of very early anime I watched, but it wasn’t until around my high school years that I actually managed to keep up with it. Well for me, I just skip the fillers episodes, and watch it when they get back to the main story, I find that it’s more enjoyable watching Naruto (or any of the Big Three) like that :D

  6. Mine was probably Pokemon or Naruto, but damn am I glad that I got to watch Shaman King and Akazukin ChaCha in my childhood as well. Those two were extremely satisfying for me to watch before.

      • Entirely true! Akazukin ChaCha and Shaman King helped expose me to way more anime shows than Pokemon or Naruto. Both shows were fantastic for kids and it even showed potential to be deep at times.

      • Most kids would definitely be watching Naruto first, I guess it’s just too mainstream. Naruto is probably the anime most watched when they “haven’t” even watch much anime in the first place.

  7. Hmmmm, my first anime? Probably Gundam Wing or Pokemon XD Brings back a whole lot of memories when awesome sound tracks and overly cheesy lines made a good series :D I was able to watch Shaman King as well when I was a child. NORTHERN LIGHTS! !

    • I might find a time to marathon every single Gundam series and episodes when I can find the time to. Only watched bits and pieces of that (and don’t even know which gundam was that) and I think it’s about time I watch them more properly D:

      XD Oversoul!

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