Little Busters And The Beauty Of Friendship

Little Busters, portrayed quite a few captivating themes, and one of them I really like, and also quite a major one is that, is the theme of friendship. Riki, Rin, Masato, Kengo and Kyousuke, the five inseparable friends, were the original members of Little Busters, they banded together and support each other in times of need.

Before Riki joined the Little Busters, at the time, he was still feeling hopeless and despaired due to his parent’s death, he was practically suffering in extreme solitude. Four kids came then, and invited Riki to join their little group, the “Little Busters.” The rowdy group dragged Riki around and played with him in his time of need. Little by little, he begun to get past his depression; playing with his new found friends, everyday is a happy day, and those boisterous days continued on even now.

Riki: Narcolepsy, a chronic disease I suffer from, I get sleep attacks. I’ll suddenly lose consciousness and simply sleep, without even dreaming, and before I know it, I’ll wake up, as if nothing had happened. Kyuosuke, Kengo, and Masato never complain when they help me, and always smile when I wake up, kind of like telling me there’s nothing to worry about.

Riki is also suffering from narcolepsy, and being the good old buddies, his friends help him whenever they can too. Back then, the prospect of disappearing into the darkness out of the blue must have scared him constantly, but now, whenever he opens his eyes, he knows his friends will be there for him, just their presence alone, soothe him, comforts him. It was unlike before when he was practically getting up from the darkness with just nobody there; he doesn’t have anyone he can look forward to waking up to. Now, he can now look forward to waking up from his sudden slumber to be with his friends, he can look forward to tomorrow, as compared to back then. What a beautiful thing friendship is.

Friends are nice, especially if you have trustworthy friends whom you know you can leave your back to. They support you when you’re in trouble, they heighten your spirits you when you are feeling down, they move you forward when you are feeling weak and so on. Directly or indirectly, friends can help one in all kinds of ways, and it was quite heartwarming to see the Little Busters group doing the same, especially to their currently newest member, Komari, and I’m sure they will likewise, help all future members of Little Busters in a similar fashion.

Friendship is an important thing, after all, no matter how strong one person is, it’s impossible to survive alone. By teaming up together, even the most difficult troubles can be solved. Strength and independence is crucial no doubt, but the will to ditch your pride and to rely on your friend’s lending hands is even the more so important.

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10 thoughts on “Little Busters And The Beauty Of Friendship

  1. I think this theme of friendship between the original Little Busters is a big part of why they seem much more interesting than the other girls. It’s a theme that doesn’t get explored often enough in a series like this, where romantic love is often seen as the one true type of intense relationship.

    • Yea, the girls seem slightly dull in comparison, and this is coming from someone else who actually finished the visual novel. Indeed, and it’s quite a pleasant surprise too.

  2. The deep friendship is a great part of this show, everybody in the group wishes the best for each person of the group and seriously cares about them. It’s so heartwarming and positive to watch this show every week.

    sure you get the friendship theme in other animes as well, but not to such an extent like in Little Busters.

    • There are quite a lot of friendship theme in other anime, sure, but for some reason, I find them bland.. and cheesy, perhaps years of watching “nakama power” in shounen anime may had infected me, but I digress.

  3. I guess friendship is the greater part of Little Busters! considering how the original VN still leads to romance.

    Same sentiments as above, very heartwarming indeed. It’s only sometimes that an anime tackles the topic of friendship. Makes everything worthwhile

    • I actually think the visual novel focuses more on the friendship theme in a level of depth the anime couldn’t bring out (yet). The visual novel leads to romance, true, especially for the heroine’s respective routes, but I feel the theme of friendship was brought to incredible depth during Refrain, it enforces just how deep of a bond Riki shares with them^^

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