Ran Kougetsu – Introducing Deluscar’s Mascot


Do you guys still remember the mascot contest Ace organized some time ago? I somehow won the contest and apparently, the designs for the mascot had finally been done.

Her name is Ran Kougetsu, an ordinary (or not?) 17 year old girl. Now, why Ran Kougetsu? Before I talk about that, I need to enlighten everyone my naming basis behind my blog title as well, deluscar.

Some of you may had been asking, just what is “deluscar”? As said in my about page, “Deluscar” is a combination of usernames I used in multiple forums. Starting from the right, the “scar” is from “Scarlet” a name I used in some newer forums, and also for my msn and gmail addresses. “Lu” is from “LunaWard”, another nick I used commonly. “De” is a bit complex. It originated from “Divinus Vento”, which means divine wind. On some forum, I just name myself “Vento” while on some forums, I used “Divinus Vento” when just “Vento” had already taken. When I formed the blog title, I changed the “Di” of “Divinus Vento” to “De” to make it look and sound better, and “Deluscar” is the final result.

My mascot’s name, “Ran Kougetsu” is based on my blog title. To sum it up, my blog title is from a combination of “Divinus Vento”, “LunaWard” and “Scarlet”. Respectively, they loosely stand for “wind”, “moon” and “red”. Ran’s family name, Kougetsu means “crimson moon”, a name based on the latter two elements. Ran means “orchid”, which I feel represents the elements of “divine wind” nicely.

As Ran’s new in the blog, she obviously doesn’t have such a solid presence in my blog yet, but it’s something I want to change as time goes on, since these need time and money after all. Anyway, for now, if you want to know more about my mascot, or you want to see more of her illustrations, you can check out my newly added page.

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27 thoughts on “Ran Kougetsu – Introducing Deluscar’s Mascot

  1. There was a contest? Oh well, I don’t have a mascot character since my blog is merely a .state/nation’s capital rather than a person. Congrats on winning btw. You must have pulled some strings with your good buddy Ace “Railgun” Goodheart, Leader of the Team.. Strong, Vigilant and fearless like a hawk…and I forgot the rest of the intro.

  2. Ah thats nice, a really lovely illustration, hello mascot chan…eh Ran ヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙
    Hehe you probably put a lot of effort in creating that name, your descriptionn made me a bit dizzy :D

    • Lovely right? Another one year and Ran will start having her own nendoroids and figmas xD
      Nah doesn’t take long for me to figure out that name, guess I was inspirational at the time, lol.

    • The naming? Or the pics? ;p For the names, I just thought I want a name related to my blog title, not just some random generated names and wala, lol.

      As for the pics, think you should ask all the awesome artists xD I can’t draw myself.

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