A Hipster Gaming History of A Single-Player Gamer


Due to some circrumstances in my childhood, there was a period of time where my perspectives, opinions, tastes and cultural views differ to my other friends. Especially during the later parts of my childhood when my friends started having specific hobbies which weren’t quite as easily accessible – my own hobbies begun to differentiate themselves from the rest. While the rest of my friends were talking about the hottest anime or games, I was playing extremely antique, uncommon games or just stuck studying in general. I never did watch any anime aside from the random bits and pieces of VCDs, or if I was in luck, Cartoon Network might air one. Of course, this changed once I had internet at home. I easily caught up with the latest episode of Naruto which was still the most common talk around the school, with some other anime to boot, including even the more uncommon titles. However, while I could easily catch up with anime, even when I had internet, I chose not to follow in their footsteps, with my hipster gaming status remaining even to this very day.


The most popular games here, especially if we are talking about interactivity with community, are definitely LAN games. Before I continue though, I think it is noteworthy to mention first that even though I had played different types of games – I can appreciate all the different genres that I had come across. However, I’m more of a single-player person, even to this day. Now, the first LAN game which had struck the fancy of countless people here was Counter-Strike. Jumping pretty late into the bandwagon, I attempted to try to keep up with all the things that they do – shortcut weaponary purchases, bots, etc… But it was just more stressful then fun. Despite all the attention about it, I just wasn’t attached to it as opposed to the other people were. Additionally, my computer was horrible back then, and I couldn’t install Counter-Strike on it, so I couldn’t even practice at home even if I want to.


Next was the very popular DotA, which I’m sure most of you should had heard of. Although you might not believe it, but I had never touch it, not even once. I knew the game is related to Warcraft III, which I played a bit offline, but anything further then that remains a blur. At this point of time, I honestly don’t really care about entering the same gaming direction as the rest of my friends. Some of them did introduce me but I said “no thanks”. I just wasn’t as interested despite all the constant passionate talks about it.


I wasn’t completely detached from the local gaming community however. During the time when I did not had internet, I did missed out playing Ragnarok, an online game also circulating around for quite a long time within my school. There was a period of time where I played Gunbound by going to other people’s house, internet cafes and so on. My more memorable experience however, was the second MMORPG that became the latest fad in my school – Maple Story. I did managed to play a bit… well… using dial-up at first, so playing the game was just more stressful then is entertaining – getting KSed, my loot stolen due to the laggy connection. During the later parts of my Maple Story playthrough, our home finally had an internet access, so playing it becomes a smoother experience. Ironically, most of friends had stopped playing Maple Story by that time, and I started using my internet more for watching anime instead of online gaming. I did messed around with some random online games I found in the net in between my anime-watching – ranging from Perfect World, Tales of Pirates, Silkroad, Ran Online and so on, solely meeting and playing with friends around the world. My interest however didn’t last longer as I had thought for any of them. My most long-lasting experience was Perfect World – playing until I was about Level 70+ while the shortest-lived experience barely reaching level 10.


After a little while, games like League of Legend, Guild Wars and the likes became the common talks both around the local towns and the internet – but like a certain Triple H and Shawn Michaels, I just said “Ahh… suck it”, and stick to my offline console games.. or whatever games I had in my possession. I can appreciate the wonders of multiplayers, and if it’s a competition, I will accept it anytime (I will most probably lose though), but in the end, single-player is really the one for me.

How was your gaming life compared to me?

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21 thoughts on “A Hipster Gaming History of A Single-Player Gamer

  1. The first games I played were on my father’s intellivision, a very old system, but fun. It unfortunately broke when the cat hocked a hairball on it. (A sad day.) Then, I played playstation games. Outside of Final Fantasy VIII, my favorite games all concerned sword fighting (Crusaders of Might and Magic, Onimusha, Drakan, Way of the Samurai). Most recently, I played Oblivion and Skyrim almost to exclusion of others, but the Playstation 3 sadly broke the day that the Playstation 4 was released. I think they intended the system to break then. xD

    • I pity you xD So many of your consoles broke, lol. For me, I had the worst luck with PS2. When we bought one and was rejoicing when we can finally play some games which were previously inaccessible to us, a little after a while it broke, and since it was still under warranty, we brought to the game shop. A little later it’s back, but it broke again after using a little longer later, and we ended up buying a second hand PS2, which could only play specified PS2 DVDs. Our PS1 was great though, it haven’t been broken even after so long, around 10 years I think, though my sis sold it to someone else, lol.

