Fate/Stay Night – Saber (Triumphant Excalibur) by GSC


Height: 154 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Three Sizes: B73/W53/H76
Blood Type: O
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

She is Shirou’s Servant, an agile but powerful warrior. Loyal, independent, and reserved, Saber acts coldly but is actually suppressing her emotions to focus on her goals. Her class is considered the “Most Outstanding,” with excellent ratings in all categories. Since her Master cannot effectively provide her with Mana, she minimizes her activity to preserve what she has. Saber is frustrated by Shirou’s “protective” tendencies, believing his erratic and reckless behavior will jeopardize her chances of winning the Holy Grail War.

This is one of the figures that was long extinct since I even started my hobby of collecting figures. As luck would had it however, this same figure had a re-release sometime ago. I immediately snatched my chance and bought her, only to find out later that there are pre-owned sales of her for cheaper prices at amiami. Ah well, at least I get to enjoy her while she is “fresh and virgin.”



I love flowery patterns on the side and on the top of the box, but the patterns may be a bit too much and overcrowded in my opinion – makes the box more flashier than is necessary. The scale figure comes with a big stand and two versions of Saber’s Excalibur, the concealed and exposed versions.



Donning on her blue battle dress, with a dynamic fighting pose, as always, she looks exceptionally gallant. At a scale of 1/7, she stands at more than 20cm tall and is also extremely wide. She can really eat up a lot of space, almost equivalent to most standard horizontal scale figures.


The details on her face is amazing, and her flocks of hair is well done too. Although I find her ahoge to be a bit more thicker then usual. I could had sworn the ahoge on the anime is more naturally thin and hair-like.



Details on her outfit are crafted with precise accuracy – I especially like the magic symbols on her chest armor. Though the type of silver paint they used made the metal looks very grainy for some reason.


I’m also quite loving the details of the sword, the exposed version of the sword in this case. That detailed magic inscribing on the sword is quite good, though likewise with the armor, the extremely grainy paint kinda puts me off a bit.


Aside from the grainy metal, the dress overall looks good. Although, she wasn’t able to come in one piece. One side of her dress had an awkward paint job – looks like a bad coating or perhaps the top layer of the paint had been chipped off.



The stand, aforementioned, is incredibly wide. It had also been made to make it “interact” with the figure, having a part of it diagonally sliced, probably by Saber’s sword. I usually dislike text on figure stands, and likewise, had to really question it’s presence here.


To support such a huge and heavy figure, the stand luckily offers a huge peg to withstand it – something which looks like a small bended metal bar which can be fitted into the slot on the stand and on one of Saber’s leg. It creates a better, stable balance but can look awkward – from what I can see, Saber is supposed to be running and sidestepping while swinging her sword, but the increased height makes it look like jumping instead. This is however, hard to notice from afar though.


Likewise with that one particular side of the dress, her other sword, the concealed version doesn’t come with one piece either. The round thingy on the side is supposed to be fit nicely on the handle, in fact, the exposed version was pretty much fine in that regard. This concealed version however, is very loose no matter how hard I push it in, and I can only guess that it was a factory manufacturing error. When I opened the package, the first thing that fell out of it is actually that round orange thing which was supposed to fit into the sword tightly. It was a very small piece too so luckily, I was still able to find it (it actually fell down twice). It kinda reminds me of the wings of the Kuroyukihime figma I bought sometime ago, one side was fine, and the other side of the wings just keep falling off.


I always had a gripe about special effects on figures, and while this one is definitely well done than some others I saw, I still prefer the exposed version of the sword – looking like a true genuine sword with all details exposed. In this version, the sword is likewise in the anime, concealed by the wind, at least that’s how it’s trying to look like. The blue swirls around the sword can easily be mistaken for blue tentacles however. The transparent outlook of the sword and the unclear inscribing does creates a sort of concealment that the figure is going for however.







In the end however, I love this figure, and I’m really proud to have her in my collection. Although I had some tiny nitpicks of flaws I noticed here and there as you can see, those are quite easily overlooked in the grand scale of things.

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20 thoughts on “Fate/Stay Night – Saber (Triumphant Excalibur) by GSC

  1. I’ve had this figure for a while now and I can definitely say it’s one of my most cherished figurines in my collection :) Actually, when I laid eyes on this figurine, I feel in love with Saber and THAT is when I decided to check out Fate/Stay Night. I’m so glad I made that decision to check out the series and then further discover the beauty of Type Moon x3

    But I didn’t buy it back then… missed out. Luckily there was a restock so I decided to buy it as quick as I can before it was too late ^^ Although she wobbles quite a bit when you move the figurine around from the stand, the metal rod is definitely strong enough to hold her in place.

    For me I loved the exposed sword more simply because it had more detail and then put together with the wind effect, it looks quite nice :D

    • That was interesting. So your love with Type-Moon started with a figure, lol xD She was indeed a great figure, one of my favorite ones in my collection too xD

      Actually most figures, and especially scale figures, suffer from shaky problems when you move around the figure, it just how much serious the shaking is. For this Saber figure, she can also gets a bit wobbly but fortunately the metal rod is quite a strong peg.

      The wind effect looks like tentacles though..

