My NaNoWriMo Debut?


What is NaNoWriMo? The full abbreviation is “National Novel Writing Month” and with the full abbreviation, the basis and objective behind NaNoWriMo is pretty self-explanatory. Each year, NaNoWriMo will host a novel writing competition – the novels are submitted on the month of November. Other than that, there are also a lot of other features and events aside from the novel submissions in November, something which I didn’t explore as much.

This year, I started writing one with the aim of submitting it for NaNoWriMo, quite a late start however. As you can see, there’s a “?” in the title of this post. Why “?”? Thing is, writing a novel is serious business – it’s actually much more harder than I thought. Granted, this is the first time I’m writing something of this scale, but it’s also my fault for writing a story with such a complex settings. Though, I have ideas, but executing them isn’t as easy as I thought, and joining all these incoherent ideas is just as hard. There’s also my weak grammars in English (I think you might even spot some English errors in some of my blog posts). Additionally, there’s also conversations between characters, likewise, something I’m not really good at.

There’s also the deadline, which is November. I don’t plan to finish by this year’s November of cause, as I only just started, but next year’s November. At this rate I’m going at though, finishing it on time even by next year seems doubtful. I also prefer slowly taking my time to consider the different outcomes of my story instead of rushing it through. Aforementioned, my story uses a complex setting as it’s base, so I really need to think things through and take a lot of things into consideration. Nonetheless, I do want to finish it though, and if next year doesn’t work, then maybe the year after that, or maybe the year after that year…

I don’t like spoiling my own story so I’m not gonna say anything about what my story is about.. as of yet. But I’m going to put down a small segment of what I had wrote here, as a teaser preview of sorts. Maybe you can guess what kind of story it is from this small preview. In any case, enjoy my wannabee light novel, or at least a very small part of it.


My hands are bright red.


Some of these redness somehow got splattered near my lips, it tasted like iron.

I looked at the scene in front of my eyes.

What lied there sprawled on the floor is a.. human, or what left of it. Like a lifeless doll, it just stayed there, not even moving a finger, under it, is a pool of crimson redness.


It’s only then that I realized. It’s blood, all these redness is blood. Did all those blood originated from the body? I stood there, motionless for a while, before my five senses returned to me. It’s only then that I can smell the horrible stench in the air.

I tried covering my nose with my hands to block off the horrible odor, but it did little to help – the smell of iron felt even stronger when I put my blood-soaked hands up close. In vain, I leave my hands back down and started walking very slowly to the body on too of the massive sea of bright red blood. Perhaps, I’m trying to escape from reality thinking that she might still be alive. Nonetheless, I had to confirm it.. I had to confirm it! But with each steps, my feet gets heavier, it’s like a million arms were grabbing at my legs.

After what feels like an eternity, I finally reached the body. Gazing briefly, I can see the body was lying upside down, it’s long hair covering a portion of the upper body.

I gulped.

Gathering all the courage I can humanly mustered, I knelt down to have a better look. As I knelt down, my right hand lying on the side, which was supposed to be touching the cold hard concrete, felt something warm, wet and squishy instead. Ignorantly, I looked at that direction.


It’s.. I can’t make out the shape, is it part of the body’s organs? Is it the heart? Is it the lungs? Or is it the intestines?

“..uuhhhh.. uuuoooohhhhhhh….!!??”

I vomitted, adding to the grotesqueness of the already grotesque scene.

The body’s dead. She’s dead. There’s no need to confirm it any further.

It’s a corpse.

It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse. It’s a corpse!


[To be continued]


Did you enjoy it? For some reason, I kinda enjoy torturing my own characters in this story. I’m a sadist. Though, I drew some basis of my main character’s characterizations from me though. Oh, does that make me a masochist?

Wait, now that when I think about it, does NaNoWriMo even allow such a violent story?

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32 thoughts on “My NaNoWriMo Debut?