  2. Back in my day, we watched our games draw on the monitor!

    I grew up with 2-player games being our idea of multiplayer. I remember spending my school recess time huddled around the Apple II playing Oregon Trail. Super Mario Bros was a revelation with its 2 player capabilities. Double Dragon and Final Fight were marvels of simultaneous multiplayer mayhem.

    I still break out Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI to enjoy. Single player games have advantages multiplayer games cannot match: story being one of the big ones.

    • Must had been fun days^^

      2-player is great during those days when gaming still weren’t reliant on internet, lol. I don’t play a lot of them either however, at least not to a significant enough of a level that I could remember the impact of any multiplayer title. I do remember playing some random racing and fighting games on the consoles.

      I don’t see why not, those two are great games. I also like Chrono Trigger’s spiritual successor – Chrono Cross and replayed it multiple times. Chrono Cross was also one of the very first games I came across that actually had a proper “New Game+” system.

  3. While i’m primarily a single-player kind of guy I also enjoy multiplayer games. Games like Baldur’s Gate and Champions of Norrath were amazing to play with a friend when I was younger. I tried Maple Story for a very short time, and then Runescape for a much longer time. As you may already know, WoW took up a huge portion of my life after that and while I played that game I had some of the best times of my life. Of course there were other multiplayer games along the way like CoD, Heroes of Might and Magic and Super Smash Bros.

    But again, it’s mostly single player for me. I enjoy the feeling of making progress in a game that multiplayer just doesn’t give me.

    • Yea, never played any of those titles you mentioned except for Maple Story, as expected of me *proud*

      The thing about multiplayer is that, it’s more about competition. You have to get better yourself in order to play in an equal level with your playmates, if you’re not better, then you just had to practice. In MMORPG’s case, that would be grinding, and keeping up with your playmate’s level so that you can party with them, I guess, unless said MMORPG has PK features, which makes it even more stressful for me, lol. Unlike in single-player, like you said, it’s more about making progress, especially in a “my-pace” manner.

  4. Oh, wow. The world really /is/ flat. You’d meet someone almost exactly like you.
    I’ve shared the same sentiment as you, except for the Ragnarok and other MMOs part. Aside from CS (which I’m totally into including its origin, which is Half-Life) and Red Alert (a real-time strategy like World of Warcraft), I’ve had no gaming life back then. It was only 3 years ago when I got a PS3, and it was only 2 years ago when I started to venture multiplayer, eventually starting with CoD: Black Ops 1, and GTA IV: Episodes. Then, just last year, my console broke. Man, do I suck with maintenance or what? I never knew you can reset the thing via the Power Button. When it froze, I resorted to unplugging. Very smart move… ;A;
    The only games I’ve played with other people were Special Force (an FPS) and Adventure Quest Worlds (which I only touched if someone needed me). :v
    I couldn’t even get a good computer to play other games outside my preferred FPS genre. Hell, I couldn’t even play most of the FPS games I want to play like L4D and Half-Life 2… TT_TT
    And it was only 2 years ago as well when I started taking my otaku life seriously. But even until now, I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to series I wanna watch and/or read.
    My current source of gaming is IPad… :v Clash of Clans, anyone? AHAHAHHA
    And renegade, over at my group, who also happens to be my neighbor, gave me a copy of Hearthstone, a card game created by the makers of Warcraft. XD
    So, I really have a stagnant gaming life… TT_TT
    Hoping to get the PS3 fixed or replaced this summer vacation, though. :bd

    • Oh, Red Alert, it was quite “hot” for a while too, but as expected of the hipster me, I never play it either, lol. I don’t think your case’s that bad, I actually only bought PS3 around last year, and is barely keeping up with all the releases. As I had already established myself as a single-player long before I even bought my PS3, I admit I had never actually care about the multiplayer side of all my PS3 games, lol. I did play GTA V, completely offline though, and I only occasionally went online just to do some photos and stock trading. Never tried GTA Online, and probably not going to, besides, my internet here isn’t pretty good anyway, lol. My PS3 at times froze too, but I did, is just hold the button for few seconds, and the PS3 will shut down itself (after a few beep), not sure if this is the correct way to do it myself, but my PS3 is still up and running, lol.

