Taking Things For Granted – The Significant Presence of Internet


Gone were the days where dial-up is needed to connect to the internet, even if it worked, the speed left much to be desired. However, through literal improvements, internet became a daily thing. In the current stance of cyber technology, wi-fi is everywhere, even when on the go, you can still connect to the internet through portable devices like laptops, tablets and phones. It’s almost unthinkable not to have a stable internet connection.

Today, will be the day I share everyone a painful experience I had sometime ago – an incident where I wasn’t able to connect to the internet for an extended period of time, and is actually still experiencing the aftereffects of that incident now.


Coming back home, I sat down on my comfy chair, and tried to go to my blog, twitter, etc.. and go about my usual business, only to find out.. I couldn’t. I thought it was just a slight connection difficulty and assumed the internet will be okay later, and off I go with some downloaded games and anime. The second day after that, I tried once more but I still couldn’t connect, the third day leads to similar unsatisfying result and by the fourth day, I was beginning to despair. Every time I was watching an anime or playing a game, I felt empty – I couldn’t help but feel that I should be opening some downloads in the background.


After that, I started troubleshooting, and tried all sorts of method to fix my internet connection – resetting my computer, the connection, the modem and the router, rebooting, renewing IP address, and even reformatted my computer – all to no avail. I deduced that the wi-fi receiver in the CPU is damaged. In the end, I just bought an USB Wi-Fi receiver and connected it to one of the USB ports on my CPU.


My speed was able to reach a speed somehow similar to the previous one, however, it wasn’t as stable. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes, it keeps getting cut off, and it can get really difficult to re-stabilize the internet connection after a reboot. Of cause, I can always try swapping and installing a new wireless receiver inside, I’m however, not quite familiar with hardware maintenance, especially for newer motherboards like this. Actually, I’m not even sure if the wireless receiver is integrated into the motherboard or not. I can always bring my CPU to the repair shop however if I really need to, but since I can use it now anyway, I will hold it off for now.


The moral of the story is not to take things for granted, even for things like connecting to the internet as we never know when “something unexpected” might happen – always expect the worst, if you will.

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23 thoughts on “Taking Things For Granted – The Significant Presence of Internet

  1. I remember talking to you about this before. Have you managed to make any progress with a more permanent solution?
    The internet is definitely something that plays a huge part in everyday life nowadays, and I agree that it’s often taken for granted. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if I spent over 4 hours today actively using the internet. I can’t imagine how I would react if I were unable to connect, but I can guarantee it wouldn’t be pretty XD
    And think of all the Visual Novels i’d miss out on if I were unable to download anything =O

    • Nah. Still using the USB receiver, I think the PCIe card can be swapped, but too much of a hassle, lol. I will brainstorm again if my connection gets even worse then now.

      If I include the time I used to download stuffs, I pretty much use my internet for 24 hours, lol. I usually use my torrents if I’m out.

      If you already got a lot of downloaded visual novels ready to play just instead you can’t connect to the internet, then that’s fine xD I’m more of a downloader myself instead of a streamer, so I got lots of downloaded anime, books, games ready to play at any time.

  2. I get the jitters if I can’t connect. When I went on vacation in Japan last year it was the first time in a LONG time I didn’t have steady access, though I was able to get occasional connectivity if a place I was staying had free wi-fi. But those times I couldn’t I felt ‘disconnected’. Just today I was out with my son looking for a place I hadn’t been in years and I used my cell phone to pull up directions via google maps — I used to keep maps in my car, but I haven’t in a while now.

    And to think, when I was a kid it was a BIG deal when my father bought a COLOR TV. (somewhere around 1970, I think). The b&w TV went into the kitchen, I think. Still, we could only get 3 channels (4 on really good days).

    What I do for a living today is directly related to technology and the internet – the automated phone system and self service web pages for participants for a large investment and insurance company. And then after work and after dinner I spend much of my free time on the net. I don’t even have cable TV cause everything I (and my son) watch is through streaming sites or downloads. My life today seems to revolve around the net.

    A lot sure has changes since I watched The Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Show in color the first time 43 years ago… :)

    • I think you can use 3G to connect just on case you are at some place without wifi connection. I tend to do that since these non-wifi areas here are pretty common. Though my monies and battery will drop down like a waterfall, lol. Ah, google maps, indeed a pretty handy tool to have, as opposed to maps comprised with papers.

      Yea indeed, technology improvements is ftw. I was so happy when I get my first color phone too, lol. Before that I was using without colors and monotones music.

      Ahh I see. I worked in an IT department too but still not sure if I want to do it permanently. And indeed, I also spend most of my time on the net after work, just doesnt feel right without internet access, as I basically get all my anime, books and games from it, lol.

      And true indeed :D

  3. As for me, I can no longer live without internet. It’s mostly the interaction with other people, the ability to get information quickly and finding entertaining stuff to watch is what makes it so addicting. Of course, I have a smartphone too, which allows me to surf the internet or check twitter anytime. However, I experienced some instances where I have to deal without any internet such as my band camp experience during my senior year of high school and I didn’t have a smartphone. I nearly died without internet. Of course, there is Hurricane Sandy where I lost internet for two days on my cellphone besides the lost of power and it was painful too. So yes, internet is something we should appreciate.

    As for wireless, have you consider troubleshooting the wireless router? Things like channel interference (too many people using the same channel in a certain area), router placement and object interference can cause issues too.

