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While I definitely had my fair share of troublesome problems and obligations I need to deal with, a certain awful event that happened these past few days overwhelmed all my little worries – my dad’s surgical operation due to prostate cancer. If you checked my twitter, chances are, you should see my mini announcement that I would be gone for a week due to my dad’s hospitalization. My dad had actually been undergoing checkups and CT scans for around a year, and the most recent checkups were not really positive. The doctor said he needed a surgery, and fast.

Fortunately, the disease was discovered in the early stages – the cancer was in an isolated state and it hadn’t started spreading to other parts of the body so the situation wasn’t as bad. He still had to undergo surgery though, and the operation was successful. I admit though, I was a bit shocked and flabbergasted to see him murmuring hysterically that he’s in pain in the operation theater. My dad, who has a considerable resistance to pain, had an expression that was akin to screaming for help. We weren’t able to do much – the only thing we could do was to just stay at his side as much as humanly possible. 

Time goes on, and as the days passed, my dad was still in pain, but he was getting better bit by bit. By the fifth day, he was already eating and walking around – his strength slowly but gradually returns. By almost exactly one week, he was already given the leeway return home. He still need help around the house but he had been getting more and more energetic, he was still obviously in pain though, and probably will for a while.

As usual, real life’s tough, but my dad’s surviving, I’m surviving… we all are, and we will do our very best to continue this tenacious spirit of ours.

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22 thoughts on “Update In Life

    • Indeed, and that was some major operation. It’s going to take quite a long while for the pain to completely subside but he’s gradually doing better^^

  1. I went through something similar a couple years back so I know exactly what this is like. I’m happy that your dad’s getting better, I wish you and your family all the best.

  2. Parents in pain is not something we want to see or can imagine in the first place, but thats life.
    Good that it was discovered early enough and the doctors could fix it.

    all the best for him ^^

  3. Glad to hear that he is doing alright. I had a scare with my dad a few years ago, it’s the kind of thing that really makes you stop and think.

      • It wasn’t cancer, but my dad was very sick for a few months. He just suddenly collapsed one day, I found him laying in the hallway. Ultimately It was “only” an issue with his blood pressure, but it kept my dad down for a long time. He is the sort to work constantly even when he gets sick so it was scary to say him forced into resting for so long.

        • Kinda reminds me of my dad, he’s quite the stubborn type and was the type to work even though he’s sick. Even now, he’s constantly moving about the house a lot even though we tell him not to.

  4. Your situation sounds rough indeed and it seems like you’ve had a really tough time. Glad everything worked out for you. All the best to you and your family.

  5. I don’t know if you’re a believer or not but know that I will pray for your father to recover all his strength as quickly as he can. Our most Almighty GOD (Not Madoka or Haruhi) has already blessed your father by subduing the cancer and GOD will continue helping the Supreme Kai.

    Whenever you’re ready to return, do so and not a minute sooner. Come back when real life has calmed down. Best of luck to you and your family dood. Much love…and stuff.

    • Thanks for your prayer^^ And I sure hope so.

      Ahh not to worry, I should be able to squish in a bit of time in anime and blogging now that the worst is over^^ Consistency of my activity is going to be a bit unstable though.

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