200,000 Views Anniversary!


My blog reached 200,000 views so a happy anniversary to me and deluscar! As always, a thank you to all my readers and viewers who took the time to check out my posts.

Though, my writing had slowed down considerably. Back then, I wrote at a steady rate at a post per two or three days so comparing that and now, activity had been questionable at best, as you can see. My last post was about this particular light novel, DDD which I posted on January 29, and the post before that, my Time Hollow review, was posted on January 20; my posts are almost weekly now. It’s ironic, I managed to prepare several drafts but I ended up stalling anyway since finding the right pictures and format still took a lot of time.

I want to apologize for that since I was caught up with a lot of real life tasks to take care of….. well, actually, even with my annoying real life obligations, I can still find some free time, my time management isn’t THAT bad. I’m ashamed to say but I’m actually “busy” with playing Rewrite, the new visual novel by Key which was just recently translated. If you had noticed, I abnormally tweeted quite a lot (by my standards at least) about Rewrite, in fact, I’m actually rushing this post as of now just so that I could get back to it soon.

I hope you will forgive my “excuse” since after I finished Rewrite, I will most definitely get back to regular blogging schedules, though that’s hard to say yet since I got so many pending games I haven’t play, DMC, Dishonored and even some Wii games etc.. Still got a number of old anime to watch as well.

P.S: I’m in despair! This depressing anniversary post has left me in despair! (And yes, I just finished all three seasons of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei)

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40 thoughts on “200,000 Views Anniversary!

  1. Congratz deluscar

    was wondering if you can brighten the font a bit because it’s quite hard to read

    but maybe because i am a black on white person? I always find white on black a bit hard to read

    yeahh luv rewrite

    • Sorry for accepting your comment so late, didn’t realize your comment got into spam as well, lol.

      And thanks^^

      I think black will probably be the main theme of deluscar now even if I change skins lol ;p And about the font, I don’t think I could do such specific editing. I tried accessing the CSS but there’s no option for me to do so. Think I’m going to have to pay for me to do it since I’m using the free one.

      And yea, Rewrite is awesome.

    • Thanks.

      And of cause, lol. Been playing that game for quite a while, almost half done with it. As you can see, the male lead (if you can see which one is him) is incredibly scrawny, but that’s a discussion for another time.

  2. Congrats on making 200,000 views. Still, it kind of reminds me that I still haven’t finished Little Busters that is sitting on my Playstation Vita… but so much Japanese text to read and words to look up.

    • I think that’s the problem with mine as well, lol. I also tried reading Japanese visual novels to learn some new kanji before. But I got too lazy and just use a machine translator so that I can finish it faster. Reading Japanese visual novels is certainly a good choice to learn the language no doubt, but the game takes almost ten times slower to complete.

      • For role playing games in Japanese, they take about 2.5 or 3x times longer to play (I racked up over 52 hours in my first play through of Atelier Totori Plus)… but I still can manage it. Can’t imagine the playtimes when I get Tales of Hearts R and Atelier Meruru Plus… I bet the playtime will be over 80-100 hours.

        But yes, text heavy games are great to learn more vocabulary… currently memorizing 350 kanji from Genki, and hopefully that will allow me to read the text a bit faster.

        • And normal RPGs are already longer then other games, lol. Ahh, Tales of Hearts, another one of those strictly JP games. I thought of playing it on the DS, though I wonder if there would be any fan translations. I managed to play Tales of Innocence through fan translations, and what’s good about those is that they don’t bother dubbing the game, well, they don’t have the resources to do that anyway, which is ironically a good thing. Reminds me of my playthrough with Resonance of Fate, which hits quite close to 100 hours too >_>

          Lol, I admire your devotion.

          • Well, my purpose is of course mastering the language, so yeah I’m pretty motivated. However, there are some games that are horrible to use for Japanese practice like Idolmaster games as the text automatically advances, which gives you no time to read it unless you know Japanese well… I know the portable Tales of Games manually advance the text, but the consoles, not so much since I think the skits auto advance along with the cutscenes. That is why I only recommend games where you can manually advance the text.

            But, the Vita screenshot feature is useful as you can simply take the screenshot of those and read them later.

  3. Congrats on all the views! Hope you’re enjoying Rewrite too. My download for it just finished, and i’m really looking forward to playing it! (Nearly finished Ever17 at the moment)

    • Hope you have fun ;p And yea, I’m enjoying it so far, I got some minor complaints here and there but it’s still a pretty good game so far. Couldn’t find a walkthrough for some reason (playing without one atm) except for the Japanese one. Which route are you at for Ever17?

  4. I’m so jealous, I want to play Rewrite but I don’t know Japanese and I don’t have the time for it :(

    Oh and yes, congrats on reaching 200,000 views :)

    • Rewrite is already translated, lol. You can play it in English if you want. If I can read Japanese better, I would have finished Rewrite much earlier before it was even translated.

      And thanks ;p

  5. Woah! Nice! Congrats Kai on 200,000 views. But with the celebrations out of the way, I wonder who will finish Rewrite first? >;D

    Though it’ll most likely be you considering I’m not even UP to that scene you used as the front picture for this post T___T I’ve also been busy with work too so I can’t junkie it… so sad…

    • Lol, I thought you’re going to be fast since last time I heard, you’re still on holidays ;p

      Actually, I already finished it, a review of it hopefully up soon. The scene I used for this post is actually just part of the common route xD

      • ALREADY!??!? Damn… Yeah I am still on holidays just that I picked up a part time job as well and they’ve been abusing my free time quite a lot T___T Oh wells, at least I get paid.

        Looking forward to the Rewrite review Kai! ^^

        • I had to sacrificed all my anime, blogging and gaming time, and it still took around 2 weeks to finish. It’s quite long >_<

          Thanks ;p I'm going to have to get some pending drafts done first though.

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