Kai’s Wishes Fulfillment in Anime

Saber.full.1157202Wish fulfillment. I think there’s one thing that anime can achieve what other medias like movies or dramas cannot, fulfilling fantastical dreams. Using the power of convincing and exaggeration, anime becomes more expressive then any other real life dramas, and using such exaggeration, the most bizarre dream-like things happened, and this is what, fellow aniblogger, Iso of Nabe!!, invited me in doing so: sharing some of these dream-like events or themes which you would love to experience.


1. Strolling through the Calm Waters in Aria

Neo-Venezia, a place in Mars which was just newly inhabited by humans, is one of the most beautiful fictional place I had ever seen. The buildings and settings are based off on Venice; it similarly has the features of a water village, one of Aria’s main attraction as well. Strolling around in such a place seems extraordinarily addicting and relaxing. The presence of unique Western-style architectures heighten the class of the city, and there are even a few attracting place of interest in the city which are almost places only found in fairy tales.

No strife, no conflict, nothing; Neo-Venezia is a beautiful place of utmost peace and tranquility, and it’s definitely I place I would love to experience wondering around in, or hopefully being guided by a certain pink haired tourist guide.


2. Blending Between Medieval and Modern Cultures in Gintama

Gintama is one of the most funniest anime ever, the characters are so wacky that they took all of my attention. Now that I had a thorough look at Gintama’s settings, it’s quite unique.

I love Japan, and had always wanted to visit there once. It’s tough but definitely a possibility, but what’s impossible is experiencing the old Edo period, which is something I would love to do so. Walking around in traditional Japanese clothes, like a hakama, and sitting at old fashioned stalls, ordering some traditional Japanese sweets to eat. It’s a life I would love to experience but impossible to do so.

That’s why I would love to visit a place like Gintama’s version of Edo. It has all the qualities of a classic Edo, traditional houses, samurai, kimono and so on. However, it also spendidly blends in modern cultures and technology, so you wouldn’t feel inconvenient by the lack of present tools and gadgets. There’s high tech LED TVs, blu-ray players, cell phones, internet and a lot more. Gintama’s world is a wonderful world which blends in both qualities of the old and new era.

Sakamichi no Apollon - 11 - Large 16

3. Evoking Emotions through Music in Sakamichi no Apollon

The previous two had me talking about the settings. I’ll go for something different here. It’s the indefinite skill which allow humans to communicate not with words, but through music.

I’m a sort of a musician myself and from what I know, expressing emotions through music is definitely a possibility. However, only the most talented, and legendary of musicians could achieve such skill, which is something I would dream to have, a skill where I can just face off everyone with music, instead of words, and is a skill which seems sonewhat simpler to achieve in Sakamichi no Apollon.

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19 thoughts on “Kai’s Wishes Fulfillment in Anime

  1. As I watched Aria I felt the urge to work as Undine :D Such a lovely city, I loved how they always discovered new and beautiful places. It was the most convincing and soothing sci fi settig I ever watched in anime.

    • I would love to work as one as well, and have a lovely senior :D Yea, the world is incredibly expansive, indeed, I would love to go there on vacation D:

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  3. Hmm, I wonder if Neo-Venezia would feel anything like the actual Venice. Having been there, I can say that it doesn’t live up to what all the advertisements make it out to be.

    • Never been there myself but from what I had seen, Neo-Venezia does look strikingly similarly to it. So it’s only half as awesome as Neo-Venezia? XD

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  6. All of my life, if I am not specifically concentrating on some task at hand my mind will wander off in search of Elsewhere. For several reasons anime appeals to me so much more than any other medium. In my life (I am 50, by the way), only a hand full of “live action” movies/tv series and maybe a couple of dozen books have been able to grab my undivided attention for any length of time, and usually only for a few minutes even then. With anime, I have a pile of shows that even on rewatching I find myself tuning out the world for the duration.

    I can recall watching the original Star Wars in theaters when it was released in 1977 (actually stood in line 5 times to watch it the first week). But I also recall that only individual scenes would “take me away”. When I stumbled upon the first episode of the 2003 Last Exile on netflix it was only the start of the end credits that made me realize I was looking at a computer screen.

    But it is also more than that. For instance, I never cared for “live action” romance. Yet, I’ve become a bit of a fan for anime romance stories. I am continually surprised at what I find I enjoy as anime that I wouldn’t even have given a second thought to as “live action”

    In the end, though…the end credits do roll. There is no “fulfillment”. I can reach for, but not quite touch, what I’m seeing in my head. Though my current Real Life circumstances are much better than hers, there is little difference between myself and Cecilia in the movie Purple Rose of Ciaro.

    • That’s indeed true, I’m sure most of us would agree that anime oddly seems to be in a more positive light. There are only a bit of movies that grabbed my interest, with anime, I could even say I’m a hardcore fan of [inserts name] where in movies, I couldn’t really state that boldly. Most movies I watched tend to be forgettable over time.

      Likewise too when I was watched some of my early anime. In terms of anime, I think it has more power to “pull” in the viewers into their world, something which movies couldn’t achieve. But in terms of “pulling”, I would say visual novels are actually superior then anime in that regard, but that’s a discussion for another time.

      Think I experienced something similar too, I almost never watched live action romance drama, a few people around me was hyped up with popular K-drama back then, Winter Sonata, but I acted like I was interested yet in fact, I’m not. It was actually an anime that pulled me into the wonders of anime romance (the heroine is voiced by Rie Kugimiya, guess you could make a wild guess xD).

      Don’t think you could touch them, lol. But in a sense, fulfillment is like an escapism. We live through imaginations, and since imaginations means freewill, we are free to imagine the wildest and most fantastical things ever, and it’s those wonderful things that fulfilled our unlikely wishes.

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