Deluscar’s 1 Year Anniversary

Originally planning to be just a casual blogger, surprisingly enough, Deluscar managed to last for one year, and is now finally one year old!

I admit I’m not the best writer around but nevertheless, I think I accomplished quite a lot in a year. I wrote impressions, reviews, editorials and the range of medias I covered extend from anime to games, from games to light novels and so on. However, this is only the beginning. I didn’t set myself any specific aim, like Ace’s two year aim as of now, but for sure, I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Prior to Deluscar, I was reading blogs from veteran writers like Nopy and Yi, expressing their thoughts about their favorite past times. I was inspired by them. I decided to start my own blog, expressing my passions in anime and games from my own perspective. I thought, instead of just commenting as an outsider, why not create a blog and converse with them as a fellow blogger? And thus, my venture into blogging begun.

To be blunt, the existence of Deluscar probably owes it to them, so indeed, a big thank you to them (especially to Yi, who was my first commenter, guess a post about fashion immediately caught her interest). Also, I would like to thank all of my other readers and viewers, especially to Walao, whom I had a lot of VN discussions with, and Nopy. Respectively, they are currently number 2 and 1 in my blog’s top commenters section!)

In celebration, I had also made some changes to my blog. A minor change includes some small changes to the pages and the index, but the most obvious and biggest change here is definitely the theme switch. I’ll leave the details for it in my next post. Anyhow, a big thank you to everyone who had been supporting Deluscar this whole year. Thank you all, and once again, happy birthday to Deluscar!

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35 thoughts on “Deluscar’s 1 Year Anniversary

  1. Happy “Blog- Birthday”! You’ve achieved much within this one year and hopefully we’ll see more of you in the upcoming years. Keep up the good work!

  2. Omedetou~! Really hope you’re around for a very long while. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of your visual novel posts and your character of the month posts are really fun. Keep up the good work :)

    • Thanks, it had been a long long ride :p Thanks for the theme too but there’s still some problems like I said. Will probably rant about it in my next post.

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