Hellsing Ultimate – My New 10/10 Anime


The original Hellsing TV series was horrid – following an original plot different then that of the manga, with terrible visuals, low quality animations, but worst of all, it’s a degradation of characterization, which ruined the exotic appeal of the characters, which were obviously so much more then what was shown in the TV series.

A good remake is what the Hellsing anime badly needed, and fortunately, they actually made one, in the form of “Hellsing Ultimate”, a series of OVAs at approximately 50 mins long each.


Hellsing Ultimate first follows the leader of the secret organization based in Britain, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who uncovered and awakened the legendary vampire known as Alucard himself. Since then, Alucard had joined the organization “Hellsing” fighting off against ghouls and vampires. That’s not all the organization had to fend off against however, as there is another rivaling faction, the Vatican and also Millenium, a group of supernatural undeads and vampires controlled by a psychotic, enigmatic individual. Staged in a triple-faction war, who will survive in this vampiric battlefield?


I stalled Hellsing Ultimate for a long time, and decided to watch it after all the episodes had been aired, and it had been quite a maddening pleasurable ride throughout the badassery. The guns, the swords, the vampires, the devilish smirks – all is an epitome of badass. Actions in Hellsing Ultimate is one of the best, fast, fluid actions, paired up with gore limbs-cutting scenes. Having characters comparable to the legendary Alucard in strength is also a boon to the action scenes. His encounters and fights with Alexander Anderson is always one of the highlights of the show, and they also displayed one of the best rivalries ever.


Story may not be the most original since themes of vampires had been overused but the execution is amazing. Mixture of both vampires and military is a refreshing combination in an otherwise, overused idea. The story also makes use of certain themes to heighten the philosophical wonders of the show, specially themes like religion and Catholics, social hierarchy of monsters and humans and so on.


The complex presentation of the characters are another highlight. At the surface, characters like Alucard and Anderson are nothing but psycho killers, despite their legendary status. However, deep exploration of their characters proved that they are more then their facade exposes. In the TV series, the characters are only mostly shown at an exterior level, the cause of bland one-dimensional characters. New antagonists like the Major who reinforces the massive military impact and showed the extreme insanity and atrocity even “humans” can achieve, after all, he even led a huge army of artificial undead!


Hellsing Ultimate reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, in the way that both are remakes of their respective predecessors, which follows the stories of the manga more strictly. They are of cause, a lot more superior then their predecessors, and likewise with Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Hellsing Ultimate had pretty much earned the right in my list of 10/10 scored anime. Truth to it’s name, Hellsing Ultimate is definitely one of the best, an ultimate of it’s kind.

Note: I didn’t watch the original TV series, so my limited knowledge on it originated from other reviews, comments and wiki.

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17 thoughts on “Hellsing Ultimate – My New 10/10 Anime

  1. Good to hear that you enjoyed it so much, you can make an educated guess what I will watch next ^^
    I watched some episodes of old Hellsing with german dubs, here it’s regarded as one of the cool classic animes like Black Lagoon or Full Metal Panic! even though it wasn’t as good as these two. I guess it went downhill after the intro ;D

    Is there still the stacked blonde in Ultimate?

    • Guess you’re attracted to the darkness and bloddiness and badassery of Hellsing Ultimate too :D
      From what I can gather though, the original TV series was extremely horrible, especially so if you were to compare the two together, it’s like heaven and hell (pun unintended).

      And not sure who you’re talking about ;p If you’re talking about a filler character from the TV series, it’s probably out of my knowledge since I didn’t watch it, lol.

      • Haha maybe, straight action shows are something I enjoy to watch.
        The first episodes cover some material from the anime, Im curious to see the next ones.

        You know Seras Victoria, I assume ;p

        • The material I think starts getting different somewhere around the 3rd episode.

          She’s a main character, of cause she will be there ;p

          • Yes three was all different, Im making not really fast progress with this show.
            Not because I don’t like it but Im so tired this week TT

            Hehe, she is ^o^

            • They are quite long indeed. I took my time with them too ;p It’s like a 20+ episodes anime with all of them combined together.

              • So now I completed it, that definetely was a wild ride XD

                This was probably the hardest stuff, I’ve ever watched, so much cutting bodys and blood, but it was actually not that disturbing , since no one of the characters cared for the slaughtered people, I didn’t feel depressed about these cruelties. Im not sure if the writers intended it to be like this.

                I was a bit irritated that everybody was a mass murderous psycho, even Wingate is a ruthless bastard.
                The Archbishop was the worst actually, I mean he was worse than the scatterbrained Nazi Major.
                The Major was so crazy, I couldn’t follow his motives at all, which was also irritating.

                Seras was my favorite character, at least one normal monster, next to Schrödinger (he/she was so funny ^^) Anderson also was great, such a cool voice performance “Amen”.

                What I liked at the ending credits was that they presented all the character and mentioned their VA’s. they did a great job and deserved this presentation in my opinion.

                I would give it an 8/10. I only give a 9 or ten rating when I feel comfortable with the setting or the overall plot
                Hellsing Ultimate was too much of a psycho bloodbath for my tastes, maybe Im no psychoenough to see all of it’s appeal, but it was interesting quite epic and had a lot of cool moments.

                • Indeed, right ;p

                  It wasn’t as bad, as bloody and even as psychotic as some I had watched, but indeed, it is one of the worst, and that’s what I love about it ;p Perhaps so, remember how the anime played on the social hierarchy between “dog, humans and monsters”?

