12 Days of Christmas: Maru! – Day III


On the third day of Christmas, my true love for anime gave to me…
3 lovely flowers
2 sides of consciousness
And a wish-granting rock.

2012 sees quite some yuri sci-fi anime, with some including Mouretsu Pirates, Senki Zesshou Symphogear and so on. One of them, Rinne no Lagrange, is the best in that genre this year in my opinion. The anime was divided into two halves, with the first airing in earlier January and the second half started airing in July.

The anime stars Kyouno Madoka, a girl who was the only member of the Jersey club in the Kamogawa Girl High School. With her “jersey spirit”, she gives a helping hand to anyone in need of one, even including piloting a strange robot known as Vox to fend off attacks to Earth from other planet inhabitants.


The most obvious and appealing aspect of Rinne no Lagrange is most definitely it’s visuals and sounds. There are almost no quality drops and the high production quality remains consistent throughout the anime. The battle animation of the voxes and the various effects are definitely top notch, and is gorgeously flashy for some of the epic battles due to the active use of effects. Backgrounds are especially vibrant too.

Sound is definitely quite on par too, in the first half, the unique OP “Try Unite” became one of the best and respectively, the ED “Wasurenai yo” for the second half of the anime is one of the best ED I heard this year too.

Rinne no Lagrange 24.mkv_snapshot_23.17_[2012.10.08_22.39.07]

The story left a bit to be desired, especially the second half left with quite some plot holes but overall, it’s still on a satisfactory level. The bonding relationships between Madoka, Lan and Muginami is lovely to see, and one element I like is how the studio used abstract symbolism to signify the three main character’s current emotion or situation, and with their high quality visuals, the end result is especially wonderful.


All three, especially Lan and Muginami fight at times, probably due to how they are from different origins, and that is where our awesome protagonist comes in, Madoka. When Madoka emerges, she could always quickly calms down both of them and instantly made them reconciled together, more so, they got even closer after the strife. Madoka treat her “wifeys” with care and love, and Lan and Muginami treat her the same. It is quite lovely watching the three adorable girls together, and when the three is together, you get the feeling that they are practically invisible, and could probably even take on the whole world! When they are separated, then such impression is immediately lost. It is just impossible to think of the Jersey Club without all three together; they are inseparable. Ahh, the power of yuri.

While the ending for Rinne no Lagrange leaves something more to be desired, the anime is no doubt enjoyable to watch, and Madoka, Lan and Muginami are just too lovely to just passed this up!

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14 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: Maru! – Day III

  1. “One of them, Rinne no Lagrange, is the best [yuri sci-fi anime] this year in my opinion.”

    That’s quite an honor.

    In all seriousness though, I never picked up this anime because, let’s be honest, it looked really mediocre at a quick glance. It seems that it did manage to turn into something special based on how many bloggers were talking about. It’s still sitting on my watch list so maybe I’ll eventually get to it on a rainy day.

    • Yea, the thing with 12 days of Christmas is that I’m going to be much more subjective then usual, lol. I’m sure there will be someone else with a different opinion then mine.

      It looked normal to me too, until someone tagged “yuri” in some random tweets of it, that immediately grasped my interest xD

  2. Ahaha it was a lovely adventure with the hyperactive Madoka and the people from outer space.
    I think the main appeal of this show were the Lan, Muginami and her, their deep friendship was nice to watch.
    For my taste they could have thrown more yuri vibes into it, Lan and Madoka were quite the match.

    I got quite attached to this show, I always use Madoka *ouch* phrase when I hurt myself since I started watching it.

  3. While my pick for the best show in the yuri sci-fi pentalogy is Mouretsu Pirates, Lagrange was by no means a slouch. I do agree it wasn’t a tale of souls and swords, eternally foretold but DAMN was it a fun ride.

    In your praising of Madoka, you forgot the very important fact that she is oh so fine. Other than that, a great abstract of one of several yurirific shows the nation was gifted with during the first half of 2012. Too bad the 2nd half hasn’t been as kind.

    Stay tuned to my fav anime of 2012 and especially the award results for a possibly interesting look at the glorious bigamy. Love it or hate it, Madoka’s bigamy is one of a kind. It just has something special that sets it apart from a harem, but you already know that. FYI, I don’t label the trio’s relationship as a harem, it’s the fact that other women are smitten by Madoka that got her the nomination.

    • I see, Mouretsu Pirates was fun too, in fact, both the anime and their protagonists are just too damn awesome to handpick the best, think I talked about this in your blog somewhere too ;p

      Yes indeed, she is oh-so-fine, lol. Indeed, second half felt slightly unfinished, but it’s still good nonetheless, love how the relationships between Madoka, Lan and Muginami seems to be “subtly” intensified.

      I’m looking forward to that too, interesting to see who had the victory, lol. Madoka’s just too attractive :D

      • Ah yes. Subtlety, they name is Rinne no Lagrange.

        Exactly Kai. Madoka’s sexiness is just too much for any woman to resist. It’s no wonder Onee-chan and Thunder-sensei secretly wanted to eat her too. I wonder if Chairloli was also hiding her desire for Madoka behind her dearest Onee-chan’s back? I doubt she groped parts of Madoka’s perfect body or made fun of Madoka’s lack of interest in men just to power her up for combat.

        • Madoka is just too much to resist, we have girls secretly wanting to eat her, forcing her to take off her underwear, butt grabbing her, breast groping her, kissing her, the number of steamy scenes are uncountable. And of cause, I bet the Chairloli fantasizes about her every single day as well.

          • Been a while since I stumbled into someone who understands the way I think.

            Exactly. I bet Chairloli has a plan to sneak out of Onee-chan’s bedroom when she’s out after a post lovemaking tequilla to make a mad dash to Madoka’s room so she can show her a real Mayan Prophecy.

            • What a honor :D

              Seems like something we can expect out from a doujin scene, lol. I had been trying to find some myself, but couldn’t find one >_>

  4. (clears throat)
    Anyway, one of the things I appreciated about Rinne no Lagrange was the way they portrayed the relationship between Lan and Muginami. Obviously without Madoka they would have been bitter enemies. But even at the end there was some tension between them, a distance that probably would never close completely.

    A lot of people pissed on this show because of its lack of mecha action. To me, the mecha were just part of the background – the show was never about mecha.

    • After they fought, they reconciled and even bonded together much more then before. As Muginami said, they fought together, then they made up, then they fought, then they made up some more. Their relationships got stronger with each cycle, to the point of *ahemyuriahem*

      Indeed, the mecha never was the main focus, much like Evangelion I guess, though that’s kinda incomparable..

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