GTA V: My Obsession with Suits


When I was playing GTA V, I realized I had a certain odd obsession which had nothing to do with the gameplay – my obsession with suits. I made countless visits to Ponsonbys (clothing stores in GTA V that sells suits), getting myself different suits in preparation for each story sequences, unsurprisingly, I love wearing full black colors, although I still do choose other colors, especially if it’s during the day and I wasn’t doing anything significant, like say, heists.


My obsession is almost abnormal. When I know there will be a sequence soon, I rush back to my home/Ponsonbys just to get myself a suit. The reason why I need to rush is that I like wearing different color suits depending on the in-game time. During day time, I like wearing brighter color suits like ash, cream or white and during night time, I like wearing dark blue or just pure black. Time however, passed really quick in-game, and often times, I find myself not rushing quick enough sometimes and day/night changes much more faster than I would had prefer. The fact that sometimes, I had to change outfits for all three characters don’t make it any easier either. Even when I ride back to my home/Ponsonbys using helicopters, a missed parachuting where I ended up “reviving” in a hospital ended taking extra time anyway, and for some reason, polices like to catch me when I’m parachuting around the city, I didn’t do anything wrong right? I’m innocent! There was also one time, where I accidentally entered a scene without wearing a suit. I restarted the game, hoping to change into a suit before getting into that scene, only to find out I didn’t enable autosave, and was forced to play through huge chunks of missions just to get back to that very scene.


I can’t really explain why I’m so obsessed with my characters wearing suits. Perhaps criminals and suits, combined with a pair of sunglasses mean badass to me? I do find them more badass than just wearing standard typical clothes; like polo shirts, hoodies, and so on. Also, with suits-wearing criminals, you get the feeling that they really belonged to an organized crime syndicate, extra emphasis on the “organized”. When I was playing Sleeping Dogs, another gangster-themed game, I also had the main character there donned on a number of fancy suits as soon as they were available on purchase. As I’m a hipster gamer, those are the only gangster-themed games I played (aside from Yakuza, but as that one is a bit different, I won’t include that in my discussion), but chances are, if I play any other gangster-themed games, and it will has the same self-customization features like aforementioned games, I have a feeling I will find myself obsessing over suits again.

Trevor with a tuxedo!

Trevor with a tuxedo!

Incidentally, in GTA V, I also had another odd obsession of having all three characters keep different kinds of cars – Franklin would be having sport cars, Michael would be having luxury cars and Trevor would be having muscle cars. For those who had played GTA V, it seems rather fitting no? Especially if we compare them to the character’s personalities. Again, this had nothing to do with gameplay, but more about policies.

Has there ever been a time when you’re fixated on something in a video game which had nothing to do with the actual gameplay at all?

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