Colloquium between a Kai and a Frog – Eroticism and Romance in Kuroko no Basuke

The Passion!

The Passion!

Since it’s April Fool today, we will have a more unique post today – a collaboration between me and fellow blogger, Froggy-kun of Fantastic Memes, discussing about a particular aspect of Kuroko no Basuke.


Froggy: HI THERE.

Kai: Hi sexy.

Froggy: Are you referring to me or to the basketball players.

Kai: The basketball player aren’t slimy though.

Froggy: Maybe they are because of all the sweat. Don’t you want to just touch those chiselled abs just to make sure?

Kai: Yes, those abs are sexy, manly, GAR, you name it. Also, dem-shiny-sweats.

Froggy: I wonder how they can put up with all that manliness? Doesn’t it make them want to do… something else?

Kai: Indeed.



Froggy: hrnnnnggghhhhhh

Froggy: By the way, I haven’t seen Kurobasu for quite some weeks now, but I can remember just like yesterday how… erotic… it is.

Kai: I only just finished the part where they finished the preliminaries for the Winter Cup, decided to marathon the rest of S2 until the show ended, which I assume would cover the actual Winter Cup.

Froggy: Yeah, I was about halfway through S2 when I stopped for whatever reason.

Kai: Still, every time I resume my Kuroko no Basuke watching session, it always left me all hot and bothered. You see, we have a group of big muscular high school ikemen, at the peak of their adolescence, running around with huge balls on their hands.

Kai: Speaking of hands..


Kai: Those huge hands must indicate something! Incidentally, Teppei also has great gripping strength, great for gripping BALLS!

Froggy: Yeah, all the better to handle those huge balls with.

Froggy: A truly great basketball player can grip them with one hand, and spin them around on one finger.

Kai: Wait, spin them around!? Wouldn’t that… hurt?

Froggy: Only if they’re not good at it.

Froggy: Kuroko’s terrible at handling the ball. Can’t even get it in the hoop.

Heartwarming Romance

Heartwarming Romance

Kai: Well, he got small hands. You can say he is the “feminine” cast of the group. Weak, small, polite and barely close to average stamina.

Froggy: Don’t fall into those gender stereotypes, man! Gender doesn’t matter in true love!

Kai: You speak da absolute truth man! Frog! ..whatever!

In the end, we are all satisfied, and you are set free.

In the end, we are all satisfied, and you are set free.

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