                  Nah, I had to disagree about Integra. She is a good character, and a good leader. Of cause, she is ruthless when facing other vampires but she also has a few struggles with herself too. *spoilers* In one episode, she was forced to finish off the ghouls who were only just humans a minutes ago, all killed by a berserk Seras, although she wasn’t able to kill them cleanly, leaving them barely dead and barely alive at the same time. It nicely shows Integra struggles to accept the responsibilities as the leader. Multiple scenes also showed her struggling and hesitating to control her very own “monster”, Alucard, commanding him to kill fellow humans, or humans-turned-ghouls. Archbishop and the Major however, I agree ;p

                  In both the original and the OVA, Seras pretty much had the best development. And indeed Anderson is awesome, from what I can find out, the original TV series seem to had downplayed his character, something I’m not willing to see. Also, both the TV series and the OVA had different seiyuu voicing him.

                  I love psycho, I love blood, I love destruction. Whee.

  2. The anime is quite psychotic…. in all the right ways. It is nice to see not all vampires have been defanged and lost their brutal folklore origins. Hellsing Ultimate is a wild ride; one I need to revisit and finish now that the series is complete.

    Although I have to disagree about Brotherhood. While it did many things right, I didn’t like how Ed and Al were less cerebral than in the original series. I found their smarts refreshing compared to Brotherhood’s more typically shonen approach. Winry, on the other hand, is better characterized in Brotherhood.

    • Indeed, though giving vampires guns are quite refreshing as well, lol.

      I don’t find them any less smarter though. But one major difference, and also a debatable one whether or not it actually benefits the series, is that it cuts down on some levels of gore content, some of the “alchemized” scenes, like how humans were fused with other creatures, were cut out, and also in the beginning part where Winry attached the automail to Ed’s arm, a lot of “painful” scenes had been cut out too. Then again, I may be remembering things wrong. Nonetheless, I’m sure Brotherhood had did more things right then wrong with the remake.

  3. I was really disappointed with the original Hellsing anime. Everyone said that it was good, but I had to stop watching after about 5 episodes. I didn’t watch Ultimate because I thought it would be the same, but now you have me wondering if I should give it a second shot.

    • I would say give it a chance, while I didn’t watch the original TV series so I couldn’t compare them more, Hellsing Ultimate is definitely worth a shot. Each OVA is shot like a high-budget anime movie, and of cause, the difference in contents, the characters, all of them made Hellsing Ultimate such a wonderful anime.

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  5. I heard the original anime was horrible and so never watched it. I read up to book 7 of the manga which was the latest that had been released back then – I stopped when I got tired of waiting for the next book’s release each time, especially since it suffered from the pacing being shot to hell after meeting the crazy nazi army of monsters.

    Well, it might serve to help people understand why Alucard was legendary even before his retrieval – it is but a simple anagram of Dracula.
    The story is all about being a bad-ass, so much manga I used to read was basically about being bad-asses, think also of Trigun (and contrast with it!), or Samurai Deeper Kyo. This very much feels like the 90s’ “Katana Trenchcoat, mirrorshade” fad crossing over to Japan and affecting the scene there.

    I should probably at some point track down the missing books and finish the series :D

    • Do you find the pacing draggy or fast? I’m not sure if the anime actually cut some details from the manga, or if it add any original content, but I do find the pacing steady, what’s more, with enough flashes of backstories for the characters fitted in here and there, though it would even be better if I watched Dawn too (which I haven’t).

      In the anime, Alucard was indeed practically Dracula but I always find interesting how some vampire media had different interpretations of the relationship between Alucard and Dracula. For example in Castlevania, instead of being the same person, Alucard is actually the son of Dracula, not the same being, but is also related. I think the latter is more true to the genuine vampire fiction but I’m not quite sure. In any case, the different letter switch makes quite the dynamic relations between the two.

      I find that there are a number of types of different badasses, physical badasses (the most standard ones), the graceful badsses, the intellectual badasses – this is actually a post I’m planning to write at some point, but still holding off for now, lol. In any case, my point is that there are a number of “badasses” that I don’t generally feel tired of them, though my perspectives on the different variety of “badasses” may be more of a subjective viewpoint. I admit I haven’t watch Trigun though, which I’m planning to watch at some point.

      You should :D

      • I’m talking just physical badasses here, heh.

        Read the manga of Trigun, BTW, just two books, and it covers everything. One of my favourite series, and it’s not neverending. Still reading Trigun Maximum, which had been released much later, is thinner, and not as good ;-)

        The pacing in the manga is quite awesome early, then we have full books of combat and no real characterization, where they revel in the cool awesome combat scenes… but which drag on a bit too long, and are also a bit oppressive in nature due to how dark the manga is (literally, a lot of black). Some of the later villains are also ridiculous and thus not very interesting. I just got tired waiting for the next book when the going through wasn’t that engaging… maybe one day I’ll blaze through it all in one go.

  6. eu fiquei sabendo de um anime chamado Hellsing Ultimate, Devil May Cry, F.M.A. que seria o encontro de alucard com dante de ( devil may cry ) que seria supostamente contratado para matar alucard isso me entrigo muinto mais quando fui a procura de resposta não achei nada alem de boatos,oq vcs acham !?

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