Happy New Year 2013!


Truthfully, 2012 had been a tough year, with so many anime and games signifying the end of the world, and even some hints which looks like a prologue to such end emerging out of nowhere. So if you’re reading this post, then congratulations, you just survived the apocalypse! We bested the so-called “End of the World”, we bested our own dreadful fates, so a big applause to all of you.

As I was busy fighting against my own fate last year, I wasn’t able to do much, and I didn’t even planned anything major as of yet. Though some minor plans of mine include:

– Taking down of the Character of the Month. I originally wanted to try it out to see how it goes, but before I knew it, I had already been doing it for a year. It’s way past it’s experimental stages and the result is that, I don’t think making posts at fixed time suits me, as I’m the type who prefers to post in my-pace fashion. So yea, so long Character of the Month section. I’ll keep the 2012 Character of the Month as some sort of remembrance to these posts of mine.

– New planned projects hopefully coming up soon. I have a few ideas, though needs time to flesh them out.

– Hopefully, more collaboration/guest posts

– More posts!

Though in the end, I’m still glad I was able to achieve quite a number of things. First, is the aniblog tourney, it certainly has it’s ups and downs, but I’m glad to have the chance to at least participate in it, everything has a first experience after all. I’m also glad to be able to do some collaboration and guest posts with other anibloggers this year. It’s something I had wanted to do last time and finally managed to did so, it made me feel a step closer to the blogsphere, and aforementioned, I plan to commit myself to more of these, if the chance arises.


Also aside from blogging, I’m planning to skip out most of the anime in the Winter season and will probably be watching only Chihayafuru 2 and Haganai Next. I might watch Minami-ke Tadaima too but that’s a lesser priority. Instead, I will be focusing on watching some old anime in my backlog which certainly requires more attention. If I had commented on some of your blog posts and saying “I’ll check it out soon”, and “I’ll check it out soon” for almost the tenth time, then hopefully I’ll finally be able to take care of that this time.

Other then anime, I’m of cause, will be trying to finish some games in my backlog, which obviously takes quite a lot of time. Actually, I only just finished Final Fantasy XIII (typical, I know) hours ago and will commit myself to a new game soon enough. However, I had also finished Asura’s Wrath, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Bayonetta, and Resonance of Fate in the brief time I owned my PS3. I even finished some PC games like Assassin Creed III and Darksiders II so I would say my gaming side isn’t too shabby.

Visual novels will be less of a focus as of now, as you can see by my sudden lack of VN posts. It couldn’t be help that last time, when I was using my antique 512mb PC (and some other details on the specs that I’m too embarrassed to say out loud), VNs was the only “games” that my PC could actually support, which made me kinda active in VNs back then. Now that I have a better PC, and even a PS3 to boot, my gaming eats up more of my time.


Anyhow, that’s all for now. Happy new year to you all, and once again, congratulations on surviving the judgement day. You all deserves at least that much.

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22 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2013!

  1. I’m also only planning to watch Chihayafuru next season and continue with Shinsekai Yori. I don’t think I will be able to watch that much…

    Anyway, happy new year, Kai! Although it seems like you have a busy year ahead, I’m wishing you all the best, fun, and good health. :) Cheers!

    • Both are excellent anime^^ I don’t think Winter’s watchlist is pretty good, though there might be some surprises, like how Shinsekai Yori “surprised” a lot of us, we’ll see.

      Happy new year too! And you too!

  2. Speaking of gaming, I’ll probably not play any game this year. I managed to finish three PS3 games last year and that in itself is a huge accomplishment already. But I did it in expense of watching anime.

    Anyway, best of luck in doing all things you’re planning to do for this year. Once again, Happy New Year.

    • Are those RPGs? I find out that RPG takes much longer time to finish in general. Final Fantasy XIII took around 50 hours for me, and Resonance of Fate took almost 100 hours, lol, and I usually skip some of the extra sidequests too (not the perfectionist player-types), while other games took 20, and some, not even 10 hours to complete.

      Thanks. You too.

      • Action-adventure. I have no patience for RPG. If I’m to calculate by the hours, I think I’m able to finish each game in under 10 hours. It’s just that I don’t have the luxury of sitting in front of my TV for that long a stretch.

        • Yea, I’m thinking extra hard now whenever I want to start an RPG game, it’s sad but even though it takes time, RPGs are still one of my favorite genres T_T Oh, I actually connect my PS3 to my PC monitor, and since I face my monitor more, it’s really convenient ;p

    • Winter’s watchlist doesn’t look very promising, but who knows.. might pick up some new ones if there are actually some which surprises me, it seems I don’t always follow my plan thoroughly anyway >_>

      You too^^

  3. So many post are popping up these days, kinda hard to keep up with everyone XD
    A happy new year to you and a lot of motivation to keep the blog running like this,
    I only followed you for a little time of the year, but it’s fun to read your post.

    • You probably felt like that due to the massive posts in December, lol. I think it was my first time posting daily too, and actually aside from 12 Days of Christmas, I didn’t even do Santa project nor the Choice Anime Awards, going to have even more posts if I do those ;p Oh well, I’ll try to aim to do all three this year.

      Thanks, it’s fun to read and see the figures on your blog too ;p Super high-end quality photos xD

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