  2. Looks like an awesome figure. After finishing the F/SN Visual Novel I was pretty keen to get my hands on a figure, but a lot of them just aren’t quite right, mostly with regards to Saber’s face. It’s a pity we don’t have any major figure stores in NZ, so if I wanted one of the big ones i’d have to be willing to pay a hefty shipping fee as well.
    I did manage to pick up the armored Saber in this picture though: http://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/Fate–Stay-Night-Mini-Figure-Capsule-Q-Fraulein-assorted/20954891/
    For $18 it’s excellent, i’m really happy with it. (A bigger one would be nice though >.>)

    • Face is always the maib problem with figures lol, but tje different type of figures play a factor in it too. You just have to check the different types. Usually, scale figures like this one, are made with careful precision, so the face (most of the time) is detailed and satisfactory. Figma or beach queens on the other hand, had from average to really bad faces. Your figure I see is actually from gachapon, and with a size of 10cm, and the fact that you actually managed to get the main heroine, I can say it’s pretty much worth it xD

      • I actually had to order 5 of them before I got her XD Luckily the other figures I got were ones that my flatmate preferred, so I ended up giving them to him as part of his birthday present ^_^ The only one I missed out on was Kiritsugu, which i’m fine with, and I got two Irisviel figures, so I gave one to my friend and kept one.

  3. Bonjour ^^

    Saber is 1,54 in height!? what a midget XD

    Ah yes, this is a very popular figure of Saber, I like her dynamic pose and the expressive face a lot.
    Im not that much of a warrior Saber fan, but aside from the maid, I have the Saber Nendoroid with the outfit of this one. The power mode sword is really cool, *lol* @ tentacle sword, but the idea is cool XD

    seems like a good purchase,

    • Cute eh? :D

      Indeed, that and the motorbike one. Hey Saber armor version is awesome, but then again, I also like the Saber Extra with panties all exposed :3 Is it the Saber super movable nendoroid one? Not sure what that super movable implies, but I’m thinking it’s sort of a nendoroid with figma flexible posing qualities? Speaking of which, I never saw a nendoroid review from you ;p

      And indeed :D

      • I like all the Sabers with Alternative outfits, she’s a pretty girl under her armor.
        Oh I wrote only three, it was a year earlier I guess Ayasaki Hayate, Amano Tooko and Saber Nendoroid. Saber super moveable has several joints at her limbs all around, only the shortness of her arms is limiting the moveability a bit more. The Nendo also has this tentacle sword, it’s so cool ^^

        • Saber looks beautiful, graceful and ladylike without the armor, but she looks strong and badass with the armor on xD Actually, there was one Saber Alter figure I saw before I really like with the badass-looking armor, let me see if I can find it……. ahh here she is, in all her dark glory http://myfigurecollection.net/item/712

          Ahh no wonder, I wasn’t even blogging back then, lol. From all your nendoroids, your Saber one does indeed looks to be quite awesome. Love the fierce lion face xD I would had guess so, but with the dynamics of the flexibility and the expressions of the nendoroids, these super movable nendoroids looks quite tempting o.O

          Lol, you sound so dirty. “Oh tentacle! It’s so lovely, it’s so cool^^”

  4. This is one of the other Saber figure I adore oh so very much. The other being the one on the bike. Can’t remember the actual figure’s name. It’ the Saber from the last Fate series anime. Oh my gosh…typing the sentence makes me feel so old! I can’t remember anything! Fate Zero! Yeah, that’s the name….>///< I totally can't recall the figure's name.

    Back to the figure. I love the posture, the base, the energy, the details…I love everything about this figure except for the price. Even though I'm sure it's worth the price.

    • Saber Motor Cruisaser right? (I can never spell it right myself without googling). At least you recalled Fate/Zero ;p

      Can’t say I like the price either. I saw pre-owned sales of her in amiami for about 5000 yen (if memory still serves me right), bloody cheap D: Though I’m not sure if she will arrive in one piece, lol. Well, mine wasn’t perfect either, but she’s close to “one piece”.

  5. I remember this Saber figure was one of the more popular ones when it came out, but it certainly wasn’t cheap. The quality looks good for the most part, though it’s a shame that part of her dress had problems with the last coating over the paint and that the sword peg didn’t fit nicely. I find that a few figures require some shaving of pegs or filling of holes in order to get things to fit.

    • Not sure what’s the price when she first came out but I’m assuming it’s insanely pricy. The re-release version of this figure seems to be cheaper from what I heard, by how much I’m not sure, lol. Yea, I wiped it with a wet cloth like you said, but it doesn’t seem like it’s just some dirty stuff as it doesn’t come off. Luckily, I don’t really like that version of the sword but a bummer, still. Some of my other figures also had parts and accessories that just won’t fit – always had to assume the worst when I buy them >_> I never did any “modifications” on mine, not even glue, so moving some of my “problematic” figures is a bit tedious at times, lol.

  6. Wow, Kai she looks amazing! Yeah it sucks when you find out you could’ve gotten something you wanted at a cheaper price, huh? Oh well, at least she’s gorgeous. And um, The ahoge is probably because if it were to be any thinner, it would either flop down, break or both. =3

    • What I bought was first-hand, and even though she wasn’t able to come fully in one piece, I’m even more doubtful of pre-owned ones now that when I think about it. But who knows I might able to get a perfect one with pre-owns? Who knows, but I don’t really trust my luck, lol. Does sounds logical, but I’m sure there are able to make do by making the material around it compact, but strong. Random assumption anyhow.

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