Fate/Zero – Saber (Motored Cuirassier) by GSC


Height: 154 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Three Sizes: B73/W53/H76
Blood Type: O
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

King Arthur, the same character from Fate/stay night. Known as the King of Knights, she maintains a high code of honour. Though she and Kiritsugu are Servant and Master seeking the same ultimate goal of peace, their differing ideological perspectives result in a strained relationship where Kiritsugu does not directly acknowledge Saber.

When this figure was released, I was immediately drawn to her, but decided to let her go since she’s so pricy. Sometime later, I was beginning to regret and buying her from sites like amiami or hlj was pretty much impossible since she was all sold out. However, I had a chance to attend a minor local anime event one time and saw her on sale in a figures booth, of cause, I immediately nailed her. To avoid cases like this, I think figures buyers should have motto – “buy first, think later”. This saber figure remains my most expensive figure I had ever bought, costing me around $270 (akin to 20,000 yen) and as such, can probably remain in the top of that list for a long while.





As expected of an expensive high quality figure, and the level of content, the box is immensely massive, probably the biggest figure package I had ever received. The box is just a few sizes smaller then an A4 paper box. Judging from the huge motorcycle and big stand however, that’s quite expected.



As usual, Saber sports a black tuxedo akin to the anime and light novels where she always worn such outfit whenever she isn’t wearing her blue battle dress. While the motorcycle may seem complete at first, you actually had to manually install the pedals yourself. The handlebars can be tilted left and right, moving the front parts of the motorcycle as a result, though you have a pretty fixed direction to get the pose you want like the ones you see in the official photos.


The black tuxedo and brown leather shoes glitter, the latter even more so then the former. It gives the impression that Saber is wearing some genuine branded high-quality tuxedo – it’s a nice touch. Her hair strands float slightly which gives a dynamic illusion of the G-force.


Saber’s sword, Excalibur, can be fitted into her right hand and due to the attention-grabbing motorcycle, the sword tends to lose focus on a considerable value, even more so since the sword is at the rear side of the figure. Some glowy-effect on the sword might solve it, though I’m not sure if it will actually damage the beauty of the main focal – the motorbike.


The stand for the figure resembles the same style that another one of my Saber figure used. The highlight of the stand here, like before, is that it’s especially constructed to match the action of the figure, as you can see, the stand looks like a road, and the pebbles and tracks reinforces the realism of Saber drifting with her motorbike.



Of cause, the main part of this figure, is the motorcycle itself. In all it’s intricate glory, the motorcycle shows everyone why the figure is so expensive. Impressive details, work and sculpting is done to it. The only small pet peeve I have with it is that the wheels can’t move. If the handlebars of the motorcycle can move, why not have more versatility?


There are two pegs on the stand, where the longer one is used to fit the back wheels, and the shorter one is used to fit into Saber’s right leg. Because of the fixed and precise position Saber is required to be in, it’s very difficult to actually make Saber look right, while trying to perfectly fit in the pegs. The socket on her right leg is placed at a very awkward location – the side of the soles, and is especially hard to fit in.



Because of it’s immense details on the motorcycle, this Saber figure is definitely well worth the price, and I definitely recommend buying this rather then the nendoroid and figma versions, which comes with a motorcycle too I believe. I’m sure that theirs are pretty much incomparable, especially with the immense details the scale figure is able to show.

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16 thoughts on “Fate/Zero – Saber (Motored Cuirassier) by GSC

  1. Of all the themes that popped into my head when I saw this kickass figure, the last one any animeniac would expect me to mention is the Power Rangers Turbo theme. Make sure you treasure that figure as long as you can because once you get married…guess where some of the money for the ring will be coming from…

  2. I would love to buy that!!! I would be my treasure! Unfortunately I’d have no where safe to put it from the kids and the wife would kill me if she saw the cost so its one that will sit on my wish list….

    Amazing detail though! Well impressed :D

    • I kept all my figures in a glass shelf. There’s no lock but I doubt the kids will specifically open the door or something. Then again, there’s rarely any kids in my room >_>

  3. a bad outlook on marriage here, guys XD

    I wonder if you could have bought her for a cheaper price at one point,
    haha well I also paid a fortune on Kanbaru and another GSC figure.

    The figure is nice, but the bike is awesome, it overshadows Saber a little.
    It’s a shame Saber crashed it in the end Xo

    As you said, the way displaying both is quite restricted, but thats common with figures, placing the bike alone, would have been an interesting bonus imo.

    • There’s a possibility if the figure will have a re-release like the Triumphant Excalibur, but well! “Buy first, think later”.. xD

      Indeed. And it overshadows the sword more than just a little. Then again, from the name of the figure itself, it’s quite obvious that the motorbike will be the main focus here, lol.

      True enough, it’s going to be limited to a certain degree unless it’s like figma. If there’s a super movable nendoroid, I wonder if there will be a super movable scale figure soon.. xD I actually seen people fitting other figures on the motorbike’s seat, lol.

  4. And here I am, finally finding some free time to going back doing what I enjoy doing (reading anime blogs) & scrolling, reading your blog…and this post immediately got my attention. Kai got himself the Saber figure I wanted!! It’s soooo pricy that like yourself, I decided not to order her. I still drool over photos of her because well, how can I not?

    The best part of this figure is the bike and the stand, as you mentioned. It still boggles my mind how detailed they are and why the price is so freakin’ expensive. I can buy two or more nendoroids man.

    Anyway, I’m jealous. Yeah.

    • Like the other Saber figure, this might have a re-release too, and you can buy her then I guess, though I’m not sure if the re-release is a genuine possibility either, lol.

      Actually, around four, lol. I think I could buy around 4 nendoroids or figmas or even some beach queens, but this figure’s so awesome it’s just damn worth it xD

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