Character of the Month – October

October’s Character of the Month – Kouichi Yarai (Cage of Eden)

For those who had read Cage of Eden, the students isolated on the island are actually ones brimming with talents, and those talents became their ultimate weapon for survival. In such situation though, there is actually an individual who possess almost every single talents the others had, almost as if he is the fusion of talents presented in the cast. That person is Kouichi Yarai, another student just like them.

Yarai has the strength, the smarts and the charisma, and having an equally excessive amount on all three, that’s all he need to survive. He has strength and physical capabilities equal to, or even surpassing that of Kouhei, Maya and Aya combined. He could fight most extinct animals on the island on equal grounds, using whatever is in his pockets as a weapon. Being resourceful, he managed to beat down wild beasts using his car keys as a weapon, and he could even flick his 500 yen coins like a projectile with bones-shattering effect. He even ripped apart a a calicothere’s claw at one point too. His physical prowess is almost super human it’s a wonder just which is the real monster: him or the wild extinct animals.

Shown to be incredibly intelligent, Yarai is a smart badass, who has an extensive amount of knowledge comparable to that of Mariya and Yamaguchi; knowing about things like the nature of a cave, how mountains are made, animals movements and even Darwin’s theory. He is incredibly observant too, and capable of making really quick judgements resulted from his observations and analysis that would save people’s life. This knowledge of his, paired up with his strong physique to keep up with whatever he is doing, make him an almost unstoppable force.

Last but not least, he has the charisma and the mentality, a trait Sengoku Akira also excels in. In times of peril, human beings tend to look for shelter or protection, and who better to choose then the dependable Yarai? Although having a quiet and reserved personality, he cared for his group of friends too and tried his hardest to protect them. He also has quite the mental strength, instead of escaping the island, he actually aimed to seek the truth, an objective he was already aiming for ever since he step foot on the island. While other people find the island Having a strong mentality is a very important thing, as shown, even with the physically strong Kouhei, he immediately went nuts and insane as soon as he found out they wouldn’t be able to leave.

Ultimately, Yarai is probably one of the strongest, if not, the strongest character ever in Cage of Eden, both in a physical and none physical way. His strength is almost out of this world and he could probably survive even if he was stranded all alone by himself.

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