Temporary Loss of Internet Connection


Just a minor heads-up that internet connection was lost at the moment here at home. Our telecommunication company said there was a breakdown and they are looking into it at the moment.

I do suspect that the telephone overhead cables were perhaps damaged somewhere down the line due to non-stop raining these past few days. Not every place has the same problem though, some can’t connect, like us, but some can connect. So obviously, I will still be here, albeit lesser, connecting through various means like 3G or on-the-go Wi-Fi. One thing I can’t do now is downloading files with moderately big sizes now – so catching up with new anime will sadly have to wait.

Anyway, hopefully the issue will be fixed soon. If I’m in luck, the issue might be fixed in a few days more, and if I’m out of luck, perhaps a few weeks. Worst, it might take months, such misfortune.

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11 thoughts on “Temporary Loss of Internet Connection

  1. I understand that the lack of internet is pretty painful. I experienced this back in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy came and knock out cable internet and even cellphone service (although it came back in a few days). I hope it will get better from here.

  2. :( It always feels odd when the internet goes, you don’t often think of how much you use it until its not there.

    Hopefully its not a major issue, Internet faults can be fixed in hours to months depending on what’s caused the issue… (I should know I’m one of them technical support people at an internet provider in the UK lol so its my job)…

    When your getting updates if they ever mention dig work, traffic lights, etc then it will likely take a good few weeks due to paperwork / planning etc… so hopefully its something simpler…

    Worst ones I keep seeing is people stealing the phone lines! Copper weighs in for quite a nice price unfortunately some people have worked that one out :S

    Good luck on getting back up and running at home, but like you said… least you can still get on WiFi on the go and 3G etc though slow.

    All the best,

    • Indeed, and then you realize just how precious it is….. though I experienced a lengthy period of internet loss some time ago too.. lol.

      Well, it’s been more than a week now. Internet was back briefly yesterday, though I didn’t get to use it since I got work, and as if mocking me, internet was lost again by the time I’m back, such irony, such misfortune.

      Not sure if it’s related, but they had been doing digging works around my neighborhood here for some piping. Maybe they messed up the telephone cables by mistake, lol.

      You can do that!? xD

      3G’s expensive though, I finish all of my credit in barely a week.

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