      Lol, Clash of Clans, yea, that game’s pretty famous among most tablet/smartphone users, that, and Candy Crush. I never play any of those though, being the hipster me.

      You might as well get a PS4 by now, lol.

      • The only reason I won’t (besides its cost) is that it’s not backwards compatible with the PS3 games I currently have.
        So, extra costs for games (majority of which did not catch my interest) is taking it a bit far, considering I’m a student. I don’t want to burden my parents (especially my dad) on this matter. Heck, I don’t even want to bother my dad to get my PS3 fixed. I feel like paying for it because it broke off my own accord.
        If I get my PS3 fixed (or get a new one if repair costs exceed that of the current price for a 500GB PS3), I’ll have my games ready up. I’m kind of a trophy hunter. XD
        One comment, though.
        >Plays GTAV
        To be honest, I haven’t even tried Vice City. XD XD XD *hides*
        And I don’t even aim for buying new releases to catch up. I’d rather start where much of one series began. XD

        • I don’t think I really need the backwards compatibility, but indeed without it, buying it just for the little amount of games they had atm is kinda pushing it, lol. Ironically, most of the games they are releasing for the PS4 are also getting port releases for PS3, with the exception of Final Fantasy XV, as far as I had seen, at least.

          I never really care about the trophy and the achievements though, don’t know why xD In fact, there was one time I played all my games without even connecting to the internet.

          Lol, about that. I actually never played any GTA games before, believe it or not. GTA V’s my first GTA game, not even sure if the old titles can amaze me as much as GTA V with it’s incredible vast open-world exploration, lol.

          Cool. I do that too, but some series gets too large for me to begin from it’s starting point >_>

          • Then, the best thing to do about that is buy from the series with the least amount of titles in it, spin-offs excluded.
            Or, this wouldn’t be a problem at all if you have the dedication to the series (or the game company. XD XD XD)! >:>

            • Most of the titles I’m interested in is just too massive. For example, at one point, I was thinking of marathoning ALL of Zelda’s games as far back as their very first release, lol.

  5. I started with a Game Boy and an SNES, looking back I really sucked at choosing cool Games and I somehow didn’t like it as kid, I rather played with action figures XD. PC times were a lot more entertaining for me, Max Payne, Half Life 2, Colin Mc Rae Rally, war strategy or simulations. Racing games were something I always liked, the best time was GT4 on my Playstation 2.

    Aside from FFXIV I never had much fun in multiplayer games, I did a litttle counterstrike or other shooters, aside from Battlefield 19xx I sucked in shooters, the others were just faster with aiming and bunnyhopping ^^

    • So you play with action figures like them cool kids, no wonder you are what you are today.. xD I don’t play a lot of those PC games you mentioned, but I do play quite a few racing games on my PC, more on Need for Speed titles instead of GT though.

      I sucked at shooters though, lol. Every time I see an opponent, I just shoot like a maniac and hope my bullets will hit him, I actually got lucky quite a few times with a pistol at incredibly long distances >_>

      • I would have liked to see that, shooters can be quite hilarious in such situations, once I fired a whole magazine at a window where the enemy took shelter, but as soon as it was empty I received an headshot *damn*

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  7. I cannot remember the name of the first game I played, but it was kind of a platformer game on the old DOS computer. I also played games like The Catacomb Abyss, Corridor 7, Heretic, and DooM on the DOS as well. As I got older I started playing multiplayer games like Half-Life, MOHAA, TFC, and Call of Duty.

    I’m mainly into FPS’s, but I also play RPG’s, RTS’s, MMO’s, Sports games, Survival horror games, and recently Visual Novels(not sure if it’s considered a game though) and Indie Horror games.

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