Kai And Oreki Houtarou – The Energy Conservationist Style

If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I have to do it, I’ll make it quick.

For those of you who had watched Hyouka, I’m sure the name Oreki Houtarou would sounds familiar to you. Indeed, he is the lead character of Hyouka and even possesses his own life motto: he won’t do the things he don’t think it’s necessary, but if he really needs to do it, make it quick.

I find the way I do things, and the way Houtarou did his, is incredibly similar. Using my gun metaphors, both Houtarou and I do things in single sweep. We rest, and conserve energy whenever possible, and avoid wasting our energies on unnecessary tasks. When there is something more crucial coming up, we use our conserved energy, and release it in one instant burst of energy. We take care of everything in one quick, powerful burst. After that, rest (reload) is required and if some emergencies came up again, we blast ahead once more.

I mentioned in my gun metaphor post that I’m a hybrid of machine gun and shotgun. If I were to describe Houtarou using the same way I described myself, I would say Houtarou is a hybrid of shotgun and rifle; do things in single blasts, yet cool, cunning and calculating; using brain instead of brawls to get the job done. That’s the only difference between me and Houtarou. Unlike me, Houtarou is an immensely calm and calculating individual. For Houtarou though, he even thinks of ways to lessen down the workload as shown in the early episodes where he “tricked” Chitanda with his “Spider Silk Association” mystery. At another episode, he even manipulated his own senpai into doing physical labor for him. He is lazy, and he will do anything to conserve his energy, even using backhanded tactics like these. It’s something I wasn’t able to do myself. If it were me, I would finish my tasks simply with speed, strength, willpower and whatever is required to make it quick. I don’t think too deep about anything, and just try to finish them as fast as possible.

Of cause, the act of only doing something necessary and ignoring the rest, means that the former is something really important. Truthfully, I tend to ignore minor problems and use all my full concentration on the more major ones, sometimes subconsciously too. The level of commitment I put into these important errands mean that it is so important I even demanded perfection from it. Likewise, Houtarou wasn’t able to grasp the whole truth when trying to find out about what happened behind Chitanda’s uncle, and he wasn’t able to really grasp the right direction of how the film should turned out during the respective film making arc. Being the perfectionist, he went back, and finished what he started, and try to solve the problems one way or the other, properly. After all, how can we relax peacefully knowing we still got unfinished business to attend to?

I find out that the more anime I watched, the more character I can relate to, and Oreki Houtarou became the newest character I could do just that. It feels great that there are so many awesome characters in the anime universe that you can find connections too, and Hyouka is the perfect place to find such characters. I’m sure in one way or the other, one who watched Hyouka should had learned a thing or two about his life. It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

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9 thoughts on “Kai And Oreki Houtarou – The Energy Conservationist Style

  1. I think a lot of people have found themselves able to relate with Houtarou’s philosophy, but I doubt many people follow it. To use myself as an example, I would describe my actions as “maximizing efficiency” over “conserving energy”. Mostly because I’ll actually do extra stuff, slightly over-achiever-ish stuff. But if I’m doing extra task X in addition to main task A, then I would do A+X in less time than anyone else can do A. That’s basically how I think of myself…I’m no Houtarou, but that doesn’t him make him any less of a fun character.

    • I won’t do any extra stuffs unless necessary. If I think that doing those extra things doesn’t benefit me in any way, then I won’t, and just do what is needed. Kinda bad now that when I think about it ;p That’s pretty cool, I’m sure you could achieve a lot with that mentality.

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