12 Days of Christmas: Hacking Through the Dimension – Day IV


On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love for anime gave to me…
4 gigabytes of data
3 lovely flowers
2 sides of consciousness
And a wish-granting rock

I had been reading quite a considerable amount of manga this year, due to my purchase of my smartphone, reading manga becomes so much easier; I can basically read them anywhere. A few manga which were originally unknown territory to me, became my top favorites, and one of them is Bloody Monday.


Personally, I like computers and is somewhat of a computer geek. Of cause I can’t be compare to the “true professionals” out there indefinitely, after all, there are quite a number of things in technology that I haven’t really understand fully yet. But the thing is, I like technology no doubt, and of cause I like computers.

Why am I going on about this all of a sudden you ask? Because that’s what Bloody Monday is about! Computers, programming and hacking are a few main elements of Bloody Monday which made the manga so interesting.


Takagi Fujimaru, the main protagonist at first sight seems like a silly kid whose only hobby is popping in an eroge to play on his computer whenever the chance arises. He however, secretly possess hacking skills that far surpasses the level of a professional, a “wizard” hacker. Using his hacking skills, he thwarted a terrorist attack few years ago, under the handle “Falcon”. After stopping his hacking activities for a while, his hacking skills are being put to test once more, when the terrorist from years back are out for more blood, in the form of a deadly bio-weapon.


One of the best thing about Bloody Monday is the hacking warfare Fujimaru had with enemy hackers. It is always interesting to see the creative ways Fujimaru defeat his opponents through his hacking skills. The other characters are also quite as intriguing too, and there’s just no way to determine just who is actually friend or a foe, actually acting as an enemy spy, before the plot reveals it.

Bloody Monday is an incredibly good manga. Technological geeks are sure to love this and even if you don’t, I’m sure the incredible plot twists will catch enough of your attention.

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