Progress on My Massive Backlog


Now that the dark part was over, I believe some updates on my favorite hobbies is in order to lighten up a bit.


I finished marathoning all the Sket Dance and Fairy Tail episodes some time ago. Both shows are great and I’m even surprised there are some romance development in Sket Dance. I’m still wondering if I should check out the manga for both, but I’m inclining more on the “don’t read” side for Fairy Tail, it’s phenomenal OSTs is too good for me to do so. A bit early for a marathoner like me, but I had also started watching current airing shows, the episodic ones at least, like Gin no Saji and Tamayura Aggressive. I watched Railgun S thinking it’s akin to the “cute girls doing cute things” episodic atmosphere of the previous season, but I’m surprised to see it features a huge and also an extended arc from Index, and was also coincidentally one of my favorite arcs in the Index universe.

Last but not least, I also watched Watamote. A fine show, as recommended by quite a number of people. The “jokes” touched a bit too much on the realism side for comfort sometimes though. Watching Tomoko for an extended periods of time, I don’t even know if I should laugh or cry, but I guess that’s what Watamote is about – wry jokes making one feel sorry for her, so sorry that you just had to crack a wry laugh.

I also watched Da Capo III, not sure what to make of that…


For manga, what I had read is more because of the nature of their anime counterparts. For example, I had been waiting for the longest time for a “proper” Hayate no Gotoku season 3, what I get was an odd sequel where it’s quality was questionable at best, what’s worse is that it expected us to already know about the new characters in the manga (aka Ruka) by popping them out of nowhere in the anime, so off I went with the manga indeed, and I’m glad I did. I can understand why the manga was so loved. The arcs for Athena was exceptionally good, something which the anime had never shown to me. The World God Only Knows was another one I read in a similar fashion. The currently airing season 3 of the anime skipped around 70 chapters and no way I’m missing all those either. Before starting, the anime did had an extremely condensed previewing of all those skipped chapters, but I would rather read the manga first, which I did.


I’m still somehow keeping up with games and visual novels, media which consume the most time in my opinion. I was hyped up about the English release of Grisaia no Kajitsu, and finished them sometime ago. The heroines are good but ironically, I’m more interested in Yuuji, the protagonist than the heroines themselves – the random murmurings of his own past was like a tease to me. I really want a detailed and coherent exposure of his past instead of random mentions here and there, but for this, I guess I had to wait for the translations for the later installments of the Grisaia franchise (specially the second one at that).

I haven’t play a lot of games. I “suffered” PPD after finishing Xenoblade for what feels the longest time ever. Xenoblade is in my opinion, the best game in the Operation Rainfall, and of cause, the best Wii game I had ever played. (I only played like 4 Wii games though, bwahaha) Another game I played recently which I feel also deserved to be top-tier in it’s own right is Dangan Ronpa. An awesome game and this may be a bit exaggerating but it is close to being one of my most favorite games in the PSP. I’m especially attached to a certain three characters.


Considering my inactivity in light novels, I’m still surprised I was able to get some done – I finished reading 6 volumes of Heavy Object and Hakomari. I had read the first four volumes long time of Hakomari a long time ago before even volume 5 and 6 were translated. In order to immerse myself more and further feel the build-up once more, I re-read the first four volumes, and ended reading everything including the newer two volumes. What I read was… hard to put it in words. Hakomari was one of my favorite light novels even before the new volumes, but it gets even more engrossing after reading volume 5 and 6. Also, a lot of things started to make sense. The new revelations, character developments, and psychological warfare was once again indescribably fascinating.

On the other hand, Heavy Object was also a fine read – written by the same author who wrote the Index series. Heavy Object would certainly fares to the tech geeks. If you love the complex sci-fi and technical dialogues of Index, then you would surely love this as well. The light novel also features extremely flashy battles – tiny humans versus large animistic robots known as ‘Objects’ towering 50 meters in height.

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18 thoughts on “Progress on My Massive Backlog

  1. HakoMari! :D

    Watching Hoshino’s progression to becoming a badass is really fun, and yeah, I re-read the novels prior to 6 for the same reason, along with the fact that there’s a lot of call back from previous volumes; like you’re reading one continuous novel (which, compared to other multi-volume novels, isn’t really all that common).

    • xD

      I felt his change was interesting and awesome. I seen a lot of people that doesn’t really like Volume 5 and 6 because of his change, but I feel it’s quite welcome. And Daiya, little did I know that the dude all the way from Volume 1 would be tied so much to the history of the other characters. Man, this novel is awesome :D

      Hakomari does had a lot of content, and almost each and every one of them is an important detail not to missed out, lol. There’s also the fact that Hakomari loves leaving things on cliffhangers.

  2. So I really need to play Xenoblade, huh? My backlog is already huge >.<
    Dangan Ronpa was indeed awesome, do you plan on reviewing it?
    I'm actually reading the Baka to Test light novel at the moment. I'm not quite sure what to think of it yet.

  3. Fall isn’t as packed as Summer so it won’t be much trouble looking over some Spring and Winter shows I put away for the time being. I’ll do what I can to review them all then. Good luck with your own backlog.

  4. I really need to start digging through my backlog; it’s gotten way worse over the past month. I haven’t started Fairy Tail yet because of the massive number of episodes it has, but since I keep hearing good things I may pick it up soon. I guess I also need to find a copy of Xenoblade since so many people say it’s a “must play” game.

    • I personally think Fairy Tail is still manageable, but I can see where you’re coming from. Yea, if you have a Wii, and you like RPG, Xenoblade’s definitely a must play. I used emulator though bwahaha.

      • Haha, yeah that’s one way to play it. I have a Wii that’s been sitting around the house collecting dust for the past few years and I think my cousin may have a copy of Xenoblade now that I think about it.

        • Ahh, guess you can borrow it then. Good thing about playing on the emu is that I can enjoy my games in proper HD. The Wii U would remedy this issue, but not sure if Wii games are compatible on it (or perhaps the games need a re-release).

  5. “season 3 of the anime skipped around 70 chapters ” fuck, really? thats just terrible, I mean the show is very good and I like the idea with the hidden godesses, but 70 chapters

    You already finished Grisaia? Woot, I still haven’t seen the first choice :D Nevertheless I like it a lot, the school comedy storys are charming. I actually never played such a quality vn, the look is really good.

    • Actually, I just noticed in between the 70 chapters, there are 2 OVAs for for two arcs. The OVAs weren’t able to cover all 70 chapters but it did managed to adapt the more important ones. I’m glad they were able to adapt the Tenri introduction arc :D

    • About Grisaia, I’m really looking forward to the second one, since it focuses on Yuuji’s past, it also has more extreme hard-boiled action :D Actions are severely lacking in the first one.

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