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Note: This post was originally for the 12 Days of Christmas, but decided to switch it at the last minute. I’ll just post it now anyway, something of a bonus post for the 12 Days of Christmas.

I decided to express my opinion on something I had been meaning to do so for a while, to express my awe and respect to some of the bloggers who created one of the few most memorable aniblogging projects ever. Please note that these are from my own experiences, as I’m sure there might be some other good projects which I might had missed out.


1. Diary of An Anime Lived

Digibro: The Diary of an Anime Lived project began in mid-2009, and has taken off into a large series of posts spanning many different blogs. It began with the thought that life sometimes imitates art – every so often, we see something in anime that reflects our own lives and resonates with us on a personal level. Be it a situation, a character, or the entire experience of the show, sometimes it can all feel eerily familiar, and sometimes it can be very hard to talk about. Many authors have used this post series to get important things off of their chest, while others have used it to tell heartwarming or intriguing stories of their past. I strongly feel that this is my favorite blogging project to have ever undertaken, and it’s made me very happy to watch it grow and expand over time.

The Diary of An Anime Lived project, which is founded by Digibro, is definitely one of the most, if not, the most epic anime project ever created. The project started off at around 2009, and had been staying strong ever since, for several years in fact. Sometimes, an anime could play out such meaningful scenes which certainly gives oneself something to think about, or perhaps, there is a character in the anime that you just grow so attached to, you could feel them, and understand their pain; all these, you relate to them and that is the concept behind the project, writing about stories left forgotten in the past which was somehow brought back into nostalgic remembrance by anime. Currently, there are countless number of tales, written by different bloggers from different parts of the world, each detailing about their past and experiences. Some of these stories are heartwarming, some dramatic, and some even painful. Activity aside, I feel this project is one of the most meaningful anime project ever, and it is indeed a shame that I wasn’t able to contribute a post to it when activity was still at it’s peak.

Project Page
My Post


2. My History with Anime

Nopy: I would like to propose a project. If you are reading this, there is a 99% chance that you watch anime, and I know that many of you have your own blogs. Since we all enjoy the same thing, I thought it would be nice for everyone to share their history regarding when/how they discovered anime, how it has become a part of their lives, and how they think it has changed since then. It can be as detailed or as short as you want, and it can be about anything anime-related such as: your favourite series, why you watch anime, difficulties in getting anime, collecting anime goodies, anime conventions, cosplaying, and drawing.

If you have a blog, simply write about your history with anime and send me the link. I will add your link to the list below and a new project page I created with links to everyone participating. If you have a banner you would like displayed, send that in too. In return, I simply ask for you to spread the word and link back to this post. If you don’t have a blog and would like to participate, worry not. Simply email me with your screen name and history, and I will create a page for you. I will also add links to any profile pages you may have (ie: Twitter, Youtube, MyAnimeList, MyFigureCollection). I look forward to reading everyone’s posts.

This is another great meaningful project started by Nopy of nopybot, one of the earliest blogs I read before I even started blogging myself. Watching an anime is a past time of many, yet, our stories in how we discovered anime is so similar, yet vastly different in some others. It is also interesting to take notice of how one had been watching anime; some had been watching them since they were a kid, while some started a little later. Some started through watching random TV shows which aired anime, while some started with tapes. The history of anime project is a great way to rediscover your nostalgic childhood of how you discovered anime and how much it had influenced you since.

Project Page
My Post


3. Remembering Love

TRazor: There comes a time for every hobbyist when he thinks “Why am I still doing this?”. Anime watching is no different. I’m sure everyone reading this has gone through that phase where anime watching seemed drab and its continuance doubtful. This may be due to a bad season or just watching a string of terrible anime or just not being able to get into anime as a whole all of a sudden. But there’s one thing that always revives that childlike pleasure – going to the attic and opening your “memory box”. In anime terms, rewatching the favorites.

Therefore, I propose this aniblogging project. Next month, all of us pick up our favorite anime and rewatch them. You don’t need to rewatch the entire series (although that’s what I’m going to be doing!) just the parts that had you sold. Go back and relive those moments that made us fall in love with the characters. Like returning to your parents’ house after a long time, you’ll be welcomed back with open arms and you are reminded of what makes you happy. Even if you are enjoying the hell out of the anime you’re currently watching, looking back at the shows that left a void in our heart can feel truly special. After completing my rewatch of Mushishi recently, I felt like I had just gone through a magical experience, remembering my old self watching it huddled up in my bed at 1AM in the night. There truly is nothing like remembering love and trying to re-examine the popping of your anime virginity.

