Deluscar’s New Attire!

To commemorate my blog’s one year anniversary, I decided to do a makeover of my blog. It also doesn’t help that my previous theme, Chateau, had been used by quite a lot of bloggers, so it definitely doesn’t feel the most original theme out there. This already gave me a good reason enough to switch anyway, and I did.

Deciding a last-minute change, I gazed through most of the available free wordpress themes, and that this new skin in particular, Nishita, caught my eye. One major thing is the larger width. In my previous theme, I’m only allowed a maximum width of around 529 pixels, so the choice of my pictures are very limited, and is probably why my blog seemed to focus more on vertical pictures instead of horizontal ones. With this new theme though, pictures can go as wide as 775 pixels. There is an option in this theme to narrow down the width into a more “blog-orientated” format but since the width becomes even more smaller then my previous theme’s, I decided not to.

It’s not without it’s fair share of problems though. I admit that blog with pictures of 775 pixels may be a bit too overwhelmingly big, even more so when most of my pictures are vertical. This is the most worrying part, should I recheck and edit all of my pictures in all 150+ of my posts? Definitely, it will be great if I could, but common sense forbid me from doing so. Another problem is the varying dimensions of the pictures. As my previous blog has a very narrow width, I just upload pictures without resizing them, since I know the blog will auto-shrink them to fit the blog’s width. Now that I had my new skin, I noticed my grave mistake. Some posts now looks extremely weird, with pictures of many different sizes in one post, or is it because I’m not used to it? I seen blog with posts like this too but probably, I just couldn’t get used to it seeing those in my own blog.

Other then the pictures, the rest of the blog looks good, and one major thing I like is the archive, as shown above. When clicking on a category, say for example, “visual novels” as shown above, the blog will filtered everything and only shown the only posts categorized with “visual novels” just as most blogs do. What I like so much is that it changes the format into a more “searchable” one: it removes all the content and only shows the title, date and a picture thumbnail. This will make searching through posts easier, as you don’t need to scroll as much to access older posts.

Larger width means that comments will be easier to look at, since it won’t have a problem my previous theme is suffering from; the “always-shrinking” nested comments. Now, no matter how long my nested comments are, it will still be easy to read given the long width. Sidebar looks more fancier, despite feeling a bit more clustered. I also love the new pages section too, honestly, in my previous theme, the the pages bar on top looks weird, a bit silly even without the boxes, but I guess it might be just me. I also disliked having the tags at the left side too, which looks really unusual, so I’m happy to see that with this new theme, the tags are finally at their “proper” place.

All in all, I don’t have much complaints aside from the pictures (which were all my fault) and the narrow sidebar. After all, everything is not perfect, and that includes blogs too. As Ace said, it’s all about finding the one which sucks the least. What do you all think about my new theme?

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10 thoughts on “Deluscar’s New Attire!

  1. Man, your new theme looks really good! I personally like themes that have a large width a lot. :D But I have to agree with Aaeru there, the grey font on the black background is a little hard to read.

    • I think that’s the most common color for most themes with black backgrounds, and I actually do prefer dark backgrounds over white ones >_<

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