Onani Master Kurosawa Review


Onani Master Kurosawa, literally translated as “Masturbation Master Kurosawa”, is definitely different from one might expect the manga was going for gawking at the blatant title. It is a doujin, but strangely retained polished qualities that could even compete with other professional manga.


The premise of Onani Master Kurosawa was so ridiculous it’s laughable – a middle school boy secretly jerking off in the girl’s washroom. Every time classes were over, he always stayed in school until almost everyone had left the school, and then he proceeded on to his “daily activities” – choosing a girl from his school as his source of lust, and masturbated. The young boy, Kurosawa Kakeru, was really enjoying his “sexual life” at school, until one day, he got busted, by a quiet girl who seem to always got herself bullied – Kitahara Aya. Seeking revenge, she forced Kakeru to help her through blackmailing – threatening to expose his “secrets” should he refused. For all those who bullied her, in return, they are sullied by Kurosawa’s “white juices”.


The story is disturbing. It painted the darker side of school life to a realistic degree – bullies, blackmails, revenge – it is an unbelievably gloomy story, and is definitely not just a simple fapping tale. With Death Note’s signature psychological fashion, the manga portrays a very engaging, yet realistic plot. While the manga is intense however, I like how it had a calming conclusion – themes of redemption and acceptance befalls our characters, turning to a much more light-hearted second half of the manga. Reading those towards the end, it really makes one feel just how much the characters, especially Kurosawa, had grown, and I believe that’s the essence of the manga itself – growing up.


The atmosphere of Onani Master Kurosawa is a solemn one, and reading the manga from Kurosawa’s perspective really strengthen the feeling immersion and realism. It also helps one empathize with Kurosawa – his joys, his anger, his melancholy – all emotions he felt, we perceived as incredibly strong and potent – overpowering, and perhaps even exaggerated emotions. Aforementioned, I like how the manga had a conclusive point, throughout all the gloomy years of school life, the characters, both the bullies and the victims change gradually. To the bullies, it was about accepting the consequences of your actions, and to better yourself as a person; and to the victims, it was about forgiveness, after all, fighting fire with fire will just turn it into an never-ending cycle of hatred and revenge, and the manga shown us all too clearly. In short, once again, it was all about growing up.


Being a doujin, I can’t say the manga had the best artwork there is. The drawings look like incomplete sketches, and no proper filling or inking had been done. Lines look dirty, uneven and unclean, and sometimes, the effect lines just go all over the place. Such artwork however, oddly fits with the overall dreary and twisted ambiance. To give a metaphor, it’s like watching a psychological horror film in black and white TV, something feels “amiss”, and it’s imperfect visual presentations strengthen such vibes.


Onani Master Kurosawa was a surprisingly fine read, and an intense emotional ride at that. It’s artwork leave a bit to be desired, but it offsets that shortcoming with an extremely compelling storyline and empathizing characters. The manga is a truly excellent coming of age story and I definitely recommend to give it a read, despite it’s misleading title.


Story: A+
Character: S
Artwork: C-

Final Score

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17 thoughts on “Onani Master Kurosawa Review

  1. I actually haven’t gotten around to reading this one but I’ve heard a lot of good about it. I’ve often heard that it starts off like Death Note parody status (I’ve actually seen a few pages as some of my friends read it) but then becomes a lot more dramatic and serious. I have read Chikan Otoko, which was done by the same artist, and enjoyed that one thoroughly though, so I definitely wanna check this one out. This one’s been on my radar for a while but sadly I’ve been lazy about getting to it and I have so many things I want to watch or read, so hopefully sooner than later I’ll get around to this one.

      • Awesome, I’m looking forward to seeing how much you enjoy Chikan Otoko. And yeah the friend who got me into it told me about that as well, it’s pretty awesome to think a story like that could actually happen in real life. But I’ll definitely have to give Onani Master a read, as far as I know it’s more serious and dramatic than Chikan Otoko (don’t get me wrong, that can definitely be dramatic when it needs to be but it has so much humor, even in the midst of the drama) so I’m curious to see how it will compare.

        • Hopefully will just be a while until I get to that, lol. Indeed, I find Onani to be more serious even with all the references, however, some of the dialogue (especially the main character) had is kinda humorous, but as the atmosphere is so serious, I had no idea if I should laugh or not. It’s a weird feeling.

      • Hmm. So this manga somehow pulled a Reverse Cerbrus Syndrome and got it right. It also teaches writers that if they want readers to take their work seriously (Despite their ridiculous title that is only a means to an end), go as deep as you can before lightening up.

        • Indeed, in Onani’s case, the tone shift works really well in my opinion, and the shift is brought with success by it’s character, namely, and mainly, Kurosawa, in this case.

  2. Can I just ask – what is this series a parody of? You said it was a doujinshi, but I thought it was an original story with a few references to other series here and there. Anyway, I quite liked it, and I agree with you on its theme.

    • There are a lot of Death Note and Code Geass references, but should be some others I didn’t notice. A doujin doesn’t necessary has to be on published anime and games, there are doujins with original stories as well.

  3. You should read Molester Man as well! It was drawn by the same artist of this manga (the writer was someone from 4ch website, and apparently it was a real life story). The plot is really good too, pretty entertaining and has a great character development like in onani master kurosawa

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