DDD: Junk the Eater – An Exquisite Introduction to the Madness


In anime, stories are always told in a specific manner, perhaps one with a slowly consequential manner or perhaps even one with structureless pacing. The latter one can sometimes be a mess, yet it can sometimes be a success, and DDD’s first chapter, JtheE (Junk the Eater), definitely leaned more on the success side, and can be said nothing more but an exquisite introduction to the madness.

DDD (Decoration Disorder Disconnection), is a light novel series written by Kinoko Nasu, a renowned Type-Moon author. Kinoko Nasu had been writing dozens of mind-blowing stories, Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai; all these has plots which sparks considerable intrigue. DDD doesn’t let up as well and already on the very first page, we are already introduced to the very maddening ambiance of DDD.


Before we continue on this mad post ourselves, I guess I need to structured my post better and provide some insight on the settings and the characters first. For the former, I’ll just take this from wikia:

“Abnormal Antagonist Syndrome, commonly known as “Demonic possession” prevailed in Japan. Patients of the syndrome have malfunction in the secretion of the neurotransmitters and it gives rise to the acquisition of new parts in the body and supernatural power. The patients of “A-Syndrome” were unnaturally concentrated in Shikura city. Arika Ishizue lost his left arm in the A-syndrome related accident and hospitalized. After he left the hospital and went back to Shikura, he met a beautiful boy named Kaie Karyou who has no limbs and is living in a dark basement. The boy asked him to exorcise the “Demons” possessing A-Syndrome patients. Arika was involved in the bizarre cases and the fights with the Demons”.

Anyhow, I’ll talk about the two major characters, Arika and Kaie, who both have quite prominent presences in the first chapter, JtheE. Arika is a man who somehow lost his left arm in a bizarre accident from way back. The accident also caused a side effect where Arika was diagnosed with slight mental instability.

Being incredibly disabled, he struggled when finding a job, and somehow found out about Kaie, who became his employer. The beautiful young boy, who had appearances like a girl a trap, in other words is completely limbless, and Arika’s job include attaching and detaching prosthetic arms and legs for him.

Of cause, this job is more then meets the eye. Kaie is from an incredibly rich and powerful family, in fact, the existence of Kaie itself is shrouded in absolute mystery. Kaie possessed “demon” limbs, which contain extreme powers. At times, Arika is tasked by Kaie to handle A-Syndrome cases, where he might even need to exorcise said “demons”, and in order to do so, he borrowed one of Kaie’s “demon” limb.


As you can see, the story is incredibly interesting, and it’s improper structure serves nothing more but to reinforces this strength of the light novel. Characters are charming too, which brings out the story. The main character, Arika, is an apathetic yet sarcastic individual; his narrations and monologue are always fun to read. Other characters are quite interesting too though aside from Kaie, the rest aren’t being exposed as much as of this chapter.

It seems like the next few chapters will focus on other settings and characters, and the perspective of the main character is shifted as well: we will no longer be following Arika’s footsteps. I feel that the madness in first chapter was already at peak point, and since all good things must come to an end, it’s a good choice to take a break from that and focuses on other views and perspectives. In a way, I think DDD represents Kara no Kyoukai a lot with their structure, though I couldn’t say for sure since I have yet to read Kara no Kyoukai’s light novels (only watched the anime movies).

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21 thoughts on “DDD: Junk the Eater – An Exquisite Introduction to the Madness

  1. I just had to come alive to comment on this one :)

    D.D.D. is probably second in the rankings when it comes to Nasu’s lesser known works outside of Japan and outside the VN franchises (and Kara no Kyoukai), which is sad when it turns out to be rather good. Having read the KnK novels (fan-translated though) and JtheE I do agree that so far, D.D.D. is very similar in structure to KnK – wherein both have a fairly darker atmosphere compared to the Fate series (excluding Zero) and Tsukihime. Arika and Shiki are both pretty badass as too.

    D.D.D. is just begging for an anime adaptation (c’mon ufotable!) but on the other hand, it does get pretty gruesome further in (there’s a very intense fan-translated battle sequence for volume.. 2, if I’m not mistaken) so that could be one obstacle.

