12 Days of Christmas: A Surreal World – Day II


On the second day of Christmas, my true love for anime gave to me…
2 sides of consciousness
And a wish-granting rock.

While it has it’s up and down during the course of the show, I’m sure Shinsekai Yori had shocked everyone with it’s unique atmosphere.

What looks like a normal slice of life suddenly seems wrong, as if the disturbing scenes at the beginning isn’t any indication. Saki managed to graduate from her elementary school and finally reached middle school, the place where all her current friends were. The school teaches these kids, who possessed supernatural powers at birth, to control and harness them properly.

Already after the first episode finished, the feeling that something was wrong manifested itself: Reiko, one of Saki’s friends disappeared. The next day, the rest of then carried on as if Reiko didn’t exist in the first place, it was as if Reiko’s existence was erased from existence.


Shinsekai Yori is an immensely thought-provoking anime, it deals with a number of themes and one of it includes the theme of reality and illusion, and the consciousness and subcobsciousness resulting from it. Shinsekai Yori’s infodumping scenes are actually quite good, and I really like the moment where Shun told Saki what was currently to his body, it is also when he explained about the aforementioned themes.

Shinsekai Yori also had quite stunning visuals. The abstract design sometimes made the characters look like they are in the dream world, somewhere within their subconsciousness, which fits in line with the theme quite well. The inclusion of strange mystic beasts (Queerats, copycat, shadow cats, etc..) reinforced this dream visual concept too.

In the Fall lineup, Shinsekai Yori is definitely one of the anime worth checking out, they are a lot of shock values, some for the better or for the worse, though it’s no doubt that Shinsekai Yori had garnered quite an immense attention.

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12 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: A Surreal World – Day II

      • The time skip was the only thing that kind of got to me, but so far, everything is just as expected. I blame Detroit Metal City for perverting my sense of normality.

        Btw: I haven’t responded to your What’s App message since my phone needs a new card. I will get on that very soon, lol.

        • “I blame Detroit Metal City for perverting my sense of normality.”

          Wait whut? lol xD

          There are certainly a few plot holes, like how come the adults waited for so long before starting messing around with the kids. Heard that they are going to have a second time skip, perhaps they already did, not sure, last episode I watched was where Saki found Shun and where they had their epic dialogue. I blame a *lot* of anime on my lack of normal senses ;p

          It’s okay no problem ;p Ignis kinda ignored me too >_>

  1. I can’t add this show to my favs list (provided I end up liking the first 12 episodes when I get to them) because the show will end next year. I keep hearing bad rumors about the yuri couple…mostly that their first “experience” was only an experiment. I’ll have some things to say about that once I see for myself.

    • I didn’t think much when I write these posts, lol, as long as it’s released this year, and I liked it, then that’s it. I also write about some manga which was released some other year (but I read them this year) as you can see. Anyway, just don’t think too much about the system and such and have fun posting, it’s Christmas after all xD

      There are a lot of “experiments” in SSY, if you get what I mean… xD

      • That’s cool. I guess one half is good enough to warrant a best anime of a certain year nomination to the viewer. Yup, I heard there’s some on the show yaoi too. Hey, it’s all fine as long as there are no winkies or graphic “dudebusting” action on screen.

        • I wouldn’t say “best”, that’s a bit exaggerating, but the first half made me like the anime. My bad, couldn’t put it in better words then I would had hoped for, lol.

          Damn, so you knew about that already, kinda lost a few shocking points. Oh well, just check out those episodes and we’ll see, looking forward to your responses on those, lol.

          • Maybe I’ll turn it into a 2 half review like I tried to do with Nichijou. I miss that show. It was gloriously insane. Not as gloriously insane as Black Rock Shooter TV but close enough.

            • Haven’t watch Nichijou. Reminds me that I still had tons of old shows I need to watch, going to try to clear off some of my backlog this winter.

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