12 Days of Christmas – Prologue


Last year, I missed out on the 12 Days of Christmas, or more like, I didn’t even know such a tradition was going on until halfway through. Promising to myself that I wouldn’t miss it this year, I decided to take part in it.

This project is inspired from The Twelve Days of Christmas song. The original blogger who initially came out with this idea is still unknown to me (enlighten me if you know?), and I’m also not sure how the original theme was played out. From what I observed though, each bloggers seem to go about this in their own different manner, some post their “12 Moments of Anime”, detailing their favorite moments of anime they watched that year, blogs like Beneath the Tangles literally post Christmas-centered anime episodes. So I decided to take this in my own way too, which is, just plainly doing whatever I want with it: I’ll be posting 12 anime (or manga?) I watched this year which I really like, and will just talk about just basically anything that makes me so obsessed with it, be it the characters, dialogue, themes or even some of my favorite moments. Basically, I’ll just be expressing my awe on respective anime.

An advanced Merry Christmas to you all for now, and please look forward to my upcoming posts!

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11 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – Prologue

  1. I actually didn’t even know about these series of posts until last year also – I thought my idea was original! :P

    I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. The 12 days of christmas technically starts on the 25th
    I was thinking about doing something like this too
    I would have started on the 13th but I just decided to start on the 25h.
    Looking foward to the posts, hope you check out mine when the time comes

  3. In the back of my mind, I kept telling myself I was going to use that picture in my intro post to the Twelve Day’s of Anime. Considering how perfect it is, I should have assumed that somebody would beat me to it.

    • Kinda funny considering how I was in a rush to find a pic for this post. This whole post was made in a rush, I even type half of them on my phone on the go. I prepared some drafts for the 1st day post, 2nd day post, etc.. but ironically, I didn’t prepare the prelude beforehand.

  4. So basically this 12 days of Christmas aniblogging thing is just a countdown of your 12 fav shows of a year with some connection to the annoyingly repetitive classic carol. Meh, I’ll stick to my single annual fav shows of the year list. Much simpler.

    • Mine is, but not necessarily need to be the same pattern. As said, lots of bloggers wrote it in different ways, some wrote their favorite moment, some fav anime of the year (mine), some wrote about how they discover blogging and related cultures, etc.. it doesn’t really necessarily had to be the same as mine.

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