2 Year Anniversary


Time goes on, my backlog grew larger, and I had a few stumbles over my life, but another milestone had been reached today – Deluscar is now 2 years old. For all my viewers and readers who had supported me so far, thank you.

I got nothing major planned this time, and as I’m still comfortable with my current theme, I’m certainly not planning to change my blog theme, unlike my last anniversary, yet, at least. But still, perhaps, a cake is in order.. or some cookies.

For those who had been following me during the earlier periods of Deluscar, you may had noticed my blogging frequency had been increasingly slow. Back then, I made an average of 10 posts per month and in contrast, nowadays I could barely scrap 4 of them. I used to be able to make 2 to 3 posts per week so that probably explained my consistency before. Barely coming up with just 1 post per week now is probably the best I could manage, and this will probably continue for a while. I’m busy, for sure, but I wouldn’t say that I will be so busy that I need to stop blogging or be on a hiatus or something, but my blogging consistency is definitely going to suffer. At some point, perhaps you might see me blogging as fast as churning 3 posts a week like during my “peak” times, but at some point, you might not see me here for around 3 weeks to a month.

Despite my life obligations however, I definitely got some new interesting things I’m readying for my blog, so stay tuned!

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43 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary

  1. Congratulations!

    I definitely feel in the beginning you’re so full of ideas that you just want to get them out, and also you’re buoyed by the new toy that is the blog… ok, it’s not amount of ideas – I’ve been keeping a blog of one sort of another for over a decade now, and the more you write, the more you have to write about. The more you think and explore ideas, the more ideas that present themselves to you, and the more ideas you realize you must reference, but which you hadn’t written about yet.

    If anything, I think what makes us slow down, aside from life picking up, is realizing that the more we write, the more we want to write, and the more we have to write about. I keep a list of things I want to write about, and each idea put to rest causes at least 2 more to spring up, or I find myself delaying a post because I must first make 3 others to base the original idea one on… :D

    Good luck, have fun! That’s what counts, in the end.

    • Ahh indeed, I feel you man.

      It’s like, you think of one idea, then the idea sprung up multiple ideas, and you realized it will be better to write these new ideas first so that it will help build up the topic for your main post that much more stronger (in fact, a dozen of my posts were delayed for this very reason). Then, there’s also commenting on other people’s blogs, you can easily just get as much ideas just from reading other blogger’s posts and commenting.

      True enough. Just sit back, enjoy and let my hands do what they do best xD (and brain, too)

  2. Gratz :D And keep it up :)
    At the end of the day, a blogs a blog and RL needs to take priority.

    My blogs coming towards its first year and I was hoping to post one blog a day but that seems to be one every other day which aint too bad..But in reality depends on whats happening work, shifts, wife, kids etc… All takes time :D (Plus I was daft enough to train for a marathon, them 4 hour training runs kind of killed my time)

    Congratz, Keep it up and enjoy it :D

    • Thanks ;D

      A post a day? That’s incredibly difficult for me, but that’s probably due to my type and style of posts. Yea, your post frequency’s pretty good. Just gotta balance out and organize our time better, though with more anime and games coming up every single time, balancing them can be quite difficult ^^” Think it’s been the longest time since I ever ran in a marathon, in fact, think I’m pretty much out of shape.

      • *lol* :) I’m not sure I ran the marathon more along the lines of stumbled, jogs, walked (especially over the last 6 miles, they were a killer)… :I finished in 4 hours 51 minutes.

        I’ve not ran properly since then… need to start picking up my running again except I’m going to stick to half’s from now on :)
        Anyway I’m going to shut up now, keep up the blogging :)

  3. Congratulations on completing a second awesome year! We all understand that sometimes real life gets in the way, and I certainly have an idea of how much effort goes into writing articles now.

