Character of the Month – December


December’s Character of the Month – Yagyu Kyubei (Gintama)

Gintama has a great cast of characters, a number of them however got significantly “forgotten” and were left faded into the background, due to various reasons. One such character is Yagyu Kyubei.

Kyubei comes from the Yagyu family, a family of renowned, famed samurai, who were all generals and military leaders. Being a family with huge political connections, Kyubei live in a wealthy environment, however, she was brought up as a male, in order to be a proper heir to the Yagyu family. Most of the time, she is always seen dressing as a boy, with her black hair in a ponytail and her signature eye-patch. There are some exceptions where she actually wears feminine clothes though.

Being a reverse-trap, she and Tae are best friends, the very best of best friends, to the point that Kyubei even wanted to marry her. I’m always a supporter of yuri, and Kyubei X Tae is indeed lovely. Actually, the presence of yuri by these two is a good “flowerbed” in a GAR show such as Gintama.

Kyubei, is a reserved, and a shy character even, and it all makes her even the more so lovely. Although she hasn’t been given as much screentime in the show, she’s definitely worth given more attention to.

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