    The translation progress for this one has been well I think, so maybe we’ll get to HandS in the near future :D

    • Yea, where are you D:

      So what’s the first one? xD Probably something which aren’t even linked in wiki D: I think it’s easy to see the similarity between the two in terms of story and atmosphere, but it’s structure in pacing is surprisingly quite similar as well. And indeed, DDD may be a light novel with the most potential yet, note that I said “potential”instead of “best” or “one of the best” since I only read the first chapter D:

      As far as I know, only Junk the Eater (first chapter of the first volume) is translated. There’s actually more? o.O It’s quite gore in DDD indeed, but Fate/Zero is just as gruesome. If they can animate Fate/Zero, I don’t see why not. The only problem is that there are only 2 volumes available, not enough content for a proper adaption lol D: If they are going to do this though, I think I will love it if they follow KnK’s style and animate them by movies format instead of episodics.

      I don’t think so D: So far, only the first chapter had been translated and that is several years back, who knows when will the rest be actually done D: Too bad baka-tsuki’s not picking this up (yet).

      • Somewhere in the boundary of emptiness, lol, I might post an update as to where I am but yeah, got swamped with a bunch of stuff that made me busy for a while.

        The first is Nasu’s second “story” – a relatively short snippet called Angel Notes. I can link a soft copy to you if you’d like :) It’s a sad but sweet story that I think was enjoyable enough..

        Zero is definitely the exception, but yeah, thinking about it, KnK is pretty bloody as well. Some parts of D.D.D. though might just be a notch or two higher in my opinion. If ufotable picks it up, it could definitely work as a movie series I think.

        There’s actually an active translation going on in the new Beast’s Lair forums, which is really where JtheE and the whole thing began (Notes came from there as well. It’s not the same translator though, and they’re doing this unorthodox Japanese to German to English way of translating which is why the project isn’t really that well known. But they do update every now and then (they’ve finished HandS R and formalhaut, I think) which are parts for volumes one and two respectively.

        Which is probably why the baka-tsuki guys haven’t stepped in yet. That or they just aren’t into Nasu’s works at the moment >.<

        • So poetic, lol. I recently got quite busy too but somehow managed to keep up with my blogging ;p

          Sure, would love to read it xD Seems like Angel Notes would be like Key, though couldn’t say for sure.

          Now that when I think about it, Type-Moon can be gore if they want to. While Fate/Zero is handled by Gen Urobuchi, it’s goreness is no doubt second nature, lol. However, the rest of the Type-Moon titles are just as violent. Fate/Stay Night is the one who originally come up with the “worm” thingy and Kara no Kyoukai’s incredibly bloody. If DDD’s several steps higher then those, then that’s awesome xD

          I think those are chapters from volume 1 but I couldn’t find it when I was googling, lol. Links please? xD Lol, two languages translation. I heard of Japanese to Chinese to English myself.

          Nah, I think they contributed greatly to Nasu’s works too. Kara no Kyoukai was licensed, I think they stopped at midway around volume 5, though I heard from some random forum that the translations was actually completed? (couldn’t find them though) and baka-tsuki had also completed Fate/Zero! xD

          • It really is, lol xD

            Here ya go: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?dwknghpfcfby2lo
            yeah, I almost typed Angel Beats when I did :D

            Yeah, can’t believe I forgot about those ..worms >.<

            Here's the Beast's Lair thread: http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2637-DDD
            and lol, it was actually Russian, not German

            Del Ray messed up the KnK fan-translations by licensing it; then not releasing a single volume themselves. Here's the site of the guy who translated all of KnK from scratch (granted it's a bit localized for some, fine for me though):http://emptyboundaries.wordpress.com/

            • Yea, and I have a feeling Angel Notes’s atmosphere is like Key xD

              They are nasty after all o.O

              Are all those chapters done? Wow, faster then I thought. Though I actually prefer to read them on pdf.. guess I can’t complain D:

              About that site, I went to it before but I only saw links to volume 1 to 3? I might had missed something.