Rewatching anime always provides a viewer an interesting hindsight, and rewatching favorites is certainly a no-brainer. An anime could be extremely thought-provoking, or it just had that simple “magic” that had you watching more and more. The Remember Love project started by TRazor, will allow bloggers relieve their most favorite anime of the favorites. While the project took some effort to complete properly, the project is definitely one of the best as well. There are a total of four posts dedicated to this project, so linking them altogether got it a bit messy, so if needed, just go to my serial posts page and check out the first entry there.

Project Page
My Post(s)


4. Reflections on AniManga Blogs

Foxy Lady Ayame: After the Aniblog Tourney was finished, I felt restless and really wanted to find a way to run a fairer, more data-based, blog contest, something like Pulitzer Awards. I mean, having blogs with very different contents compete against each other, with no criteria whatsoever, isn’t exactly the idea of fair. The fact that in its core the AniTourney was a popularity contest defeated the point of the contest sorts of, since you don’t really need a contest to see who’s most popular; a list with each blog’s views and comments would show that clearly. I also didn’t like much the general spirit of ‘cheating is ok’ and the trashing that came along with it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I did get just a bit more traffic, I’m thankful for that and the general tough work that was undertaken by Scamp. This also doesn’t have to do with any sorts of ‘lower’ feelings due to me losing against Inushinde. He is a great guy and a clever blogger. Yet, I don’t believe I’m necessarily a less good of a blogger because I lost. He writes mainly reviews/episodics, I write mainly editorials- there was almost no common ground to be judged upon.

Wait, hang with me just a bit longer. I’m getting where I must. No, the Carnival I’m suggesting isn’t about the Tourney. It isn’t about any new contest either. I understood after discussing with a few other bloggers that not only it wouldn’t be possible to organize such a contest on my own, but finding criteria with which all the bloggers would be judged is very very hard. Even if we came in a consensus, a contest of virtues would harm the pride of those not nominated an award/title. So that’s what I came up with after long thoughts:

Let’s get to know what we want. For us. A general friendly feedback.

There are dozens of projects about anime, manga, visual novels, or anything else related to the general medium. However, are there any projects about the essence of blogging itself? None (at least I didn’t see any), until Foxy Lady Ayame of the beautiful world made this project; a reflection of current standing of animanga blogs. The project was created after her rundowns with the anime tourney. As a fellow participant myself, I admit that the anime tourney has it’s ups and downs as well, and her stance by asking for a general feedback from all of us is lovely.

Project Page
My Post


5. Anime Time Management

Kai: This is the project that will tell the tales of each ani-bloggers managing their time in order to enjoy their favorite pastime, despite having hectic schedules day by day. Of cause, this “pastime” would obviously be anime though it’s fine to include other ‘anime-like’ hobbies too like manga, games, visual novels and so on.

Just couldn’t passed up a chance to advertise my own project. Gahaha!

Project Page
My Post

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8 thoughts on “Memorable AniBlogging Projects

  1. Hey, you still remember that project :)

    I really couldn’t believe the response that I got from the History with Anime thing, it was just something I thought up of while lying in bed and before I knew it, it was spreading across the blogosphere.

    • Of cause :D It’s actually the first project I wrote for. Reading it, I can already see how much my writing styles had changed, lol

      Reminds me of my own project, which I thought of why having a shower, lol.

  2. Haha, I had fun with Anime Time Management project. I believe it’s something in almost every aniblogger’s mind. So well done, Kai!

    Now that you mention it, this year anibloggersphere is filled with collaborations. I know I participated in a few earlier this year. That was fun.

    • Thanks, glad you had fun with it too ;p

      Not sure if last year had as much as this year did, but I did have fun with projects and collaborations a lot this year too xD

  3. You’re right about this year being quite the active year for anibloggers. It helped raise my stat from low to midcard. Maybe someday, both you and I will reach the fabled realm of main eventers, eh Kai?

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