    I always enjoy reading what you write because it’s so different from the topics I manage to think of, so I hope you keep it up for the foreseeable future! If not for you and Deluscar I probably wouldn’t have started blogging, so I have you to thank for that at well ^_^

    • Thanks. Indeed, writing an article is like crafting a fine piece of art xD

      I believe that apply to everyone else. I enjoy reading other articles written by others as well, especially ones that discussed unique themes and elements of anime, games and the visual subculture. Glad to have inspired you :p

  4. Congrats on making the second year. I know how you feel about the lack of time as I’m finding some free time taken away as graduate school has a bit more work. Still, I wish you luck in the next year.

  5. Congrats on the two years. I feel like we are almost the same in terms of statistic as I’ve been blogging that long too. I forgot to do a celebratory post about it. Back when I started I was doing about 10 a month as well but now it’s down to once a week. If we combine our efforts we’d be back up to 10 a month :D

    Best of luck to future blogging. I hope you can stick with it so I have stuff to read.

    • So far i noticed me, you, Marrow and Myst are the ones that started at almost the same time. Chances are, if one of us are announcing our anniversaries, then get ready for the others to come up with theirs too xD
      Yea, if we are doing a team blog ^^”

      Thanks, you too.

  6. Congratulations Kai!! No matter what, I will follow you to the depths of the earth! >:D YOU WON’T ESCAPE FROM ME!!! MWAHAHAHA!

    *ahem* Wish you the best for the 2nd year Kai! The 2nd year is always the hardest to get past ;) Don’t give up!

  7. Congrats!

    Frequency of posting isn’t as important as quality. I post only once a week. I planned on that from the beginning because many of my posts require a fair bit of research. I suggest you write ahead and create a “buffer” that lets you stay on schedule if something comes up. I am in graduate school, and it is difficult to find time between classes and working full time. My buffer has saved me many a week. I currently have 16 weeks worth of articles-about a semester worth. Even just a couple of articles in the buffer helps!

    I look forward to your next two years!

    • True enough^^” I just post whenever I can, I guess, I don’t really have a fixed schedule. Hmm, I do write ahead, in fact, I have a few finished drafts, semi-finished drafts (mostly need to get the pictures in, which sometimes just take forever) and “empty drafts” (basically just ideas I thought of and only just started off with the titles). The tough part is that sometimes, a new idea may sprung up when I’m writing a particular post, and I may need to write those new ideas to strengthen the appeal of my main post too, a number of posts were delayed for that very reason^^” I also had a few “serial posts” which I don’t even want to start posting any if I know I will only stopped at the very first part, which lost the meaning of “serial”. Also, don’t think scheduling works for me, as I usually tweet, FBed and G+-ed my posts manually, lol.

  8. I”m fairly new here, but congratulations anyway! Keeping up a blog is a time consuming thing, I’m glad to know you will be around for awhile longer.

    • Thanks! Yea, I will definitely be around, I think even if I’m going to stop or something, I’ll most probably still be leaving this blog open just in case I change my mind and return – I still need an outlet to express my thoughts, and this blogs serve that purpose perfectly :p

  9. Congratulations! I’m still new to the whole blogging world and even my blog’s first anniversary is a while away, but I do hope that I’ll keep it going for two years like you have, and ideally longer than that. Don’t pressure yourself to write too much though, it’s no good if you feel compelled to post frequently to the point where blogging feels more like a chore than a hobby. There’s a lot of stuff to deal with in life (I know schoolwork tends to screw up my plans to post frequently on my blog at least) so as long as you post when it’s best for you then your readers will understand.

    • Ahh, is it? When did you start blogging again? I thought you blogged a lot longer, lol. But good to see new potential bloggers^^

      Don’t worry I wont ;p I’ll just keep going on with the same mindset that I always had – just post whenever I want. I experienced it firsthand when I’m forced to come up with posts for episodic blogging long time ago. Pretty chaotic, even watching the anime feels like a burden since I know I had to review those new episodes after I’m done.

      • I made my blog around the end of April this year, so it’s pretty recent. Not even half a year quite yet. But I do hope I can keep it going for a while, it’s quite enjoyable.

        That’s good, it’s always best that way. And that definitely seems pretty chaotic, one of the reasons why I just can’t bother with episodic blogging. I happened to pick up a lot of the anime this season, and I really just can’t imagine making a post nearly every day for each one of those.

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