Character of the Month – November

November’s Character of the Month – Oreki Houtarou (Hyouka)

Oreki Houtarou, the main lazy protagonist of Hyouka, shows everyone that even lazy people can be awesome.

The boy is indeed lazy. He prioritizes energy conservation more then anything and even had a life motto: he won’t do anything he wouldn’t have to, and if it really necessarily had to be done, then make it quick. This “quick-burst” style of managing his daily mundane activities had allowed him to find truths after truths, which helps his Classic Literature Club.

Houtarou is also cool and calculating. His calm nature made him think several steps ahead; he could even manipulate people at his own will if necessary. He is incredibly observant too, able to notice the slightest of details. Combined with his intelligent outlook, he could even strive to become a detective if he wants to.

Houtarou’s life conserving style is aspiring and I’m sure one could learn a lot just by seeing how Houtarou live his life in the anime. Indeed, lazy people are badass and the existence of Houtarou is the perfect evidence.

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