              • Well, in a way, it might be a bit Key (think of the ‘future’ wasteland of Ushio and Tomoya, lol)

                Yeah, I regret doubting Nasu now >.<

                They skipped some chapters, which I think they decided to work on last because they would take longer than the ones after it. If it does finish, someone might patch up a pdf. I'd make an .epub out of it when the time is right :D

                Ahh, I see. That kinda threw me off before too, but basically KnK really is only three volumes in length, kinda like how D.D.D. is (it used to be two before the Epilogue and Mirai Fukuin came out). The way it's set up is:

                Volume 1 – Overlooking View (1st) Murder Speculation Part 1 (2nd) Remaining Sense of Pain (3rd)
                Volume 2 – Void Shrine (4th) Spiral Paradox (5th)
                Volume 3 – Oblivion Recorder (6th) Murder Speculation Part 2 (7th) Epilogue (8th)

                then, Mirai Fukuin (9th) is somewhere else altogether, pdf's still with me though.

                • Ahh okay, when you says it like that, I think it’s more like Planetarian (a more less-known Key visual novel).

                  xD I look forward the day when Natsu, Gen and Jun collaborate together, lol ;p

                  The ones without the blue hyperlinks right? Are all HandS(R) chapters completed? The chapters seem too little compared to HandS(L). Nice :D I think my phone can support epub as well.

                  Ahh I see. That means I think I basically downloaded everything, lol. Haven’t checked the rar file yet though, so I’m not sure if I got the Mirai Fukuin too.

                  • lol, I should give that a try sometime.

                    Instant story of the year + most gruesome battle scene ever. Or, y’know, they could make moe stuff xD

                    Yep. I think HandS R is done. Then HandS L makes up almost half of a volume. I’m not too sure though. Yeah, I do most of my reading on my phone too nowadays so I’m pretty sure it’ll work. :D

                    Should be all in there. I forgot whether it came with Mirai Fukuin or I just made a pdf of it myself though

                    • You play visual novels too? o.o

                      = Best anime of the century. And they could probably put moe in a whole new level xD Lol I see. Anyway, thanks for all the links. I’ll give them a read soon.

                      I just checked, and yea, Mirai Fukuin is included in it xD

  2. Hey Kai!
    what a post to start back my return lol.
    Ive never heard of the novel but it really sounds gruesome, especially the part in the quote about having the ability to acquire parts of the body, cool if your missing an arm or something but then its the exorcist part which really im not sure whether to try this novel out. Ever since i watched the movie of anthony hopkins in the exorcist or the exorcism of emily rose, I literally couldnt sleep and seriously whenever the clock hit 3am i was near wetting my pants ^^. Since then i said ill never read/watch anything exorcism related.

    It sounds promising though but Im not sure if it would be picked up a studio for animation, it might be too gory for viewing mind you there were series that aired thats pretty messed up like higurashi or umeniko.
    maybe you might an idea about it?

    well see ^^

    • Yea I guess it’s incredibly gruesome, more interesting trivia is that DDD’s settings is based on Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. It’s Type-Moon after all, they wouldn’t stop at just missing an arm, but some supernatural stuffs xD I never watched that movie so I’m not sure about that but the “exorcism” in DDD doesn’t even feel like a real exorcism. In fact, one of the characters in DDD expressed his opinions that the “demons” in the city are actually just patients with incurable diseases. Their “sickness” can be explained by science but still incurable, and the term “demons possession” just somehow came about within the society. I guess you can still try it out if you want, it’s just text so perhaps it won’t feel as scary as a movie, and lol, it’s so cute that you wet your pants xDD

      I bet ufotable would do DDD justice, if they are really going to adapt it, but I don’t think there are enough LN materials for now since there’s only 2 volumes. And indeed, I could certainly name a new which had similar gore levels, I think they can adapt it just fine if they want to ;p

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  4. These kinds of stories are always a hit or miss with me. Either it’s so dark that I absolutely love it or it tries so hard that I just can’t enjoy it. If they ever make an anime out of DDD I’ll give it a watch.

    • If I don’t misunderstood what you said, if you mean by “tries so hard” in that the author didn’t know what was he even doing, then I think DDD’s definitely not that. DDD’s plot is crazy, maddening, but once I reread Junk the Eater, all the crazy elements are already built up since the very first page, just that the way it is presented is minor and vague. When Nasu writes his stories, he definitely know what he want to do with it.

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