Rin Kougetsu – Introducing A New Mascot


This is something I had been working around in secrecy behind the stages of deluscar – a new mascot called Rin Kougetsu, Ran’s imouto who loves playing games and also have a few dark secrets.

I love contrasts, if it’s not already obvious, and I attempted to go for a contrasting design in Rin’s character as opposed to Ran’s. From their personalities to their preferred outfits (Ran usually prefers black/red outfits while Rin prefers white/blue) to their figures and statures. Although I still generally kept the same hair and eye colors to express their sibling relationships.

To know more about her, feel free to go to my newly created profile page for her, which also contains a few other illustrations I had been commissioning withheld in secret for awhile.

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8 thoughts on “Rin Kougetsu – Introducing A New Mascot

  1. Damn i wish I could make pictures like that, what programs do you use mostly? The best I could do on my wordpress was something from Corel Draw and it’s pretty sad in comparison.

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