Celebration of The 3000 Comments Milestone


Deluscar hits another milestone, and this time it hits 3000 comments. Indeed, happy 3000 comments to me! The 3000th comment goes to Seinime, so congratulations is in place for him too.

I would like to specifically thank all the commenters of my blog. Deluscar was able spruce up it’s activity so much as compared to when it was just started, and it’s all thanks to all of you relentless commenters. Of cause, all the rest of you lurkers and readers are just as awesome as well. I will continue to write (hopefully) more interesting posts as an answer to this milestone and to all of my commenters.

As a bonus, here’s my top most recent commenters. Congratulations to me once again Overlord-G for commenting the most, I would give you a cake, but I don’t have one at the moment.


Update: Maybe some of you had noticed, but I had also made a side blog recently on tumblr. It’s just purely for fun though, and it also served as a place to express my more random, unstructured, jumbled up thoughts. Feel free to have a look around.

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20 thoughts on “Celebration of The 3000 Comments Milestone

  1. Im third “wafu!” I still don’t know how I required this many after I just started to follow our nice blog more recently some time ago

    congrats for writing and receiving that many comments,
    it’s good that there are more bloggers that always reply.

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