  1. Been a long time since it’s been “National”, or since my first and only attempt at it :)

    You know, taking your time kind of defeats the purpose. The whole point of NaNoWriMo is you must write 50k words within 30 days, or 1,667 words a day. That’s not that much, but the moment you try to look back and weigh words, you’re doomed to fail.

    So they clearly state in their advice, the purpose is to “just write”, so after the month is done you’ll have 50k words, and then you could take your time editing, polishing, etc.

    Also, “contest” is a bit misleading, since the contest is with yourself, and anyone who finishes by the deadline’s a winner :)

    Good luck!

    • If I’m doomed to fail, there’s always next year.

      And now that you mention it, you’re right. A lot of the pep talks some of the authors did in NaNoWriMo, says exactly the same thing “Just write, put down anything you’re doing and write.”

      ..time to turn myself into a writing madman *starts writing with bloodshot eyes and with my tongue out of my mouth*

      Ahhh.. my sanity.. xD

      • It’s actually something that was sort of official advice, when I read the mission statement the only year I participated.

        Also, there’s what’s called “Fail Better” – That you don’t win doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot out of it, do as best as you can, and then think of what worked, what didn’t, and why. Don’t just fail, learn from it, and then do better :)

        Good luck!

  2. Congratulations on starting NaNoWriMo. I hope that you enjoy your experience of it.

    I do agree with the other comment, however. The aim is to write what you can in the time allotted. The odds of it actually being a novel is miniscule for all participants. However, you can do it exactly as you wish. I don’t think there are any rules imposed. There is a ‘point’, yes, but I don’t believe it to be enforced.

    As an author myself I can honestly say that it helps to write it all out at first though. A little note of key points doesn’t hurt either.

    I usually write the first version as far as I can and then I begin over in Draft 1 to the end, then Draft 2, Draft 3 and I do as much editing as required on the final. Each time you work on it your understanding of language grows, your style matures and the quality rises each time. Also, because it’s in a different place to the original and you’re working on it from the beginning again you can see the errors more clearly.

    I understand what you mean by weak grammar. I have that difficulty with my French pieces.

    I have some critique for what is here but I won’t say anything unless you want to me to. It isn’t my place to barge in.

    • Don’t believe I can get the most experience out of NaNoWriMo until I can actually submit a valid novel, but I’ll try^^”

      True enough. But I’ll try to be fast in any case, if not, January, or maybe next November again I guess.

      That seems like a good method. Thanks, I’ll try to integrate it into my writing, though it will be funny if further revisions ended up changing some major plot points of the story >_<

      And I'm fine with the critique here if you're willing to.

      • I’m willing to. Language is a sort of obsession of mine.

        Firstly (and I know this isn’t actually from your piece), I would say that grammars is incorrect. It’s a silly little thing, really, but it’s one of those words like homework that remains the same for plural and singular.

        One of the most noticeable aspects of this piece is the change in tenses. For example:
        ‘My hands are bright red’ is in the present tense but the following sentence ‘Some of these redness somehow got splattered near my lips, it tasted like iron’ is in the past tense. It’s hard. I make the mistake all of the time but i’s easy to edit.

        There are some words in plural, ‘Did all those’.

        The other things are… They’re a little bit more difficult and harder to explain.
        There are some that are phrased in quite a unique way, ‘ In vain, I leave my hands back down’. Those aren’t really things that people would say or read. I would say, maybe ‘futilely, I lowered my hands’.

        It’s hard to critique because those phrases aren’t too far from what you mean to say. I can understand them perfectly well. The words have different connotations so they don’t always suit what you’re trying to convey…

        Other than that I would say to maybe put in a bit more detail. It’s really good to put in detail. The image in your head should be put onto the page or screen. Is there light? Is the room big or small? Are there furnishings?
        I quite like how there isn’t much mention of setting in terms of room or place descriptions because it focuses on what needs to be focused on. Stylistically it’s a very good approach. Again, it’s a bit unusual but it really works for the atmosphere. Well, I think so anyway.