    • You can pretty much get everything from the internet, literally everything, ranging from interactions, information, entertainment, and you can even obtain physical things by buying stuffs online. Internet’s powerful but that’s exactly why we became reliant on it, not much I can say on my behalf however, lol. I “suffered” for quite a long while on the go last time too, I didn’t had a smartphone, and even if I had one, my sim card was the old type that could only use the 2G network, it’s only just recently that I finally found some time to bring it to the shop to take care of that, now I can finally use 3G when there’s no wi-fi access, lol.

      As said, I already reset the router, and I believe there are not a lot of people at my home using the internet anyway so that couldn’t be. And my computer is quite close to the router, like just a few meters.

    • I thought about it, but decided that it’s too much of a hassle, lol. I need to think of a way to lay the network wire to my room, and I also need to make a network socket in my room since I don’t have one here, which, I’m going to need the contractor’s help. I also need to think of the trunking, as I don’t want the wire running about. As you can see, lots to do and think about.

  4. You kids today! BTW, the feeling empty sounds like addiction. I think today it’s normal to be addicted to the internet, so it sounds natural, but still sounds like it.

    I used to have a dial-up, then ISDN (double-speed dial-up!). We used to pay phone-line rates for the internet, because it occupied a normal phone line. We didn’t pay per data, but per time. Internet, like phone-calls, was cheap between 2200-0800 every day and quite costly the rest of the day. I’d stay online as late as I could, go to sleep, wake up at 0530 every day during junior high (I’m not shitting you), be online till 0700 when they’d like me to prepare for school and then go to school every day. The pains of not having internet except during the weekend during the day were quite harsh.

    There were also times when as punishment my father limited my internet connection, which were times of despair and fury.

    I live on another floor from the internet connection, and my wireless receiver had me going from 40 kbs to 5 Mbp/s, but the inconsistency was a major hassle, especially as I tried to play FPS games, League of Legends, etc. Now I use an HPNA adapter and get to enjoy 10 Mbp/s, even if our connection permits more, it is still sufficient for me for the time being.
    http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/H/HPNA.html>HPNA if you’re interested allows you to use your home’s phone line to transfer internet connection, basically replacing the LAN/WAN.

    • Indeed I admit, I’m addicted. Ever since getting a proper internet subscription, I immediately got hooked, and it’s just unthinkable not to be able to connect at home – I’m addicted.

      Dial-up is wonderful, I remember playing some MMORPG with dial-up, defeated a slime monster, and then took me 10-20 seconds to pick up a coin. The wonderful stamina of a high school student, lol. The time that you mentioned, seems like it’s also the time where the internet is fastest, for me at least, at least if no one’s in the same network snatching bandwidth from me. Before, my speed can reach 100kbps and after the upgrade plan, I can reach at 300kbps at peak speed, especially during aforementioned time. Not even close to your speed of cause, but these speed readings here in Brunei is already considered quite fast. Anyway, because of such timing, I always leave any huge downloads at night open and I get to bed, it was some heavy DDL before but as most download hosts went down recently (megaupload, etc..), I had been opening torrents instead.

      I didn’t even had a proper internet connection before so there wasn’t even much to limit, lol. But they did limit my gaming time.

      Anyway, I didn’t know about the HPNA, thanks. So if you use HPNA, existing phone line won’t be interrupted, so that means phone calls will still work? How do you connect it to your CPU?

      • It’s not dial up that was an issue there, but lag. I own GW2 but I can’t play in any events due to heavy lag, even with proper internet. They try to cut down costs so they don’t have enough bandwidth/servers, and then you stop playing due to being unable to play, so they cut down even more…

        You should note you’re talking kilobytes, I gave the speed in megabits, which you can divide in 8. So it’s a maximum of 1.2 MBp/s which is what you think of, but still faster than what you’re getting by a factor of about 4.

        HPNA doesn’t affect the regular phone conversations, but it does require you to have two unused wall sockets for the phone line – an ethernet cable is connected to the HPNA on one end from the router or the internet connection, and then in my room I have another HPNA box which is also connected by an ethernet cable, to my computer.

        Technically you could connect the HPNA at the exit to another wireless router and have people connect to it, but nothing beats cables.

        • True, but with dial-up, it’s more bound to lag then usual. Lol, it’s one thing why I had been avoiding MMORPGs, it’s “unstable” in a lot of ways.

          I already did the math. 3mbps equals to 375kbps so it’s close.

          Hmm, I don’t have a phone socket in my room, and I think I already mentioned the problems of using wiring in some comments above, but I’ll see what I can do, if I’m going to get one.

  5. Wow, I’m actually impressed that you can last a few days with Internet and survived on downloaded games & anime. I would’ve been in despair if I cannot connect to Internet whenever I wanted to. I’m not always connected (work, out and about, etc) but when I’m home, it’s on and it has to work. Otherwise, I’ll be standing beside my modem trying to fix the connection, tweaking some settings on my Macbook to get it working, lol.

    • My internet isn’t particularly stable even before I had the USB receiver (though we upgraded our plan at some point, so ironic that a little after that my wi-fi receiver just had to broke), so I always prepare some anime, games or even books beforehand just in case the internet decided to screw up. Just recently, I upgraded my smartphone’s sim card to 3G anyhow so if I really can’t connect to my home’s main wi-fi network, I can always use the former, though it does eat away my money fast if I used it hardcore style, lol.

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