12 Days of Christmas: A Santa Rock – Day I


On the first day of Christmas, my true love for anime gave to me…
A wish-granting rock.

We sometimes require a bit of magic in our life, a bit of miracle, to help one find his way. Natsuiro Kiseki, an anime which depicts four close friends, Natsumi, Saki, Yuka and Rinko, made wishes to a big rock in their childhood. Years later, they found out the rock could genuinely grant their wishes, and thus, the rock start working it’s magic, supporting the four friends with their troubles and even conflict.

[rori] Natsuiro Kiseki - 01 [26AFFF70].mkv_snapshot_17.03_[2012.06.02_22.38.27]

I like the simple, yet magical ambiance the anime gives out. The rock gives out a particular impression that it had a personality of it’s own, taking care of the girls, and even “moving” along with them when they were on a trip. The rock also indirectly teaches and guide them through it’s magic, allowing the girls to understand themselves and those around them some more. One very memorable scene I like is when Yuka and Saki switched bodies, Yuka wants to have a mature composition and presense and since Saki has the perfect attributes for both. The rock grant that wish by switching their bodies around. With her new body, Yuka had fun, but she realized that people aren’t looking at her, they are looking at “Saki”, a body which Yuka was currently possessing.


If the rock’s attributes can be counted as a “personality”, then the rock itself could probably be counted as a “character”, and it’s kinda ironic that I like the rock as much as I like the characters, perhaps more too. The rock is like a guardian, granting wishes to the girls yet those wishes meant nothing but a stepping stone for the girls to grow up. It is all thanks to the rock that the girls had reached to the standing point they are at now.

Natsuiro Kiseki is definitely one of the anime that is easily overlooked, as it’s one of the best anime in the respective season. And indeed, if there’s no Santa Claus, there’s always a Santa Rock!

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10 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: A Santa Rock – Day I

    • That’s why I like the rock so much, it’s like a -dere ;D (not sure which dere to assign it to, Snipetee assigned it tsundere but I think otherwise)

  1. The reason I gave this show a 7 was because it wasn’t glorious enough to warrant more than 1 more sitting. That being said, it was another show that pleased both my Girls Club anime craving and yuri subtext appetizer request.
    Don’t tell me you didn’t pair up Natsumi with Saki and Yuuka with Rin. The former was clearly ready to go all out…if fate hadn’t intervened.

    • It’s still a good anime nonetheless, and yes indeed for the subtle yuri appetizers, lol. Those are the obvious pairings indeed :D Toughie, could always find some doujins or anything to see them go “all out”.. or something.

      • Yup. Natsumi’s short temper and obvious love for Saki was fun to watch her “hide” until she couldn’t take it anymore. Saki will grow up to be an “oh-so fine” woman. Nowhere near as sexy as Madoka, but you get the point. I fail to see how Yuuka was annoying to some. I have seen FAR worse characters than her. Rin;s so adorable and lovable, it’s no wonder Yuuka couldn’t keep her hands off her.

        • Saki is mature and sexy so it’s no doubt why Natsumi was so fixated on her. Her short temper is cute, not wanting Saki to leave. Year she will indeed oh-so-fine soon but wouldn’t be able to compared to the likes of Madoka or Marika xD I never really found Yuuka annoying, she was an awesome character; her simplistic, yet playful altitude was always mending the affairs of the group. Indeed Rin is lovely as well xD

          • Captain Marika’s more adorable than sexy, but Chiaki and Gruier are smitten with her so I can see why you’d also see her as a glorious specimen of womanhood. After all, she is the 2012 MILF of the year, “Blaster” Ririka’s daughter.

            Why else would they post an episode of Saki turning invisible, with no clothes on, other than her potential as a future raging otaku boner inducing maiden? Too bad she’s already taken by Natsumi…at least I hope she is. The epilogue OVA shows they’re still into each other.

            Yuuka’s the lighthearted comedy relief character every group needs and we love her for that. “I love you Rin”. What more needs to be said?

            • But look at that mini-skirt.. in a captain pirate costume! That’s sexy :D Chiaki always went dere dere towards her, lol.

              It’s a tease. They know Saki already belonged to Natsumi, yet they show her walking around naked D: Lol OVA, I believed I haven’t watch a lot of the anime’s OVA yet. I usually skip them, but I need to watch ones from the good shows at least.

              Indeed, the group’s not going to survive without her :D She said that several times too, lol.

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