        I like your story. I think it’s going to be really good.
        I wish you luck with your progress. Goodness knows that novels are tricky little suckers.

        • Yea, I know I’m weak at grammars, lol. Not even sure sometimes if the way I constructed my sentence is correct or wrong (the latter most of the time though)

          Yea indeed. When to use past tense and present tense is another confusing thing to me. If I’m not wrong, the usage of tenses isn’t completely consecutive and depend on circumstances, so that means sometimes the usage of tenses had to be broken out of norm.

          I will take that into consideration.

          Thing is, I might (not sure yet) shifts perspective on another character in the later parts of the story, and I’m trying to use words that suit their characterizations. For the perspective on this particular character for example, I’m trying to use words as simple as possible, but indeed, it does sounds weird at some point.

          Ahh right, it completely slipped my mind. I guess my brain was focusing on the main subject at hand, I didn’t actually gave much thought in regards to the current place for that particular scene (but I do provide place and settings descriptions for some other scenes though). I just had this vague imagination in my mind but if I were to write a detailed description, I’m going to have to visualize a bit more thoroughly.

          Thanks! Well, I’ll still have to try to finish it either way, if I can, that is >_>

  3. Ah, you’ll really do that?, respect ^^
    That’s a path of long, long work you’ve chosen, but it’s nice that you already have an idea for it.

    Good luck with coming to an, for you satisfying conclusion for this story.

  4. I’m doing nanowrimo too. I’ve been doing it since 2002 but took three years off. For me, only one of the novels I wrote had any future potential at all. the others I abandoned.

    Hmm, maybe I’ll put in a few more words tonight …

  5. Nice :D

    I was gonna try to write this month as well to see if I can keep up the supposed average 1000+ words a day; burned out about a week in, lol. Still, NaNoWriMo’s a good way of keeping yourself writing though, which is the end goal of the whole thing really.

    Spread the light novel love my friend ^^

          • Oh, lol, nah I haven’t given up (or well, I gave up on trying NaNoWriMo at least) xD

            The novel’s been something I’ve been working on for a while, so I think I’m mostly doing it the same as you in that regard (next year’s November sounds good) :D

              • We need to stay positive in these kinds of things :D

                That’s an idea. Haha. I just might. I haven’t let anyone read what I’ve written yet but fresh eyes and feedback are always good I suppose.

                  • I don’t mind :D

                    It’s more or less turning out to be a light novel-ish style mystery story (not so much Hakomari, but I want to achieve a similar genre).

                    As for the story itself, well, the best I could describe it is that it’s a weird mix of AnoHana and Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning (the manga)

                    • *facepalm*

                      Just when I thought my story is similar to HakoMari too >_> Inspiring light novel.. lol xD

                      Yea, I’m actually getting interested, but if anything, it sounds a lot like my idea.. D:

  6. So basically a Ludum Dare for writers. First, I ever heard of it.

    “There’s also my weak grammars in English”

    Mine is absolutely terrible due to all the languages I have learned/learning, lol. I’m still surprised my university professors give me “A” and “B” back on written assignments without it being mentioned or an issue. It is said that reading a lot improves your grammar (which is true), but with all the work I have to do, I just skim when it comes to textbooks.

    Good luck ^^

    • Yea, sounds about right.

      When I write, grammars seem to always take a backstage in my mind for some reason, my teacher always put an additional remark “need to work on grammars more” but my mind tends shift it’s focus on the content then the grammar ;p Likewise when I’m reading other people’s stuffs, as long as the sentence structure isn’t too out of the place, I’m fine with a few grammar mistakes here and there as long as I can understand it.

  7. I’m not into grim stories myself, though I do pick some up when I feel like it. In any case, best of luck finishing your tale of a series of unfortunate events and scary stuff. Make sure you have fun writing it, otherwise, what’s the point? If one is not enjoying what they write, how will the readers?

    • Ohh believe me, I have TONS of ideas with different kind of settings. Once again, executing them is serious business >_> And also, some of these ideas actually work better for a game.

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