Medaka Box Abnormal – Talents and Solitary


The previous season of Medaka Box had just went pass the manga’s introduction parts, and in it’s place, manifested itself a second season, Medaka Box Abnormal. The sequel induces an interesting thought, the prospect of talents.

In Medaka Box Abnormal, the capability of the students are measured in three categories, “Normal”, “Special” and “Abnormal”, with the latter being so talented that it’s to the point of abnormality, such with the case of Kurokami Medaka. That talent however, comes with a price, with talent, people look up to you, respect you, however, as people deems you as something special, the value of friendship gradually lessens in contrast.

There was a statement in the anime, that “Abnormals practically crave for relationships”. It is the main reason why Medaka became the student council president and is also probably the root behind Medaka’s extreme love for humans. She said she loves humans, even including strangers she had never met but the real reason is probably because she is scared of loneliness, by claiming that she loves humans, she is making an indirect bond to all of them. Likewise with Oudo, the main antagonist of this season, he strives to be a king, in order to create such similarly vague bonds.

[HorribleSubs] Medaka Box S2 - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.37_[2013.01.17_19.55.13]

The fight between Medaka and Takachiho for example, it showcased how Takachiho had suffered in terms of being talented, in terms of having abilities to the point of being inhuman, abnormal. He longed for someone who could stand as his equal. While the fight was nearing it’s end, Medaka was about to leave, and while she could leave the battered Takachiho behind as suggested by Zenkichi, she chose not to. Being an Abnormal herself, she could understand the pain behind Takachiho, and faced him off with full physical assault once more, this time, with no fancy dodging nor abilities; just a simple, yet powerful exchange of blows, each blows brimming with power and emotions. If I would choose a favorite fight scene in Medaka Box Abnormal, that would be mine. Though her fight with Unzen in the previous season still remains my top favorite.


This is a bit vaguely relevant, so I’ll shed some parts of my mysterious life. Back in school, there was a student I looked up to. He is both good at academics and sports, and is even talented at multiple things, be it some practical projects, music or even maintenance. In almost every exam, he scored at an average of 95%, it’s almost unthinkable that his marks would go below 90%. In Medaka Box terms, he is most definitely “abnormal” class while I’m more of the “normal” type. What’s better is that, he’s not cocky too, and helps people in need of a lending hand.

The both of us were friends and we usually talked with each other. However, I can’t help sometimes but to feel intimidated by his presence alone. Both of us were like worlds apart of each other, while he was constantly contending with the top 3 spots in exams, I’m more at the lower parts. His “abnormality” is overwhelming, however, in order not to feel intimidated, I studied and worked hard as well, just so I could catch up to him, and I can see that some other people besides him, were influenced in a similar manner. In that sense, his presence is intimidating, yet charismatic at the same time.

Although in this case, we didn’t quite see him properly as a friend. He is an icon, an awe-inspiring leader of sort, but we didn’t really see through that “facade of perfection” and regard him properly as friends. In fact, aside from talking at school, I don’t think I had even hung out properly with him before, something I regretted even now.


No matter how abnormally talented a person is, they are humans, just like us, and Medaka Box Abnormal delivers this important lesson to all of us. With talent, comes solitary, and it’s up to us to treat them with both love and respect that they deserve as a friend.

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4 thoughts on “Medaka Box Abnormal – Talents and Solitary

  1. Nice post, I found it really interesting to think about it (doesn’t that sound like one of these spamots?)

    Im also abnormal, abnormally friendly XD Maybe I like Medaka because of that , she’s funny.
    Hmm, but it could be also a reason why a number of viewers also couldn’t stand Medaka and her “perfectness”
    Well, MB is exxagerated to the max, but in real life being “different” can alsonlead to loneliness, it’s a matter how you will and how you can approach others.

    students with very good grades often get shunned by the students with bad grades, but it also can have other reasons. There was a smart guy in one of my classes and the girls treated him like a creep because of the way he dressed and acted. Well, he actually was a really creepy person, maybe he just wanted a girlfriend :D

    Well, in school I never met a overly gifted person in terms of studying, at some points everybody failed.
    Most of the good pupils I’ve met had to study like everybody else to maintain their grades,
    Partially they also got good results because of playing teachers pet, especially the girls *bitches* XD

    that went slightly offtopic, an abnormal comment

    • That just proves how awesome I’m with my ideas xD

      Medaka is like the opposite of a lot of the more negative antagonists out there. Since most of them are so bad, Medaka became the ultimate Mary Sue xD
      Medaka Box is always exaggerated, lol. And certainly.

      Indeed, the other way could also happen too, students with bad grades wouldn’t usually group together with students with good grades, but there are some students who are able to spread their influence to the students with bad grades, and that’s something I respect, something which the guy I mentioned in the post did. Think I kinda understand in what creepy you mena xD Anyhow, I dunno but in anime, talented people seems to be always “weird”, in one way or another D:

      Most of the students here too. As for me, I only managed to concentrate on one though, I managed to keep up with academics but I’m not really good at other parts. There are a lot who don’t need to study as hard as I did (of cause, they still need to study, don’t think I had found anyone who take an exam without even studying a minute xD), and have the time to do more of other things.

      Whut? So the teachers became sugar daddies >_>

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