To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Accelerator by Alter


Age: 15-16
Height: 168 cm
Hair color: White
Eye color: Red
Classification: Esper

Accelerator is the most powerful Psychic in Academy City. His real name is unknown, though Accelerator recalls his surname was composed of two characters and his given name consisted of three characters. First appearing as an antagonist of the third light novel, he later becomes a main character and the lead of the science side in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series, especially in volumes 5, 8, 12, 13, SS1, SS2, 15, 14, 19 and 20.

A sadistic boy about the same age as Touma, he has an ability called “Vector Change,” a form of telekinesis allowing him to change the vector values of anything he touches due in part of having a thin coat of AIM fields surrounding his body. This ability allows Accelerator perform feats such as reversing the blood flow inside a person’s body, increasing the wind velocity around him to create a massive plasma storm, and blocking sound. His ability is automatic, which means that he must consciously allow gravity to affect him and that his body blocks all ultraviolet radiation, resulting his albino appearance (white hair and pale skin) because his body is unable to make melanin. The automatic nature of Redirection also prevents the use of projectiles (like bullets) and explosives (like bombs) against him.

Accelerator’s unique ability made him the subject of an experiment attempting to create the first Level 6 ESPer; according to the city’s best supercomputer, Tree Diagram (which was unprecedentedly destroyed by Index’s Dragon Breath), this feat could only be achieved by killing 128 skilled Level 5 ESPer without a single failure. Since there are only six other known Level 5s in Academy City, an alternative plan was formed to “level up” Accelerator by having him kill 20,000 skilled Level 3 ESPers: the Misaka clones. He willingly joins the experiment to gain a reputation as the most powerful and feared ESPer that no one would be foolish enough to challenge and even killed many who got in his way.

To Aru Majutsu no Index is one of my favorite anime, and Accelerator is one of my favorite male characters in the anime. I was actually planning to collect a Misaka Mikoto figure instead, another favorite character of mine in the same series. This caught my eye however during his initial release so with a slight change of plans, instead of getting a Misaka Mikoto figure (yet), I get this Accelerator figure, which also happens to be my very first major male figure.




Because of the sitting and cross-legged posture of Accelerator, the box ended up pretty big to accommodate them. The scale figure obviously comes with the slabs of rock he is sitting on, the stand and last but not least, the cane.



Due to a field of rocks on the surface, it may gets a bit flabbergasting to place him in the right position at first. Luckily, there is a manual included that tells you where to place his left hands and buttocks in the right position. There are two sockets on the bottom of the rocks which can be fitted on the two pegs on the stand. There is also a small peg on the cane which can be fitted on a barely noticeable socket on the side of the rocks. It’s hard to see at first glance but this is also luckily mentioned in the guide.

There is no peg on his buttocks but he can sit fairly easy on the rock. I can’t help but feel that it would actually be easier if there’s actually a proper peg/socket for him to sit on though, since with that, it will be much more easier to locate the exact position he can sit on instead of relying on the manual or just eye coordination.

Speaking of which, the “rocks” actually look like ruins of destroyed buildings due to the pipes, but I will just say rocks for easier reference.


The details on the hair is definitely one of the few good things about the figure. I seldom see such level of detail for hairs on male anime figures so Accelerator’s definitely one of them. The messy white hair as depicted in the original illustrations of Accelerator appeared in great accuracy.

However, this figure has quite a few minor flaws. First of all, his skin. According to the storyline, his skin is supposed to be extremely pale, and the skin tone of the figure seems to be just a few shades darker then in the anime.

Of cause, one of the most major flaw is his expression. Accelerator is known to make that psychotic, maniacal grin in his sadistic domination of his enemies. While we can say that the figure tries to go for that look, it can be barely seen. In fact, when looked from afar, he looks like an ordinary bishie with a heartwarming smile. It’s only through closer inspection and several good angles that you can only recognize the sadistic grin that Accelerator in the anime is so accustomed to.


I also dislike the stand, especially that blotch of white with text inside. I feel it kinda ruin the overall look of the figure, I would had preferred the clear stand they used in the official photos. I tried without the stand and the figure can still stand properly on his own anyway, since the bottom of the rocks is obviously quite flat too. If you’re lacking space or similarly dislike the stand like me, feel free to discard it and display the figure as it is.


Likewise with the anime, Accelerator has a very slim body, and wears a dark/light grey stripped shirt. He wears a choker-style Electrode to aid his calculating abilities for combat. The wires hanging from the choker are obviously made from softer materials different from the main body, and feels like real wires with the dangling effect. The wires may appear a bit thick though.




Although a good figure, he comes with quite some minor flaws, his expression being one of them. My comment on this figure, in a nutshell, is somewhat similar to one of the facebook commenters I read before:

“My Accelerator Can’t Be This Cute”

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8 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Accelerator by Alter

  1. Coincidentally To Aru Majutsu no Index is also one of my favorite anime.
    Well, in the first season I found him a bit too psycho and evil, killing all the Misaka’s was too mucht to bers,
    but I liked what they did with him in the next season.His interaction with Last Order was great and I loved
    how he dealt with the “real”enemies, it’s cool when the bad guys find their (sadistic) master *hehehe hahaha*.

    The figure is a little more on the bishoujo side than my Yukio, I guess girls would like wild and misterious guys like him a bit more :) From my impression they managed to recreate the psycho look. I also like the pose and the rock base of him, the plate underneath looks a bit odd though, it’s a very different design compared to the ruins.

    • Because To Aru Majutsu no Index isn’t a really old anime, by then, the “psychotic type antagonist” had quite been overdone. But being Index, the more exposure Accelerator had, the more awesome you feel he is, and the lesser he seems like a one dimensional character. That being said, the slight and eventual shift in his character in season 2 shows more of the character behind that psychotic facade, but still retains several levels of insanity and badassery. One of the most well done character in a while xD

      Yes indeed, he’s more of a bishounen from a shounen show, and ironically both of them aren’t from shoujo anime lol. That’s probably because all of my shots are really close up, so the psychotic look is more clear. Yea I Don’t like the stand/plate as well and I pretty much displayed without it.

    • Yea it’s a great show, though I’m more of a fan on the science side.

      Yea, I saw quite a number of funny comments on multiple sites, one of them above in the post.

  2. His eyes are really scary – it’s like a look of death or something. I like his style though – the hair, the shirt and love that stand he’s sitting on.

    I’m actually seeing more and more people buying male figures! Yay!

    • Yea, fit his anime counterpart, no? xD

      I think I even same some Megahouse male figures I’m interested in, though they are pretty much extinct in online sites so I will just have to hope my local stores have stock on them or something.

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